Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 399

About the name of Satan, Zhu Zhong mentioned it, he talked about a lot of deeds, some things, even Zhang Xuan himself had not heard of, and was placed on his head.
“Hell leader ah, the name of this person, it is said that in foreign countries, can be scared to cry children’s, some people say, he is a murderous unblinking demon, walking in the human world of the god of death, as long as he goes to the place, will certainly be people die.”
“And I heard that this person is lustful, almost every month, will find dozens of young girls to serve him on the island, these women on the island, instead of feeling aggrieved, but also very happy.”
Zhang Xuan rubbed his nose, he really wanted to go up to Zhu Zhong to a set of combination punches.
That scared cry children, Zhang Xuan can understand, Zhu Yuanjiu in Zhu Ling when he was a child, he used his name to scare the girl, to say that the killers do not blink, Zhang Xuan also admitted, but this monthly dozens of girls is a meaning? Is he the king of the mountain?
In these Zhu family young generation is still excited to discuss all kinds of gossip, a breeze, blowing everywhere diffuse fog.
Zhu Yuanjiu stood on the highest floor of the Zhu family, and he saw that a withered yellow leaf, drifting in the air, whirled and slowly fell towards the ground.
Zhu Yuanjiu watched the leaf, and after a few seconds, his face changed sharply and he shouted at the people behind him, “Quick! Let everyone, gather on the martial stage, quick!”
“Dad, this ……” The people behind Zhu Yuanjiu were startled by this sudden appearance of Zhu Yuanjiu and were a bit confused.
“Quickly! Let everyone gather!” Zhu Yuanjiu roared, took big steps and ran out of the room.
Seeing that Zhu Yuanjiu was so nervous, that person also no longer hesitated and immediately informed down.
The Zhu family is a family with strict rules, absolutely called the order is prohibited, Zhu Yuanjiu this order, Zhu family when, no matter what they are doing, all the first time to the martial arts stage.
The air was filled with fog, everyone stood on the martial arts stage, feeling that everything in front of them, is a haze.
The crowd gathered together, looking back and forth, eyes are full of incomprehension, do not understand why the family head suddenly let everyone gather.
Zhang Xuan also brought Han gentle to the martial arts stage, in Zhang Xuan’s face, also rare to reveal the importance of the look.
Powerful sixth sense allows Zhang Xuan can feel a restless factor in this air, this feeling, just like his own year, when the great war is about to come.
“Follow me closely.” Zhang Xuan grabbed Han’s gentle hand, and his gaze kept sweeping around.
“Is everyone here? Let everyone come, everyone!” Zhu Yuanjiu took a big step onto the martial arts stage.
“Dad, everyone is here.” The middle-aged man from before came up and replied to Zhu Yuanjiu.
Zhu Yuanjiu nodded, and when he saw Zhang Xuan in the crowd, his heart breathed a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan’s presence seemed like a gods’ needle.
In the sky, the fog did not dissipate, but more and more dead leaves were floating.
The Zhu family looked above their heads and wondered where the dead leaves came from in the middle of summer.
Zhu Yuanjiu bellowed, “Women and children stand inside, men stand outside!”
Zhu Yuanjiu this voice, Zhu family everyone, all look a shock, such an order, so that everyone feels a different place, there were still laughing people, at this moment have collected the smile, a face attention to look around.
The sky drifted down more and more dead leaves, fell to the crowd’s head, fell to the ground, when the foot stepped on the dead leaves, there will be a “click” sound.
The entire martial arts stage, into the silence, almost everyone, look carefully in front of you.
With a “creak”, the vermillion door of the Zhu Family Villa was pushed open.
A group of people dressed in strong green clothes appeared in front of the Zhu family’s eyes.
Looking at these people slowly appearing in the fog, Zhu Yuanjiu’s expression was grave as he murmured, “Here we go.”
Zhang Xuan, who was standing in the crowd, likewise placed his gaze on these people, and in their bodies, Zhang Xuan smelled a hint of danger.
This group of people in green clothes, no more, no less, exactly twenty people.
They walked slowly to the Zhu family martial arts stage, lined up in a row, without making a single extra sound.
“The ancestor of the Zhu family, Zhu Lie, founded the Zhu family in 1437 AD, and has been passed down for nearly six hundred years.” A female voice rang out in the fog.
A whole row of green-clothed people scattered to the sides when the female voice sounded.
See, a fire-red figure appeared, in the white fog, giving a hazy sense of fluttering.
This fiery red figure slowly walked up to the Zhu Family martial arts stage and locked its gaze on Zhu Yuanjiu.
“Zhu family contemporary family head, do you know that you have broken the taboo?”
It was not until the woman arrived in front of the martial arts stage that Zhang Xuan saw the other party’s appearance, the other party was wearing a red Chinese dress, combed with a high bun like a cloud, a hollowed-out orchid bead hairpin stuck diagonally on top of her head, ten fingers left long, and a fiery red mark stamped on her eyebrow.
“Who is your Excellency?” Zhu Yuanjiu walked up to the woman and asked with a stony face.
“You’re a dead man, you don’t need to know too much.” The other party swept a glance and said with an indifferent expression, “Kill it.”
The twenty men in green clothes standing behind the woman, at this moment, came towards the Zhu family martial stage, they did not have any weapons in their hands, but carried a powerful sense of oppression.
“Killing our Zhu family? What a big mouth!” A man from the older generation of the Zhu family snorted coldly and took the lead, grabbing towards the man in black who was walking in the forefront.
Faced with the Zhu family’s grab, the man in green did not change his face, and backhanded a fist, which sent the Zhu family man flying backwards.
The people of the Zhu family looked at such a scene, their eyes are a bit incredulous, just shot that person, in the Zhu family, is also a number of experts, but so easily blown away by someone.
After Zhu Yuanjiu saw the green-clothed man strike, his eyes subconsciously looked toward Zhang Xuan in the crowd.
Zhang Xuan also at this time, looking at Zhu Yuanjiu, nodded at Zhu Yuanjiu.
The two of them saw clearly, just that the man in green when he struck, is with a kind of Qi! Although very weak, but the real presence!
The green-clothed man’s one-time defeat of the enemy caused the Zhu family’s crowd to feel the pressure.
Obviously, there were only twenty people on the other side, but it gave them a feeling like facing a thousand armies.
“Zhu Clan affiliates, face the enemy!” Zhu Yuanjiu shouted.
All the Zhu family members, at this shout from Zhu Yuanjiu, all set up their attacking positions.
The woman in red stood in front of the martial stage and laughed lightly, “A group of fools who don’t even know what Qi is, they are also worthy to compete with us, how ridiculous!”
Zhu Yuanjiu looked at the woman in red, “Indeed, you know the existence of qi, qi, is deliberately hidden by you!”
The woman in red glanced at Zhu Yuanjiu and did not make a sound.

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