Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 42

The Cheng frame senior birthday, this can be said to be a big event in Ning Province, Zhang Xuan paid attention to the Lin family and the Cheng family, looks like a good relationship, he saw Lin Qinghan’s three aunts were talking intimately with the women of the Cheng family.
When Lin Qinghan’s eldest aunt saw Zhang Xuan, the eyes could not wait to eat him alive.
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.
Zhang Xuan stood aside, like a wooden stake, and did not talk to others.
Gradually, the time is approaching noon, Zhang Xuan found that the Cheng family manor, but less and less people, he understood that those who are not qualified, come to send gifts, take a name and leave, and truly qualified to the table, will stay here.
As for the owner of the Cheng family, the old man of the Cheng frame, has not appeared.
With fewer and fewer people, the factions are becoming more and more obvious, the good relations, are standing in groups, such as Wang Wei, with Cheng Guang, Lin Chuan also has his circle of friends, only Lin Qinghan, surrounded by those who came to talk about some business cooperation, no one.
Zhang Xuan looked at his side of this woman, she does not form a circle, seemingly lonely, but in fact it is a good way to protect oneself.
The sun moved slowly down the west, the weather also gradually hot, when the time came to eleven thirty at noon, the people in this manor, has been less than pitiful.
“The old man is here!”
I don’t know who shouted first, and everyone standing in the manor, at this point, turned their eyes toward the main house that was located in the center of the manor.
An old man dressed in a Tang suit, with white hair and a mountain peak, walked into the main house with slow steps.
“Gentlemen, the old man is here, let’s all go into the banquet.” A middle-aged woman from the Cheng family said loudly.
Those who were still climbing and talking, all scrambled towards the main house, they didn’t run, but they were quick on their feet, wanting to be the first to appear in front of Old Master Cheng and leave a good impression on him.
“We’re going in too?” Zhang Xuan asked as he looked at Lin Qinghan.
“Wait for someone.” Lin Qinghan stood in place and didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.
Seeing that all the people in the manor had entered the main house, a tawdry pink electric car slowly drove over from the entrance of the manor, compared to the luxury cars in the courtyard, this electric car looked out of place.
The moment Zhang Xuan saw the driver of this electric car, there is a sense of affinity, not for other reasons, because the other party’s body dress, and their usual identical, white undershirt, beach pants, flip-flops.
The slutty pink electric car slowly stopped, the youth on the bike carefully parked the car, then waved and greeted Lin Qinghan.
“Hello! This is your man?” The youth spoke very straight, not as courteous as the rest of the people showed.
Lin Qinghan nodded, “My husband.”
“Crap, you’re all married?” The youth showed a face of surprise, followed by a thumbs up to Zhang Xuan, “Dude, bully, got the iceberg president in hand! Do you know that there are almost a company of people chasing her?”
Zhang Xuan smiled, this youth gave him a good feeling, what there is to say, he deliberately measured the youth, the other party’s hair is very long and messy, the front curtain covers the eyebrows, unadorned, looks very sloppy, but careful observation, will find that this is a very handsome man, white skin, delicate features, even those popular young meat in the face can not compare with him.
“Let’s go, you’re here, we should go in too.” Lin Qinghan turned around and took a step towards the main house, her long skirt fluttering, “Cheng Qing, as the eldest grandson of the Cheng family, you don’t take care of your own grandfather every time, it’s no wonder you’re being bullied.”
“Cut!” The youth glanced at his mouth disdainfully, “What they like, it’s none of my business, I’m here today, I just want to get back what should have belonged to me, Qing Han, you really don’t regret standing on the same team with me?”
Lin Qinghan did not speak, the corners of his mouth brought up a smile, walked into the main house, that floating yellow back, as if exiled immortal.
The main house has been decorated into a banquet hall, as far as the eye can see, a hundred square feet, four tables, sitting on the most eastern banquet table on the main seat, is the Cheng frame Cheng old man.
Sitting on both sides of the Cheng frame, respectively, are his three favorite disciples, the rest of the people on the table, are also rich or noble, able to participate in the Cheng frame birthday banquet, itself is a symbol of status.
Zhang Xuan scanned the circle, quite unexpectedly found that the Lin family alone, sitting at a table.
Lin Jianyu, and Lin Qinghan’s three aunts, their children, were all seated at the table.
“Qinghan, Little Zhang, come and sit!” As soon as Lin Jianyu saw the two Zhang Xuan, he waved his hand loudly, not looking formal at all, but the rest of the guests at the table, no one dared to speak loudly like Lin Jianyu, which could not help but make Zhang Xuan think of the relationship between the Lin family and the Cheng family.
About this Cheng frame, five minutes after Zhang Xuan entered the Cheng family estate, Zhang Xuan’s phone received all the news of the Cheng frame, but also understand the purpose of Lin Qinghan this time to come, or rather, the purpose of the Lin family people.
The Cheng family and the Lin family, also considered to be a family friend, although Lin Zhengnan can not compare with Cheng Frame in terms of status, but in terms of contacts, not too much difference with Cheng Frame.
In the Cheng family, there is a rule that forbids the Cheng family to touch politics and business, but every five years, the Cheng frame will select the best descendants of their own family to study under their own disciples, in the end, business, politics, military, as they choose.
This is the best opportunity for the descendants of the Cheng family, and the only one, once they can be selected by the Cheng frame, then it represents their future prospects.
Cheng frame selection method is also very interesting, is to see the gift, Cheng frame once said, in this world, some things are not valuable, only because the right people like to become precious, Cheng frame once expressly proposed, in his birthday banquet, who can take out the most valuable birthday gift, who can be his choice, the birthday gift regardless of whether you are borrowed, or bought, as long as it is legal means to bring, he did not ask the source.
This rule, there have been many years, each time, Cheng frame just look at these precious birthday gifts, and will not accept, his words are, “you can take out, it proves your social means, interpersonal relationships.”
Today’s birthday banquet, is another five years, the Cheng family’s juniors are fist pumping.
Zhang Xuan looked at ease as he sat at the table with the Lin family, ignoring the hostile eyes of Lin Qinghan’s eldest and second aunt, picked up his chopsticks and chucked a piece of pot sticker for Lin Qinghan, “You haven’t eaten since the morning, eat some.”
When Zhang Xuan spoke, his voice was very soft, and his eyes were all gentle.

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