Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 400

As these people in green clothes gradually approached, finally some people from the Zhu family could not resist again and took the initiative to strike at the people in green clothes.
These Zhu family people rushed to the green-clothed people, almost without accident, all were defeated by a single move.
These people in green clothes have no ripples on their faces, as if what they are doing now is as simple as eating and drinking water.
The Zhu family people are shocked, the other side of the powerful, so they have a sense of irresistible, too strong, this is what they have never felt, even the largest ancient martial arts family Ji family in China, there will not be so many strong people, these twenty people in green, have the strength to sweep the entire Zhu family.
Zhu Yuanjiu looked at his own family’s junior defeated, his face was blue, shouted, and rushed towards one of the men in green clothes.
Facing Zhu Yuanjiu, the man in green was not as devastated as before, and fought with Zhu Yuanjiu.
Zhu Yuanjiu only made a few moves, and he found that the opponent’s strength was not great and his speed was not fast, but every time he made a move, he carried an indefinable feeling.
“Is this Qi!” This was the first time Zhu Yuanjiu had faced such an opponent.
Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes and watched the duel between Zhu Yuanjiu and the man in green. After a few moves, Zhang Xuan stepped forward and rushed between Zhu Yuanjiu and the man in green, and at the same time swung both fists, hitting Zhu Yuanjiu and the man in green respectively.
Faced with Zhang Xuan’s fist, Zhu Yuanjiu did not dare to take it hard and backed up.
The man in green’s ancient wellless face also finally changed for a moment and took two steps back to dodge Zhang Xuan’s punch.
“What are you doing!” The Zhu family members let out a loud shout when they saw Zhang Xuan punching their own family head.
Zhang Xuan ignored the Zhu family members and instead looked at the woman in the red hanbok, “Do you people of the Zhu family like to kill each other?”
Once Zhang Xuan’s words came out, the corners of the red dress’s eyes flicked.
Zhu Yuanjiu’s body also shook as he looked at Zhang Xuan, his mouth wide open, “You mean ……”
“Old man Zhu, take a closer look, these people’s fist paths, and the ones you use, are four points similar, or in other words, the fist paths you use, have many moves that are derived from among the ones they use.” Zhang Xuan swept his gaze over the group of green-clothed people.
“What!” Zhu Yuanjiu’s eyes widened.
“Don’t talk nonsense!” A Zhu family member shouted, “Our Zhu family has been passed down for hundreds of years, and the family’s ancient martial arts have been used since ancient times, how could they be derived from someone else’s fist style.”
“Don’t smear our Zhu Family!”
From the Zhu Family crowd, drinks rang out, clearly Zhang Xuan’s words had angered them.
“All shut up!” Zhu Yuanjiu shouted, and after Zhu Yuanjiu finished scolding his own juniors, he looked at Zhang Xuan again.
Zhang Xuan smiled faintly, “I have a question, I’ve always been curious, why after old man Zhu discovered the existence of Qi, there was news that someone wanted to destroy the Zhu family, as far as I know, now there is no power that can keep an eye on an ancient martial arts family like the Zhu family, pay attention to their every move, and still not be noticed by them, if you guys could really do that, you wouldn’t be bumbling around without a name .”
After Zhang Xuan finished, his gaze returned to the woman in red, “Your dressing, continues the style of the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, the era when the ancestors of the Zhu family created the Zhu family, most people, at that time, had the habit of putting their name tags, hanging around their waist, am I right, Zhu Junlian?”
Zhang Xuan finished his words and looked at the woman’s waistline, where a wooden plaque was indeed hanging.
“You!” The woman in red’s face, which had been flat and uneventful, finally changed at this moment.
“Looks like I was right, you guys were watching the Zhu family, and when Zhu Yuanjiu discovered that stone cave, you put out a voice throughout the underground world to exterminate the Zhu family, creating an illusion that you are omniscient and omnipresent, for the purpose of, well, making people fear you.” Zhang Xuan took two steps forward, “A powerful organization, if you really want to make people fear, there is no need to create such an illusion, you are familiar with the cultivation method of qi, but refuse to let it leak a bit, you are hiding these things, to put it bluntly, you are afraid, in fear, outside is strong!”
The woman in red took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, “You think, you see through everything?”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I dare not say I saw through everything, I only saw that you and the Zhu family, there are inextricable ties, Zhu family in the Ming Dynasty is a big surname, and has the habit of training dead soldiers, if I guessed correctly, these twenty people, are the dead soldiers you trained, you gave them a surname, dead soldiers have no name, to number to divide, then he!”
Zhang Xuan fiercely turned his head, looking at the nearest side of the green-clothed man, a hand towards the other side to grab.
Seeing Zhang Xuan grabbing towards himself, this man in green clothes did not retreat but advanced, attacking towards Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan’s action, but not to hurt the other side, but to reach out, from the other side of the waist, grabbed a less than palm-sized wooden plate.
Zhang Xuan took a look at the wooden plate, sneered, and threw it to Zhu Yuanjiu with his backhand.
Zhu Yuanjiu took the wooden plate, the moment he saw the wooden plate, his pupils contracted, on the wooden plate, there is written, Zhu three two nine words, just as Zhang Xuan expected, these people, Zhu as the surname, the name is the number.
Zhu Yuanjiu squeezed this wooden plate tightly and looked at the woman in red, “You are also a Zhu family!”
The woman in red snorted, “Put away the word also, I am a Zhu family member, and you are not.”
“Bullshit!” A loud shout rang out from the crowd.
In the Zhu family, there is a strong sense of family honor, someone insulting themselves, the Zhu family can tolerate, but insulting the family, they can not tolerate.
“Our Zhu family has been passed down for 600 years since ancient times, you say we are not Zhu family?”
“A group of foreigners only, and they dare to call themselves the Zhu family, how ridiculous!” The woman in red glared at the Zhu family crowd, “Zhu family proper, there is only one lineage, with all of you mixed bloodlines, the surname Zhu is an insult to the Zhu surname!”
The red-clothed woman shouted, her body flashed, bringing up her long skirt fluttering, grabbing towards Zhang Xuan.
“Kill you first!” The woman in red stared at Zhang Xuan, a dense killing intent flashing in her gaze.
The moment the woman in red struck, Zhang Xuan felt a familiar feeling, a feeling that was exactly the same as when he was at the European King’s Meeting.
Zhang Xuan’s heart murmured, sure enough, he used, also qi.
Qi is something that can not be described, the woman in red punched out, as if a thin layer of Qi wall was laid on the surface of the fist.
Zhang Xuan found that this woman’s use of Qi far exceeded that of the president of the Wang Association, but the power was much worse.
At the beginning, Wang Hui President’s punch, so that Zhang Xuan could only resist, the instantaneous oppression, so that Zhang Xuan had a feeling of not being able to breathe, but now this woman, far from doing that.
Facing the woman in red’s moves, Zhang Xuan did not fight back, only resisting and dodging, he wanted to take this opportunity to take a good look at this qi, what is it.

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