Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 394

After Sun and others left the KTV, the first time to contact Jin Xin and Tian Rui, when Jin Xin and Tian Rui two heard that Zhang Xuan abolished He Jiayang, Mr. Ping respectful to Zhang Xuan, they finally put down their hearts.
Zhang Xuan has an identity that can make Mr. Ping respectful, then this time the disciplinary action, it will not fall on Han gentle.
As for the task, Tian Rui and Jin Xin applied to their superiors, who replied that they should just wait in Duhai and would dispatch someone over to deal with Poseidon.
KTV box, the young woman with a painful face difficult to get up from the ground, she covered her abdomen, Zhang Xuan that kick, so that she has not slowed down until now.
Just Mr. Ping treated Zhang Xuan attitude, she saw in the eyes, how she did not expect, this Han gentle boyfriend, but has so much energy, can make the Duhai a hand of the secretary, so treated.
The young woman gritted her teeth and carried He Jiayang out of the box, now she did not have any choice, the edge is not going back, there is no choice but to hold on to this tree.
As for whether this tree can hold on, the young woman herself, are not sure.
Zhang Xuan and Han gentle met, the two had a dinner together, Jin Xin special approval, to Han gentle two days of leave, the night also do not have to return to the team, what does this mean, we adults also know by heart.
After dinner, Zhang Xuan and Han gentle side by side walking in the streets of the traffic.
“Where do you want to go?” Zhang Xuan looked at Han Gentle with a smile on his face and asked for her opinion.
“To practice!” Han tenderness pulled Zhang Xuan’s collar and walked towards the hotel next to it.
A night of charm.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan opened his eyes and saw the woman beside him still asleep, this is the first time that Zhang Xuan, opened his eyes and saw Han gentle still lying beside him, Zhang Xuan knew that the woman was too tired for a while, her heart was also under a lot of pressure, last night’s crazy release made her completely relaxed, the whole person was immersed in a deep sleep.
Zhang Xuan got up carefully, not wanting to disturb the woman, only just left the bedside, Zhang Xuan found that his wrist was held tightly by a catkin, turned his head to look, the woman forced her sleepy eyes open and was looking at herself.
“Where to go.” Han gentle voice with a touch of fondness.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “To buy you some breakfast.”
When Han tender heard Zhang Xuan say this, a reassuring look appeared in her eyes, she nodded and fondly let go of Zhang Xuan’s wrist and went to sleep again.
Looking at Han’s gentle appearance, Zhang Xuan felt a softness in his heart was touched, bent down and gave a soft kiss on the woman’s bare forehead, then walked out of the room.
The next whole day, Zhang Xuan spent with Han tender, Han tender is not picky, where Zhang Xuan went, she followed, Zhang Xuan more to some places of interest, while taking Han tender tour, but also looking for some clues about the gas, only, this clueless search, to find any clues, is too difficult.
Zhang Xuan told Zhu Yuanjiu, if the Zhu family has any situation, at any time to contact himself, at the same time, Zhang Xuan also let Bai Chi attention, outside any news, immediately notify himself, this period of time, Zhang Xuan will stay in the Duhai, he wants to see, in the end, who is going to destroy the Zhu family, to destroy the Zhu family, most likely, will be the Qi, hidden people!
Duhai, the capital city international hotel.
A year almost sixty, full of a middle-aged man of the upper echelon, is sitting in the hotel’s largest presidential suite, light this suite, the amount of a night’s stay, at 30,000 yuan.
In front of the middle-aged man, there stood several black-clad bodyguards, each with an aura of a stranger not to enter.
The middle-aged man’s face was very unpleasant, his son, He Jiayang, in Duhai, had his hands scrapped! His own huge family business is waiting for this son to inherit it.
He Dong had never thought that one day, his son would be ruined.
A few knocks sounded on the door of the presidential suite.
He Dong gave a wink and a bodyguard stepped forward and opened the door.
Standing in front of the suite door was also a middle-aged man, wearing an ordinary casual outfit.
“Mr. Yin.” The bodyguard in black greeted the man standing outside the door.
The man standing outside the door waved his hand and asked, “Where is Old He.”
“Mr. He is inside.” The bodyguard in black moved slightly to make way for the person outside.
The person who was called Mr. Yin was named Yin Guoan, a handful of people who held real power in this Duhai City.
He said loudly, “Lao He, I’ve been in the capital for a meeting, my phone was on for less time, and when I found out about this, I came back immediately.
“His hands are completely ruined, he can’t be saved.” He Dong’s face is very unattractive open.
Hearing this, Yin Guoan’s face was stunned, then a face of apology, “Lao He, this time in my place out of this incident, all my responsibility, Xiao He he ……”
“He said.” He Dong stood up, “when he was beaten, your secretary surnamed Ping was present, but did not care about him, but allowed the other party to do evil.”
“What!” Yin Guoan’s face changed sharply, “Lao He, you take it easy, this matter, I will definitely give you an explanation.”
After Yin Guoan finished, a phone call to Mr. Ping.
Mr. Ping is now sitting in the Zhu family with an excited face, he used yesterday’s incident as an opportunity to report to the Zhu family, saying that Master Zhu’s guest had beaten people up, so let’s see if we can talk to the Zhu family.
Mr. Ping had thought that it would be great if he could enter the Zhu family and make some connections, but to his surprise, he was personally received by Master Zhu! This makes Mr. Ping a heart excited hard to calm down, when he told the Zhu Laozi what happened yesterday, Zhu Laozi even unprecedentedly praised himself, also said he did a good job, and more importantly, Zhu Laozi, even took the initiative to give his phone number to himself!
Zhu Yuanjiu’s attitude, let Mr. Ping understand that yesterday, he made the most important choice in his life ah, if the secretary knows this, will also be absolutely ecstatic!
You know, the secretary now wants to be promoted up again, the first barrier, is Zhu Laozi, only Zhu Laozi agree, say a word, the secretary will have the possibility of promotion, if Zhu Laozi is not happy, and then raise some opinions, it is estimated that the secretary of this position can not keep.
Now he only because of an attitude, was Zhu Laozi personally gave a private contact, and told himself, there is anything happens, you can call him at any time, this is what? This is power! This is the biggest network in his life!

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