Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 55

Zhang Jie and Sun Lan, the same face covered with fear, but Xu Wan, at this time a lot more calm.
Facing these fighters of the Zhou family, Xu Wan was afraid because she was likely to suffer in the hands of these fighters, but seeing Zhou Xu, Xu Wan was sure that Zhou Xu did not dare to touch her and would give himself face and spare his friend.
“Sink the river? Who do you want to sink the river?” Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out in the crowd.
Zhang Cheng’s two little brothers looked at Zhang Xuan, and after mentally reciting the phrase “I don’t know how to die”, they hurriedly lowered their heads again.
Zhou Xu outside the crowd heard this voice, felt some familiar, but could not remember where he had heard it before, directly responded loudly: “Laozi is to let you sink the river? Let me see which bird hair is shouting here!”
Zhou Xu impatiently waved his hand, standing in front of him, blocking his view of the crowd, make way for him.
The crowd dispersed, and Zhang Xuan stood there, his gaze, could see Zhou Xu without obstruction.
And Zhou Xu, at this moment, also saw Zhang Xuan.
“Sure you want me to sink the river?” Zhang Xuan grinned and looked at the young master of the Zhou family in front of him.
Zhou Xu’s arrogant face, at the moment he saw Zhang Xuan, instantly converged, he lost a smile, his speech was a bit stuttered, “Hara …… so it’s you ……”
Zhou Xu now, hate to give himself a slap, no wonder just listen to this voice so familiar, it is this great god, their own damn how so long!
“Kneel down!” Zhang Xuan suddenly let out a stern cry.
Zhou Xu, who was standing there, didn’t hesitate at all and kneeled to the ground with a “poof”.
This scene occurred, so that everyone present, widened their eyes, every person’s eyes, full of unbelievable look, which also includes Xu Wan.
Although Xu Wan knew that Zhang Xuan certainly will not be afraid of Zhou Xu, but Zhang Xuan a stern drink, let Zhou Xu did not hesitate to kneel, which ……
Sister Hua opened her mouth wide, that plump body looked a little stiff, “Young master, you are ……”
“Shut up!” Zhou Xu directly opened his mouth to reprimand, “Kneel down! Apologize!”
As the young master of the Zhou family, Zhou Xu can not be bad face, but he knows very well that his so-called face, in front of this man in front of him, nothing, the other side just one phone call, can destroy all his arrogant capital!
Sister Hua looked at Zhou Xu’s appearance, does not look like a joke at all, at this moment, even though Sister Hua has ten thousand times more incomprehension, ten thousand times more reluctance, but also have to honestly obey, slowly kneel down, to Zhang Xuan, “to …… sorry.”
Such a scene, let just already like a dead heart Zhang Cheng do not know what to say, he now has only one idea in his head, that is, Xu Wan, the brother-in-law, in the end what kind of person, a word, scared the young master of the Zhou family kneel down in front of so many people!
Zhang Jie and Sun Lan two women, eyes put out a strange color, staring at Zhang Xuan’s back endlessly.
“Don’t apologize to me, talk to them.” Zhang Xuan took two steps back to the right, exposing the figures of Xu Wan’s three daughters to Zhou Xu’s line of sight.
The Zhou family regarded the Lin family as their biggest rival, and the identity of the members of the Lin family, Zhou Xu had naturally investigated, so he recognized Xu Wan standing there at a glance.
“Xu …… Miss Xu.”
“It seems that you know.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “Your people, who just bullied her, this account, how should we settle it?”
“What!” Zhou Xu’s pupils instantly expanded, with a shocked look on his face, followed by an angry look at Sister Hua, “You had someone move?”
“Young master, I ……” Sister Hua was just about to open her mouth to explain.
“Slap!” Zhou Xu slapped Sister Hua’s face, “Waste! Let you manage a casino, you don’t even know the few big shots in Yinzhou, this Xu girl, is the sister of Lin’s Lin’s president, you even dare to hit someone from the Lin family?”
Zhou Xu was shaking with anger, he had, before, cheated on Lin Qinghan, but in business, even the most disgusting means, it was not over the line, but now, hitting someone, that was of a different nature!
Lin Qinghan’s sister!
Zhou Xu’s words, like a thunderbolt, exploded in the crowd, whether it was Sister Hua, or Zhang Cheng and others, felt that their brains were now unable to think, a blank, this happened in front of their eyes, heard the news, are too shocking to them.
The titular Zhou family young master, the first time he saw Zhang Xuan was ordered to kneel down, and the ordinary girl in their eyes, but is the city’s business magnate Lin Qinghan’s sister!
Zhang Cheng now when he thinks, he usually always drive a BMW X5 in front of Xu Wan to show off, it feels like his face burned red, simply shame and shame to home!
Zhang Cheng suddenly thought of another key issue!
Xu Wan is Lin Qinghan’s sister, then this man in front of you, and Xu Wan’s brother-in-law, it is difficult not to be, he is …… Lin Qinghan’s husband! He just said that Lin Qinghan’s husband is a loser! Who are you!
Zhang Cheng feels that he is like a jumping clown, has been bouncing in front of the other side, and the other side is looking at himself like a joke.
Zhang Cheng took a look, his two little brothers, at this moment is also the same look as himself, are feeling ashamed to the bone.
“How things should be resolved, you look at it yourself, I hope you can give me a satisfactory solution, otherwise the consequences, you should know yourself.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth at Zhou Xu and smiled.
Zhou Xu saw this smile, no reason to shiver, nodded with fear and trepidation, “understand, I understand!”
Zhang Xuan walked forward and patted Zhou Xu’s face with his body hand, “Remember, don’t let me down.”
“Sure, sure!” Zhou Xu compensated with a flattering smile.
“Xiao Wan, take your friend with you, let’s go.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Xu Wan.
“Mm.” Xu Wan nodded vigorously, pulled Zhang Jie and Sun Lan’s arms, and followed Zhang Xuan towards the outside of the crowd.
A few people, Zhang Cheng, also hurriedly climbed up and trotted to follow Zhang Xuan’s footsteps.
After what just happened, several people also have little interest in playing, and even the chips in their hands were not even changed into cash, and they left the casino.
Until after Zhang Xuan and the others had left, Sister Hua was still flabbergasted, her trembling legs demonstrating the fear in her heart.
“Good ah you Xu Wan, obviously a rich second generation, but also hiding, how many meals pitted me, today dinner on you!” Zhang Jie once out, upstairs Xu Wan’s neck, face vicious threat.
Xu Wan helplessly laughed, “Okay, I’m buying, what do you want to eat.”
“That must eat expensive ah, today to slaughter the big one!” Zhang Jie did not hesitate at all, directly said a few well-known hotels, let Sun Lan choose.
Sun Lan face a little restrained, “you …… you guys choose, I can do.”
“Shit! All good sisters, today you must choose!” Zhang Jie grabbed Sun Lan’s arm, “Not even choose.”
“I ……” Sun Lan opened her mouth, but did not say anything for half a day.
“You are all friends, friendship is something that has nothing to do with status, choose quickly, everyone is hungry.” Zhang Xuan smiled faintly at Sun Lan, while waving his hand to Zhang Cheng and the others, “And you guys, damn eating are not active, people are starving, come over and think about what to eat!”
“Brother-in-law, we ……” Zhang Cheng several people with odd faces walked to Zhang Xuan, the way of speaking became a lot more formal.
“All right.” Zhang Xuan know what they think in their hearts, indifferent worship hand, “all big men, why with a woman like ink, quickly choose a place to eat!”
“Well, good, brother-in-law, thank you.” Zhang Cheng nodded his head and said sincerely.

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