Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 470

Aunt Qiu Yu tremblingly took out a bank card from her pocket.
“The money is all inside. The code is six, eight, five, one, and four.”
Zhang Xuan took the bank card and handed it to Qiu Yu.
“Get that fake doctor too.” Zhang Xuan said indifferently.
At this moment, Aunt Qiu Yu didn’t dare to say anything, she quickly got up, took out her mobile phone from her bag, and dialed a number.
When Aunt Qiu Yu was speaking, Zhang Xuan was listening to her, and after confirming that there was something tricky, she nodded.
Zhang Xuan walked up to Qiuyu’s mother and daughter and said, “Auntie, she took the money to buy a car and asked her to transfer the car to you. Don’t sell this car. It is second-hand if it is granted to you. If it’s not a lot of money, Qiu Yu will drive, so just keep it. Didn’t it mean that she rented a house? There is no way to get back the rent. You and Qiu Yu will move in. The 300,000 in the card will be paid. The 200,000 that the fake doctor will bring is enough for my uncle to see a doctor for the time being.”
“Yeah.” Qiu Yu’s mother nodded and looked at the card in Qiu Yu’s hand. She was already content. If there is no Zhang Xuan, she won’t return the money.
“Brother Zhang, I can pay back the money to my sister-in-law and aunt for her first, and let her work for me.” Xiao Wu walked up from the side and said in a good manner.
Zhang Xuan looked at Xiao Wu, where he didn’t understand what Xiao Wu meant.
Zhang Xuan patted Xiao Wu on the shoulder, “Yes, what’s the matter, call Baichi and I can help you.”
“Thank you, thank you Brother Zhang!” Xiao Wu nodded repeatedly with Zhang Xuan’s words. For him, he might have an extra layer of protection in his future life!
Although Xiao Wu didn’t know Zhang Xuan’s identity, he knew that the rich second generation who was no less than his own was abolished, and the rich second generation’s family didn’t even dare to put a fart, which shows how powerful these people are.
Zhang Xuangang was about to settle something else for Qiu Yu, and the phone rang.
Looking at the caller displayed on the phone, Zhang Xuan was a little surprised, why did Secretary Li suddenly call himself.
“Hello, Secretary Li?”
“Mr. Zhang, where are you, Lin’s has an accident, can you come back?” Li Na’s tone revealed a deep anxiety on the phone.
“Okay, I’ll rush back now, and I can be there tonight.” Zhang Xuan said, hung up the phone, and booked the fastest ticket on the spot.
What about Lin Qinghan?
Zhang Xuan called Lin Qinghan, but couldn’t get through.
Qiu Yu walked to Zhang Xuan and whispered: “Brother Zhang, if you have anything to do, go back quickly, I can handle the matter here.”
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan nodded.
Zhang Xuan waved Xiao Wu and called Xiao Wu aside.
“Brother Zhang.” Xiao Wu smiled.
Zhang Xuanchong Xiaowu whispered: “Please help me with the matter here. The mother and daughter are both in the mountain city. Please take care of me. Don’t be too obvious and don’t let you be bullied.”
“Don’t worry about Brother Zhang, I promise that my sister-in-law has no problems with this piece of Shancheng!” Xiao Wu patted his chest.
“That’s fine, I’ll trouble you.” Zhang Xuan thanked him.
“No trouble, no trouble.” Zhang Xuan thanked Xiao Wu flattered and waved his hands again and again, “This is my honor.”
Zhang Xuan patted Xiao Wu on the shoulder, “You are very good.”
Xiao Wu smiled with joy, “Thank you, Brother Zhang, for the compliment.”
Zhang Xuan walked to Qiu Yu’s mother again, “Auntie, I have something to do in Yinzhou, so I have to go back first, and I will visit you another day.”
“Okay, okay!” Qiu Yu’s mother nodded, “young man, career is important, go back first if you have anything to do, thank you Xiao Zhang for this matter.”
“Auntie, let’s not say anything to thank you. You and Qiu Yu are living well here. I just told Xiao Wu that their hotel is currently recruiting waiters and dishwashers. Although the salary is average, the working hours are Young, don’t delay your taking care of your uncle. If you and Qiu Yu can’t, just come to Xiaowu’s hotel to work.” Zhang Xuan said, he didn’t arrange a very good job for the mother and daughter of Qiu Yu, because he knew that even if he arranged it, this mother The women will definitely not accept it either.
When Qiu Yu’s mother heard the dishwasher, her eyes lit up, “Can I?”
Qiu Yu’s mother asked before that the dishwashing workers in this kind of big hotel are paid very well, and they take care of the meals every day.
“Auntie, of course there is no problem.” As a rich second-generation, Xiao Wu has been in various circles all the year round. He is also an elite person. He said, “Although our dishwashing worker is not paid, we are relatively free. There was an aunt just two days ago. If you resigned, if you don’t dislike it, just come to the top and you can go to work tomorrow.”
“Don’t dislike it, don’t dislike it.” Qiu Yu’s mother waved her hands again and again, with a happy expression on her face, “The young man, thank you very much.”
Guo Wenqi and his daughter stood aside, watching Xiao Wu’s treatment of Qiu Yu’s mother with bitter faces. How could they not see it? This dishwashing worker is just a rhetoric. Qiu Yu’s mother and daughter are so furious!
After Zhang Xuan settled down here, with Xiao Wu’s help on the issue of asking for money later, Zhang Xuan was also relieved, after all, the only son of the richest man in the city had a complete network of contacts.
As for what Guo Wenqi and Guo Xuexue are doing, Zhang Xuanzhen is concerned, but think about it, this father and daughter should also have a good life, and the aunt Qiu Yu should also receive revenge.
Zhang Xuan was too lazy to think about these. In his eyes, these were just a bunch of clowns.
After explaining what happened here, Zhang Xuan hurriedly left the hotel and headed to the airport. He was very anxious now. Li Na said that Lin had an accident, but Lin Qinghan couldn’t get through the phone. Could there be any accident!
Xiao Wu specially sent a car to wait for Zhang Xuan at the entrance of the hotel and drove Zhang Xuan to the airport.
At ten o’clock in the evening, a passenger plane taking off from Shancheng landed at Yinzhou Airport.
After getting off the plane, Zhang Xuan immediately called Lin Qinghan, but he still couldn’t get through.
Zhang Xuan called Secretary Li again, and the phone rang and was connected. This proved that the other party had always held the phone in his hand and was waiting at any time.
“Mr. Zhang, are you back?”
“Huh? Where are you?” Zhang Xuan asked quickly.
“You are still in the company, Mr. Zhang, you can come directly to the company.”
At 10:40 in the evening, Zhang Xuan took a taxi to the Yinzhou CBD Center.
At this time, the cbd square was completely dark, and only the tallest building, Lin’s top floor, was still lit.
The gate of Lin’s Mansion was closed. Zhang Xuan discovered that there were a lot of security guards in front of Lin’s door. Usually, there were only a dozen people on the night shift, but today, there are more than fifty, and there are some new faces. It should be Lin was recruited only these two days.

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