Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 396

After hearing the young woman’s words, Yin Guoan looked at Han Gentle and the others, “What else do you have to say? Sharp-edged candidates, the state trained you to beat up taxpayers?”
Team Sun hurriedly explained, “Secretary Yin, there is a reason for this.”
“Bullshit!” Yin Guoan slapped his palm on the table, making a heavy sound, he was full of majesty, looking at Team Sun, “You are just a captain of a candidate team, where is your leader? This is how he manages, I think you, no one should be selected, all eliminated!”
The moment Indian Guoan’s words came out, the Sun team and other people’s faces were pale.
The young woman stood at the back, looking at Sun and the others with smug eyes.
Suddenly, a cold laugh sounded, Zhang Xuan came over, “Secretary Yin, what a great official authority, you are the secretary of Duhai City, but can not control the sharp edge, right?”
Zhang Xuan this stand out, Sun team and others have given Han gentle eyes, let Han gentle block Zhang Xuan, do not say much.
Yin Guoan looked at this young man who dared to contradict himself and frowned, “Who are you?”
“Secretary Yin, he is Han Gentle’s boyfriend, yesterday, Mr. He Jiayang, was scrapped by him.” The young woman hurriedly spoke.
“It’s you!” Yin Guoan’s pupils shrank, “You beat up someone, get away with it, and still dare to show up on your own initiative, are you treating the law like nothing!”
“I think the person who treats the law like nothing is you!” Zhang Xuan stared at Yin Guoan, “Yesterday, He Jiayang, molesting women, I punished, you do not give me a good citizen award even if, but also to pursue my responsibility, you are deliberately harboring?”
“You bullshit!” He Dong, who was sitting on the side, shouted, “You said my son molested women, where is the evidence?”
“Not bad.” Yin Guoan nodded, “Where is the evidence?”
Zhang Xuan pointed to the Sun team and others, “Everyone present is watching, is this considered evidence?”
“Joke!” Yin Guoan gave a disdainful cry, “You snakes and rats, of course you can say whatever you want, only authentication, no physical evidence, why should I believe you.”
“That’s great.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “You said I beat He Jiayang, where is the evidence?”
“The evidence is what I saw with my own eyes!” The young woman said loudly.
“You snakes and rats, only human evidence, no physical evidence, can’t be counted!” Zhang Xuan returned what Yin Guoan had just said, in its original form.
Yin Guoan frowned, his eyes became much colder, “Kid, your words are quite sharp, but you have to be clear, this Duhai, is my Yin Guoan’s word, not yours!”
Zhang Xuan’s face is puzzled, “You are just a city official, and you treat the sea as your place? In your eyes, do you still have this country?”
“This is not something you should worry about.” Yin Guoan sneered, “In Duhai, what I say, is what, you deliberately beat He Jiayang, plotting He’s property, attempted kidnapping, all to be sentenced to heavy!”
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
Sun team and other people, the face suddenly became extraordinarily ugly, they really did not expect, India Guoan actually do such a thing, fictitious all the process, directly to their own conviction! Facing this Duhai a hand, what can they do, the other side just a finger, can crush themselves!
Zhang Xuan’s fist squeezed, facing this kind of people, he also has nothing to say, directly kill it.
Just as Zhang Xuan was about to make his move, a loud bellowing sound, from outside the suite door.
“Secretary Yin, what a great official authority, slandering others at will, treating Duhai as your own territory, are you doing this to commit treason!”
Along with this loud shout, the door of the suite was pushed open from outside.
An old man who was over seventy years old, with a flickering spirit and a tiger’s stride walked in through the door, and Mr. Ping was following behind him with a pleasing face.
The moment he saw this old man, Yin Guoan, who was still arrogant and domineering, changed his face violently and hurriedly changed into a flattering smile, “Zhu Lao, what brings you here.”
“Why am I here?” Zhu Yuanjiu smiled and asked rhetorically, “I still have to ask you, you Yin Guoan, at this time, should be in the capital for a meeting, why did you appear here!”
Faced with this question from Zhu Yuanjiu, Yin Guoan opened his mouth and did not answer, he had, this time, sneaked back by himself.
Zhu Yuanjiu just questioned, did not intend to listen to Yin Guoan’s answer, he looked at Zhang Xuan, with an apologetic face, “Sorry, this time, it’s me who has a problem with my own management, let me handle it.”
Zhu Yuanjiu this sorry sentence, listened to Yin Guoan is a heart tumbling.
Zhu Laozi, to this youth, say sorry? What is this!
Yin Guoan will look at Mr. Ping, who is standing behind Zhu Yuanjiu, for Zhu Laozi’s arrival, Yin Guoan never expected.
“Secretary.” Mr. Ping walked up to Yin Guoan and said in a low voice, “Secretary, this time, it’s not easy to handle, this ……”
When Mr. Ping said this, he reached out and pointed to Zhang Xuan, and then continued, “This is an honored guest of Elder Zhu, and when he went to the Zhu family, Elder Zhu personally greeted him.”
“What!” Indian Guoan’s eyes widened, Elder Zhu personally greeted? What identity is worthy of a personal greeting by Master Zhu!
“Secretary, yesterday that He Jiayang offended this big man, I certainly do not dare to manage ah, today I went to the Zhu family early in the morning, because of this big man, Zhu Laozi specifically praised me for doing a good job yesterday, and also gave me contact information, this is definitely someone who can not be provoked ah!”
“This ……” Listening to Mr. Ping’s words, the expression on Yin Guoan’s face had froze, a sense of fear that could not be described in words appeared on Mr. Ping’s face.
“Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Yin Guoan blamed, if he had known that He Jiayang had messed with Master Zhu’s honored guest, this time, he would not have bothered with anything he said.
“Secretary, you are in the capital all this time, the phone has been turned off, I want to contact you can not contact ah, today was trying to explain to you, and you do not listen to me.” Mr. Ping helplessly shook his head, he probably understood in his heart, Secretary Yin, it is estimated that this is the end, just his words, this career, it will not be able to carry on, and even Zhu old man a rage, let him go to jail may be.
“Old man Zhu, this is something you can see for yourself, if you want me to deal with it, I guess you are also difficult.” Zhang Xuan looked at Yin Guoan with an indifferent expression.
Zhu Yuanjiu nodded in deep thought, it would be troublesome to let this Lord Satan personally handle this matter, with this Lord Satan’s methods, the handling of this matter would definitely be full of bloodshed.

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