Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 451

When Bai Chi looked at the white crystal again, he felt a little bit frustrated. Recalling that when he transported the crystal yesterday, he put it directly into his pocket, and he was a little scared. This thing was really going to be accidentally broken by himself, and something happened. Explosion or something, it is more powerful than a nuclear bomb.
Think about the explosion from your trouser pocket at that time, the position closest to your trouser pocket was the first to bear the brunt.
Thinking of this, Bai Chi retracted his hips subconsciously and shuddered.
Zhang Xuan’s focus is different from that of Bai Chi. He asked Xiang Future, “What do you mean by softer energy?”
“Boss, take a look at this.” Mirai pointed his finger at a transparent test box that was fifty centimeters in height.
In that test box, there is a steel plate with a thickness of five millimeters, and two small mice for experiments.
The future said, “Boss, I use a special method to pour out the energy in this crystal and guide it into it in the form of gas.”
Mirai was talking while working proficiently on his hand.
Zhang Xuan saw that on the surface of the test box, a row of LED numbers were lit up.
The future explained: “This is the energy source proposed in the crystal. It now fills about 10% of the entire test chamber. Please pay attention to the changes in the two experimental bodies.”
Zhang Xuan fixed his gaze on the two white mice. Five seconds after the number on the surface of the test box reached ten, the two white mice suddenly became a little violent. They kept spinning in the test box, and the speed was also exceptionally fast.
One of the white rats, after rotating a few times, slammed into the steel plate in front of him.
The force generated by this collision forced the test box to move a few millimeters.
Zhang Xuan looked again. The steel plate hit by the white mouse was actually sunken into a small piece. After such a violent impact, the white mouse suffered no injuries at all, but looked very weak, lying there motionless.
Another white mouse also hit the steel plate at this time, and the same situation happened just now.
“How is it possible?” Zhang Xuan frowned. This kind of white mouse with so much power can actually dent the steel plate. The most important thing is that these two white rats do nothing.
Moreover, the power exerted by the two white mice not only caused the damage on this steel plate, but also caused the impact of themselves, which caused the test box to shift.
“Boss, doesn’t it feel incredible? When I saw this scene, I thought I had read it wrong.” The future looked excited. Any new research results are something worthy of the excitement of researchers like them.
“It’s incredible.” Zhang Xuan nodded.
“Boss, come and see this.” In the future, he once again raised Zhang Xuan’s arm and pulled Zhang Xuan away.
In the future, Zhang Xuan was brought to a screen, and what was displayed on the screen was exactly the scene in the test box just now.
“Boss, this is to slow down the scene just now by 20 times, and all the data at that time will be monitored. You can take a look.” In the future, he pressed the start button.
On the screen, the two white mice moved slowly. Zhang Xuan noticed that there was a speed measurement data on the screen. Just after the energy in the crystal was introduced into the test box in the form of gas in the future, the running speed of the two white mice reached Ten meters per second!
Normally, the maximum running speed of a white mouse is between seven and eight meters per second, and the sustained speed is extremely short, only four or five seconds.
And just now, both white mice broke through the limit speed, which is an incredible thing.
What is the limit? The limit cannot be surpassed since ancient times.
Breaking the limit sounds simple, but it is possible to achieve it. That is a leapfrog!
Later, Zhang Xuan noticed the scene where the white mouse hit the steel plate.
“Boss, this is it, look carefully.” Future reminded.
The white mouse slammed into the steel plate at a speed twenty times slower, allowing Zhang Xuan to clearly see all the changes.
When the mouse’s head was less than one centimeter away from the steel plate, Zhang Xuan clearly saw that the steel plate had begun to dent. At this time, the mouse’s head still did not touch the steel plate.
At this moment, a word popped out of Zhang Xuan’s mind, Qi!
The depression of the steel plate was not knocked out by a white mouse at all, but was caused by being squeezed by an invisible force.
Later, when the white rat completely hit the steel plate, an invisible force erupted from between the white rat and the steel plate, like the center of a nuclear explosion, bringing up a wave of air. It is this wave of air that guides the experiment. The box moved slightly.
Watching such a scene, Zhang Xuan didn’t have the energy to recover until the video was finished.
“Boss, isn’t it incredible!”
Zhang Xuan nodded subconsciously, “It is amazing to change the movement of the entire environment with his own power!”
For that white rat, the entire test box may be the most expansive world. A single white rat can do this. What will happen if this power is placed on a human body? With a punch, the surrounding ground will crack?
In the future, turn off the screen and look at Zhang Xuan, “Boss, I’m ready”
“No!” When the future words were not finished, he was interrupted by the white pond on the side. “In the future, how you usually coax, it will not matter, but this is not a trivial matter. The energy contained in this crystal is really too great. , You can’t experiment with the boss directly!”
“Nothing, just let me come.” Zhang Xuan motioned to Bai Chi with his eyes, and then asked Xiang Future, “What should I do?”
“Boss, no!” Bai Chi said hastily, “None of us knows what this energy is. There is no need to do such useless experiments.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “It is necessary. Someone knows what this spar is.”
Zhang Xuan thought of a man and a woman in the underground garage that day, “And, they still know how to use this spar.”
The future said, “Boss, I want to tell you what happened this time. With such a huge amount of energy, even I don’t have much confidence. Although the white rat is the closest to human beings experimentally, it is different after all. No, during the experiment, you may experience tremendous pain and you need to be mentally prepared.”
“Don’t worry, nothing is wrong.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand. As the experimental subject, he took the initiative to comfort the future and Baichi, “Let’s just stop the experiment if there is something wrong just like before.”
Future nodded, “Okay.”
For experiments, Zhang Xuan has long experience, and he knows where to go without the future leading the way.
There is a 20-square-foot independent room specially prepared for Zhang Xuan. The walls of the room are made of a high-strength material. Even if the missile falls, it may not be possible to say that it can blow up the wall.

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