Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 390

The wine flowed down the top of the middle-aged man’s head.
The middle-aged man’s fist hidden behind him was tightly squeezed, but his face was still compensated with a smile.
He Jiayang emptied the wine glass and then threw it away, then patted the middle-aged man’s face in a highly insulting manner, “Look at your bitchy face, what a bitchier smile than my family’s dog!”
“He Jiayang, if you have anything to do with me, don’t make it difficult for Team Sun!” Han tenderness a flip off the person beside himself, beautiful eyes full of anger, a beautiful face suffocated red.
“Han gentle, you’re enough!” A young woman, also dressed in black, screamed, “You think you haven’t hurt us enough! This is our last mission, as long as we can complete it successfully, we can all enter the sharp edge, just because of your impetuousness, you have put us all in harm’s way!”
“What are you talking about!” Han tenderly stared back at the young woman, with disbelief in her eyes.
“Haven’t I made myself clear enough?” The woman stood in front of Han tender, reaching out and pointing at Han tender’s head, “What do you think you are, pretending to be something noble? Dare to say that you have not slept with men? Now it’s just to sleep with He Shao, is it hard? I think you’re just making a gesture!”
“You’re talking nonsense!” Han tenderly swung her fist at the young woman in anger.
The young woman easily avoided Han tender’s punch and disdainfully said, “Look at you like this, your hands are not good, your character is not good, what do you think makes you enter the sharp edge?”
“That’s enough!” The middle-aged man known as Team Sun bellowed and glared at the young woman, “We are a collective, such words I don’t want to hear again!”
Sun team finished, looked at He Jiayang, “He Shao, today’s matter, we did take action, if you want to go to complain about us, you have the contact information of the superiors, the superiors want to punish, we accept, He Shao you want to apologize, want to compensate, we also accept, but our team members, absolutely not you want to insult just insult!”
Sun team finished, a wave of the hand, “We go!”
Inside the box, there were still a few of the candidate members of the sharp edge standing, at this time, all you look at me, I look at you, follow the Sun team, ready to walk towards the outside of the box.
“I don’t accept!” The young woman screamed, with a defiant expression on her face, “Team Sun, you should know that this is our last assessment mission, if we get a complaint, all of us won’t have a chance to enter the sharp edge again, I’ve given too much for this opportunity, it must not be ruined because of a bitch!”
After the woman finished, she hurriedly looked at He Jiayang, “He Shao, I beg you, don’t complain about us, OK, if you want to compensate, everything, it’s all about this bitch, all you have to do is complain about her alone, she will definitely be fired, by then she will be reinstated to her original position, as a small criminal police officer only, with your status, play with her as much as you want, don’t ever make it difficult for us Okay.”
The woman’s face was full of, all of them were praying.
“Enough!” Sun team bellowed, “We are here to complete the task, not begging, this matter, the top will naturally make a decision! Wen Rou, go!”
Sun team finished, gave Han gentle a wink, let Han gentle leave first.
“Let’s go first.”
“Staying here will only intensify things.”
The two people beside Han tenderly, whispered and advised.
Han gentle clenched her fist tightly, her pretty face changed one after another, if this incident did not involve others, just her Han gentle alone, she swore that she would definitely beat this He Jiayang into a pig’s head.
“Go? You want to leave just like that?” He Jiayang picked up a wine glass and smashed it hard on the ground, the glass shattered and splattered everywhere, “No one is allowed to leave!”
“Yes, Mr. He won’t let go, no one is allowed to leave!” The young woman hurriedly helped He Jiayang speak, and after she said that, she showed He Jiayang a smile of goodwill.
He Jiayang was very satisfied with the young woman’s approach, he nodded, “Very good, to be a dog, you should be as good as you are, come, now listen to me, you go over, slap the surnamed Han, this time, I will not complain about you, you slap her twice, I will give you 500,000, for each additional slap, I will give you 500,000 more!”
When the young woman heard He Jiayang’s words, there was some disbelief in her eyes, “He …… He Shao, are you telling the truth? One slap gives me half a million?”
“Grass!” He Jiayang’s mouth cursed, “Do you think I’m not as bad as this money?”
The young woman took a deep breath, a strong intention appeared in her eyes, she looked at Han tenderly and sneered, “Han, you don’t blame me, who let you be insensitive and provoke He Shao, I will teach you a good lesson on behalf of He Shao!”
He Jiayang lay down on the sofa, picked up a piece of watermelon and put it in his mouth, laughing, “Interesting, dog bites dog, I like to watch.”
Team Sun stood between the young woman and Han Gentle and looked at the young woman, “What do you want to do?”
“Team Sun, I’m doing this for the good of our team, ah, He Shao has said, as long as we satisfy him today, teach this Han a good lesson, this time there will be no more business for us, I’m doing all this for everyone, since you are all unwilling, this villain, I’ll be the good one!” The woman clenched her fist.
“You fart!” A female candidate standing beside Han Gentle roared, “You’re just doing it for the money!”
“Money? Yeah, I’m all about money, a slap for half a million!” The young woman sneered, “You bitch, and that Han, is a raccoon, if not you, Han’s bitch can’t help but do it, just a few touches by He Shao, you are as good as the death of the whole family, right?”
The female candidate had an angry face, “You’re talking nonsense.”
“I am not nonsense, you know clearly in your own heart.” The young woman glanced at her mouth disdainfully, “When I finish cleaning up Han, I’ll clean you up, you bitch!”
The young woman said, walking towards Han tender.
Sun team, who was between the two, took a deep breath, reached out to stop the young woman, and said in a cold voice: “Listen, as the team leader, I have the right to decide whether everyone stays or goes, and now, you’ve been fired.”
“Fuck you!” The young woman cursed, “Sun, I am giving you face, shouting you Sun team, otherwise you think you are a what the hell, strength is not as good as me, and stupid head, mother now slap the surname Han, there is half a million, rare a sharp edge team member’s identity? Get the hell out of my way!”
The middle-aged woman’s voice fell, a punch towards the Sun team.
The young woman kicked him in the chest.

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