Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 534

The burning torch carries kerosene. When the torch is tilted, the kerosene drips, causing the flame to burn on the ground. If this kerosene falls on a person, there is absolutely no doubt that that person will be burned on the spot.
Zhang Xuan’s forward pace was stopped because of this action of the young woman.
Qin Rou’s face looked particularly haggard under the light of the fire. She herself had nothing to do with this incident, but was implicated.
Seeing Zhang Xuan stop, the young woman showed a winner’s smile.
The mayor of Lijiacun, who had been sitting cross-legged on the altar, slowly stood up. He turned around with a cane and stood on the altar. He looked at Zhang Xuan condescendingly and made an old voice, “Young man, you are in trouble.”
“Get into trouble?” Zhang Xuan smiled, “I never knew what it meant to get into trouble!”
“Really?” The young woman sneered, and moved the torch closer to Qin Rou.
Qin Rou’s clothes were dirty, wrinkled, and her skin was very pale. Outside the iron cage, there was an iron bowl with some leftovers in it, and the leftovers spread all the way to Qin Rou’s body. So, Qin Rou has been locked in an iron cage all this time!
Such a scene made Zhang Xuan’s eyes red in an instant. He still remembered that when he first saw Qin Rou, Qin Rou was sitting among the children in a white dress with a smile on her face. She was a particularly kind person, at this moment. , But was treated like this!
The king of hell, why is he called the devil Satan?
What others dare not do, he dares to do!
He will kill the people that others dare not kill!
Forces that others dare not touch, he dare!
In a word, Zhang Xuan dared to move people who dare to move, and Zhang Xuan dared to move people who dare not move. In this world, there are still no people who can threaten Zhang Xuan!
There are no people who can bear it, Zhang Xuan’s anger! Even if it is this, the origin is mysterious, and even Li Jiacun, who dare not to provoke the officials, can’t bear Zhang Xuan’s anger!
Zhang Xuan stared at the young woman on the stage, and said in a very calm voice: “I will give you three times to put down the things in your hands.”
“Ho.” The woman sneered. “You threaten me?”
“One!” Zhang Xuanzheng answered the woman’s words, and said directly.
The woman deliberately raised her hand and moved the torch closer to Qin Rou. The kerosene dripped beside Qin Rou, only a centimeter away, and it fell on Qin Rou’s body.
“Two!” Zhang Xuan took a step forward.
The woman moved the torch closer to Qin Rou again. Now as long as the kerosene can drip, it will definitely fall on Qin Rou and light Qin Rou’s clothes.
Zhang Xuanzheng is counted three. He spoke into the darkness, “Kill!”
At the moment Zhang Xuan spoke, a lot of cold light appeared in the darkness, from behind the altar, directly towards the young woman’s stamina.
The young woman didn’t even notice the appearance of this cold light, and still looked at Zhang Xuan with a victorious attitude.
Hanmang easily shaved the hair from the back of the young descendant’s neck. At this moment, the young woman was violently pulled away from the place, letting the Hanmang cut through the air.
The young woman looked at the person in front of her incomprehensibly, “Patriarch.”
“Pay attention to behind you.” The head of Lijia Village, who was on crutches, said in a low voice.
The young woman looked at where she had just stood, and saw a black figure standing there at this time. The black figure was wearing a grimace mask and holding a long blade in her hand.
The young woman felt a chill on the back of her neck. She stretched out her hand to touch the back of her neck. Her neckline had been cut, and there was a strand of broken hair. If it weren’t for the patriarch’s hand, she might not be able to stand any longer. Here it is.
The young woman felt a little chill.
When Zhang Xuan uttered the killing word, these cold light appeared not only behind the young woman, but also behind some villagers in Zhangjia Village. When the cold light appeared, there were eight people with different heads!
No one in Zhangjiacun thought of this happening.
The village chief looked at Zhang Xuan under the altar with groaning eyes.
One figure after another appeared behind Zhang Xuan. Everyone was dressed in black and wearing a black mask. They were holding long blades and exuding cold light. Those cold light spread all over Zhang Xuan’s body, like stars in the night. It’s light and dark.
Just look at these cold light, there are at least three hundred!
The young woman’s original arrogant expression became a little frightened by the appearance of these figures. She had just walked in front of the ghost gate. She knew the strength of these people in black. She didn’t even know when they appeared. !
“Young man, what are the consequences of killing our people in Lijia Village?” The village head stared at Zhang Xuan.
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned slightly, “I said, I, a person, never cared about the consequences! Do it!”
The figure behind Zhang Xuan, as Zhang Xuan spit out the word “hands”, all scattered towards the surroundings.
At this moment, a bright searchlight suddenly lit up, like sunlight, illuminating the dark night sky.
The roar of the motor rang, and two armored vehicles came quickly under the light of the searchlight.
“Lord of Hell, you are too much!” A shout sounded from the night sky.
Immediately afterwards, I saw a figure falling on the altar, standing in front of the chief of Zhangjia Village.
Zhang Xuan squinted at the person who appeared on the altar. This person was two meters tall and was wearing a black suit. His violent muscles swelled up his coat, leaving an inch, and his face was determined.
“Tai Shilong?” Zhang Xuan slowly uttered a name.
Tai Shilong, his name is not well known, nor is he on the list of the top 100 in the world, but his strength can definitely crush anyone on the list of the top 100 in the world.
In China, there is an organization called Taishang.
In the Taishang organization, there are a total of 23 people. Each of these 23 people is a master. They perform China’s most difficult task.
The word “Tai Shang” has a prestigious name in the world.
Tai Shilong is the leader of the Taishang organization!
For the organization of Taishang, Zhang Xuan still has some respect in his heart, not because of the strength of these people, but their behavior.
Among the twenty-three people of the Supreme Being, any one of them can be placed in any underground power, and they can enjoy super high treatment, but they have been silently dedicated, which is especially admired by Zhang Xuan.
The appearance of Tai Shilong was what Zhang Xuanzhang had in mind.
“It’s a rare hell lord, you can remember me as a little person.” Tai Shilong stood on the stage, staring at Zhang Xuan.
“Why, do you want to make a head start for this Lijiacun?” Zhang Xuan smiled and waved at the same time, stopping the actions of the hellwalkers.
The two armored vehicles stopped at the same time, and thirteen heavily armed soldiers came down on each vehicle. Their movements and postures were all of an elite level.

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