Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 420

Zhang Xuan’s photo was extracted by Zhao, enlarged, and sent to Mr. Zhao.
“Is it him?” A playful smile hung on Mr. Zhao’s mouth. This world is really too small. I didn’t bother him with the matter last time. Does this matter have anything to do with him again?
“Second Lord, I will take someone to find him now.” The black-clothed youth said behind Mr. Zhao.
Mr. Zhao thought for a while, nodded, “Go.”
Zhang Xuan walked home from get off work. He had already noticed the Audi a6s running around on the street. He could see the probes in every car clearly.
When Zhang Xuan walked to the gate of the community, he suddenly stopped, changed direction, drove a car, and headed out of the city.
Seeing Zhang Xuan got on the rental car, he followed Zhang Xuan’s Audi a6 and immediately chased him up.
Zhang Xuan was sitting in the taxi, looking at the outside mirror, the Audi a6 tracking him naturally couldn’t escape his eyes.
The taxi gradually came out of the city and was almost on the national highway.
“Master, stop here.” Zhang Xuan saw that the front position was OK, that is, it was hidden, and there was no probe, it was a good place to bury the bones.
“This? Boy, get off here. It’s hard to get a taxi.” The taxi driver reminded.
“Nothing, a friend came to pick me up.”
Zhang Xuan paid the money and got out of the car. On the national road, there were carts shuttled back and forth. On both sides of the road, there were wild forests, and Zhang Xuan went into the woods.
The Audi a6 also stopped, and the five people got out of the car, looking for Zhang Xuan’s pace just now, and chasing them in together.
Two minutes later, Zhang Xuan came out of the woods, drove the Audi a6, and returned to the city.
As for the five people who just chased into the woods, they were as if they had never appeared before.
At eight o’clock in the evening, Zhang Xuan returned home, lay on the sofa leisurely, called Lin Qinhan, and prompted to shut down.
At the same time, Zhao Group was downstairs.
Mr. Zhao stared at the flames in front of him, which was burning from an Audi a6.
“Who brought the car?” Mr. Zhao stared at the scorched black body in front of him.
“I don’t know.” The black-clothed youth shook his head, “The other party avoided all the probes. Our people can’t get in touch anymore.”
As the fire on the car body was extinguished, Mr. Zhao’s angry face suddenly smiled, “Interesting, it’s been a long time, no one has played with me like this.”
Seeing the smile on Mr. Zhao’s face, the black-clothed youth standing behind him shuddered unconsciously. He still remembered the last person who made Mr. Zhao smile like this. The whole family was dead.
The night passed quietly.
Early the next morning, Zhang Xuan went to the Lin family and continued to be his “President”.
Zhang Xuan’s decision-making direction and speed of many issues are much higher than Lin Qinghan’s. Some problems that make Lin Qinhan feel headaches, Zhang Xuan easily solved them.
A plane from Yanjing to Yinzhou took off from Yanjing Airport.
Lin Qinghan, wearing a long black dress, was sitting on the plane with her hair curled behind her head, giving people a sense of dignity.
“Miss Lin, you can actually let the family use a special plane to send you off.” Su Mi said while sitting beside Lin Qinghan.
Su Mi had invited Lin Qinghan back to the Su family from Yinzhou before. This time, Su Yu specially asked Su Mi to follow Lin Qinghan, which is also considered to continue to give Lin Qinghan something about the ancient martial arts family.
“No.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, “I still don’t have to take over as Su Family Patriarch. Just come as normal.”
After Lin Qinghan finished speaking, he waved his hand to call the stewardess and asked for a charger cable.
During this period of time, Lin Qinghan has been in the ancient land of Sujia, and there is no place to charge his mobile phone. It has been turned off for a long time.
As the plane took off, Lin Qinghan lay on the seat, closing his eyes and resting.
At noon, the plane landed from Yinzhou Airport and returned to Yinzhou. Lin Qinghan had a long-lost intimacy, exactly the same as Zhang Xuan’s feeling when he came back. Although it is big outside, although it is prosperous, it is not as good as Yinzhou’s feeling. Good thing, let alone here, there is another person Lin Qinghan missed.
The first time he got off the plane, Lin Qinghan turned on his mobile phone, and countless information flooded in. Lin Qinghan filtered the information one by one and selected the most critical ones.
After being away from the company for such a long time, Lin Qinghan needed to deal with many problems, and Lin Qinghan responded one by one.
“Miss Lin, where are we going now?” Su Mi asked.
“Go back to the company first.” Lin Qinghan put away his mobile phone. Although he saw the size of the Su family, Lin Qinghan was most concerned about Lin Qinghan. This Lin Group has a sense of roots for Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan took Su Mi back to the Lin Group. Seeing Lin Qinghan’s return, Lin’s employees seemed a little surprised.
“Good morning, Mr. Lin.”
“Mr. Lin.”
“Mr. Lin is back.”
Lin Qinghan nodded, just as he was about to go upstairs, he heard the sound of discussion coming from the side.
“I think this change can completely change the 30% gap, widen the distance between the building and increase the lighting area.”
“This is indeed a good idea.”
Lin Qinghan looked at the place where the discussion came from. It was a design team that was making changes to a building that was going to be developed. The reason why Lin Qinghan was so anxious to return to the company was just seeing the design team sent it to himself three days ago. The message, because of the policy change, some problems have occurred in the originally divided land, and it needs to be redesigned and positioned.
But when Lin Qinghan listened now, they were actually discussing how to increase the distance between the buildings.
“What are you talking about?” Lin Qinghan walked over and asked.
The team had just been discussing the problem and hadn’t noticed Lin Qinghan’s arrival. After hearing Lin Qinghan’s voice, Qi Qi asked Lin Qinghan.
“Mr. Lin, what we are talking about is yesterday’s new design plan, which is simply perfect.”
“Yes, look at the design of this corner, not only is there no waste of land, but because of this small change, the apartment layout can be more diversified and the owners have more choices.”
Lin Qinghan looked at the design drawing that the design team came up with, and his eyes lit up, because the design drawing was so perfect, even if Lin Qinghan himself had been staring at the designer and changed the design drawings countless times before, there was no law and order. Compared with this picture.
“Where did this design come from?” Lin Qinghan asked.
“Mr. Zhang gave it.” One person pointed to the top of his head.
“Zhang Xuan?” Lin Qinghan showed a smile unconsciously, and the figure of the man appeared in his mind.
Lin Qinghan came to the top floor.
“President Lin, you are back.” Li Na saw Lin Qinghan at the first glance, with surprise in her eyes.
“Yeah.” Lin Qinghan nodded, “Where is Zhang Xuan?”
“Mr. Zhang is inside.” Li Na pointed out her finger.

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