Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 393

Sun team and others looked at Zhang Xuan’s actions, all secretly said an impulse, who is Mr. Ping, the entire Duhai a hand of the secretary ah! In front of him, and dare to make a move, this is not to find trouble for themselves!
If you hit someone before, even if Mr. Ping knows, we also have a reason to say that the past, at best, is to give a disciplinary action, but now, the nature has completely changed, this Mr. Ping really want to pursue, that is to be sentenced to prison ah.
Sun team and other people are looking at Zhang Xuan with a nervous face.
He Jiayang was slapped in the face by Zhang Xuan, some disbelief in his eyes, he did not expect that this person, after Mr. Ping came, still dare to make a move on himself.
“Is there any king’s law in your eyes, stop it for me.” Mr. Ping shouted, stepped forward and grabbed Zhang Xuan’s shoulders, and pulled with force.
Zhang Xuan’s figure, which can be pulled by Mr. Ping, Mr. Ping only felt that he was pulling a boulder, not moving at all.
However, under this pull of Mr. Ping, Zhang Xuan still slowly turned around and looked at Mr. Ping.
Mr. Ping, who originally had an angry face, saw Zhang Xuan’s face the moment he looked, all the anger on his face disappeared.
For Zhang Xuan, although he had only met once, but the impression is too deep ah!
Mr. Ping has been in front of the Zhu family estate for so long to engage in registration, or the first time to see, someone who dares to smash the Zhu family gate, let the Zhu old man personally greeted, shouting to prepare a good wine.
Zhang Xuan’s identity, Mr. Ping simply do not even dare to think carefully, only know that this is the person they can not afford to mess with, is the secretary can not afford to mess with people!
The one who beat people up is actually this big shot.
Mr. Ping looked at He Jiayang somewhat dumbfounded, and said in his heart, “He, what kind of cheapness have you committed, even this big man dare to provoke!
The smug He Jiayang didn’t see that something was wrong with Mr. Ping, he kept yelling, “Uncle Ping, quick, call someone, I want to kill him! Hurry!”
“Shut up!” Mr. Ping suddenly shouted fiercely, his eyes glaring at He Jiayang with disgust.
This loud shout from Mr. Ping made all the people present unable to come back, what is the situation, didn’t Mr. Ping come to help He Jiayang, but now how did he become like this?
He Jiayang’s smug look was stunned, and a bad feeling flashed through his heart.
Mr. Ping rushed Zhang Xuan’s head down and whispered, “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were here.”
Mr. Ping this action, let the people present, widen their eyes, what situation, Mr. Ping is admitting his mistake?
Not to mention the Sun team and others, even Han gentle, all widened their beautiful eyes, some hard to believe, at this moment, Han gentle suddenly thought of those things Zhang Xuan said to himself before, what underground forces are divided into many levels, and when he asked himself which level he belonged to, he said the highest one.
At that time, Han tender to Zhang Xuan’s words, just a smile, and did not believe, but now, she some believe, can make the Duhai a hand of the secretary politely treated people, the identity can be imagined!
He Jiayang looked at Mr. Ping dumbfounded, shocked and unable to say anything.
Zhang Xuan coldly glanced at Mr. Ping, “How come there are you everywhere?”
Being asked by Zhang Xuan like this, Mr. Ping immediately apologized, “I’m sorry, sir, I’m sorry!”
“Get lost.” Zhang Xuan spoke softly.
Mr. Ping did not dare to have a moment’s hesitation, turned around and left the box without saying a word.
Mr. Ping thought very clearly about the pros and cons of this, He Jiayang was only relying on his father He Dong, who was on equal terms with the secretary and had a good relationship.
And Zhu family Zhu Laozi, that is even the secretary have to be careful to treat, to the junior self-proclaimed people, the young man inside, by Zhu Laozi as a valued guest, personally go out to receive, the degree of importance, do not know threw He Jiayang a few streets, their own approach today, absolutely right.
The people in the box, some dumbfounded look at Mr. Ping aggressively rushed in, because Zhang Xuan a roll word, ashes away.
He Jiayang opened his mouth wide and looked at Mr. Ping’s back, unable to say anything.
“You just said that you want to get me killed?” Zhang Xuan looked at He Jiayang with a playful face.
He Jiayang’s face showed bitterness and shook his head hard, not even daring to say anything.
Zhang Xuan turned his head, looked at Han gentle, spoke: “From today, I have something to tell you clearly, to be my woman, anyone, can not just bully you, you have the strength, what to do, like this kind of people!”
Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed to He Jiayang, “the waste, if there is anything, I will give you the top!”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he fiercely grabbed both of He Jiayang’s arms and twisted them with force.
He Jiayang’s two arms were twisted into a twist by Zhang Xuan without any hindrance, and his miserable screams resounded throughout the box.
Listening to He Jiayang’s miserable screams, as well as what Zhang Xuan just said, Sun and others, what they could feel, only two words, domineering!
The phrase what’s wrong, I’ll give you the top, for a woman, is the most reassuring harbor for her!
Han gentle face flushed, a beautiful heart kept jumping around.
Zhang Xuan did not hear He Jiayang’s miserable screams, walked to Han tender side, wrapped his arm around Han tender shoulder, “Things have been solved, let’s go.”
Han tender nodded, let Zhang Xuan embrace, walk out of the box.
Sun team and others looked at each other, looked back and forth a few times before following them out of the box.
“Why did you come?” Han gentle face flushed red, asked Zhang Xuan.
“Missed you.” Zhang Xuan said a very rare love story to Han tender.
“Get lost.” Han tender rolled her eyes.
Zhang Xuan covered his forehead, this female Tyrannosaurus, or the same female Tyrannosaurus ah.
Zhang Xuan asked, “Just now I heard your captain say that you are going to negotiate on the high seas this time, and He Jiayang can talk, what is it about?”
Han gentle pondered for a moment and asked, “Have you heard of the Underworld’s Poseidon?”
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “I know.”
Han gentle continued, “If you want to know about the Sea God, you should know, he is on the high seas, what kind of status, in the edge of the Chinese sea, and the high seas, the location of the exploration of a shipwreck, according to speculation, this shipwreck, at least four hundred years old, can be explored extremely high, but because half of it is located in the high seas, salvage difficulties, the He family will pay the Sea God every year The He family pays a lot of taxes to Neptune every year, and has some dealings with Neptune, so this time we just want to talk about the salvage.”
“Ah, there is no need for the He family to do this.” Zhang Xuan casually waved his hand, “I know them too, when you negotiate, just bring me there.”
“You know?” Han gentle heard Zhang Xuan’s words and was a little surprised, she still had concerns in her heart when she hit He Jiayang this time, not about what punishment she would receive, but about what to do about this mission, now hearing Zhang Xuan’s words, it made all the concerns in her heart go away.
“Yeah, when you guys are leaving, just give me the word, I’m in the past few days, are in Duhai.” Zhang Xuan patted his chest.
“That’s great, I’ll be in Duhai these days, too, just tell you when I’m leaving.”

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