Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 552

Guo Hong walked out of the crowd. When he spoke, everyone looked at him. As the son of the village chief, Guo Hong was still very prestigious in the village.
Guo Hong glanced around and said, “Everyone, when Meichen is here this time, he told me in advance that the demolition and relocation is a good thing for all of us. Now the times are developing. The children in the family have also grown up. After a while, the second middle school will move and live here again. It will be a problem for the children to go to school in the future, and as far as I know, the compensation is 18 thousand per square meter outside. Now, for every square meter, Meichen and her husband helped us fight for it, which is tantamount to giving our village a few million benefits in vain!”
After Guo Hongyi finished speaking, Guo Meichen immediately put on a proud look.
Even Guo Meichen’s brother was stunned.
“Sister Meichen, is this true?” a young man said.
“Of course it’s true. I lied to you?” Guo Meichen rolled his eyes. “I said you people would rather trust someone with a foreign surname than Guo Meichen. How long did she come back in Qiu Yu? And her man? What is it, my friend? It’s great to get a job at World Hotel? If I want to be a manager, it’s not just a word from my husband!”
“Not bad.” Guo Hong said, “What Meichen said is her own family. You don’t have to believe what an outsider said, and you may not be able to pinpoint certain people. What are the calculations!”
While Guo Hong was talking, he looked at Zhang Xuan with an unkind expression on his face.
Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly. He didn’t continue to talk, and there were some things that should be said and reminded. He has done it. If others believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to him, he doesn’t care.
“No, no.” Zhang Xuan didn’t care, but Qiu Yu watched Zhang Xuan’s misunderstanding just like that, and said, “Brother Zhang is really good for us.”
“Hey.” Guo Hong chuckled, “Xiao Yu, you are too young to understand when you are unfair. It’s best to wake up in time. I guess some people are interested in the land of our village. .”
After Guo Hong finished speaking, he stopped speaking at that station.
These villagers look at Zhang Xuan’s eyes at this moment, all with a trace of precaution. Compared with Zhang Xuan, they must believe in Guo Hong more, after all, these are their own family members.
“Okay, how about you, I can’t control it!” the middle-aged man said loudly, “Anyway, now, things are such a thing. If you are willing to sell, you can come over and sign a contract. Force!”
“That is, give them the opportunity to make money, whether it makes money or not, it depends on themselves, Guo Meichen, I don’t want to do good things, and let people show their faces.” Guo Meichen said unhappy.
When everyone saw Guo Meichen’s appearance, they were a little ashamed. They felt that it was what they had done before, which made Guo Meichen angry. People kindly helped them to fight for the opportunity, and they did not forget their family members when they developed, but they were treated like this. Everyone has a temper. what.
“I’ll sign first!” Guo Hong shouted, and was the first to go forward and sign his name on the file.
Seeing that Guo Hong had signed it, some people who had been interested in it for a long time also hurried up and signed their names.
“Michen, thank you so much.”
“Micchen, I said long ago that you are a good girl, and you won’t forget the people in our village even if you develop.”
The villagers who signed their names also spoke with a smile on their faces.
“Xiao Yu, or else, let’s sign it?” Qiu Yu’s mother tentatively opened her eyes and looked at Zhang Xuan when she was speaking. This made her feel very embarrassed. Zhang Xuan helped herself so much, but Zhang Xuan just paid it back. Saying not to sign, I want to sign now, isn’t this embarrassing Zhang Xuan.
If you don’t sign, these hundreds of thousands are definitely not a small amount to Qiu Yu’s mother. Even a rich person will have the mentality of not wanting it for nothing.
Zhang Xuan knew what Qiu Yu’s mother was thinking. He understood the other party’s actions very well. It was just that other people didn’t believe that he was being deceived and Zhang Xuan couldn’t control it, but he really didn’t want to look at Qiu Yu’s house again.
“Auntie, this character still cannot be signed.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“Ah? Why?” Qiu Yu’s mother was puzzled.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the direction of Guo Meichen and the middle-aged man, and explained: “As far as I know, the official auction of a piece of land was originally held. The authorities imposed restrictions on many large enterprises. The land of that piece of land was restricted. The area is about the same as this village. The auction price is 650 million. It was taken by Geguang Industrial. The land is not far from here. If Geguang Industrial wants to take this land, the funds prepared are almost the same. Yes, plus the compensation, it can only be higher than 650 million. It is absolutely impossible to be less. Now how much is what they say? Each family is compensated according to the house, and the total amount is less than 100 million. This method of compensation, coupled with the land, can cost up to 300 million yuan. This kind of method will definitely be grasped by others.”
Listening to these words, Qiu Yu’s mother felt like a cloud in the mist. She asked: “Xiao Zhang, what do you mean is that Geguang Industrial deliberately gave less money?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Geguang Industrial is able to do such a big business, and it will definitely not give people a handle on this kind of thing. Otherwise, when everyone knows about it, they will coax it up together. It is said that the impact on Geguang Industrial’s stock is more than a few hundred million. In this matter, someone else makes money from it!”
Qiu Yu’s mother couldn’t understand it. She hadn’t been exposed to any stocks that had impacted them. What she could understand was that the compensation for this demolition was due to lack of money.
“Xiao Zhang, then, how much can you give? Can you give one thousand more per square meter?” Qiu Yu’s mother asked.
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Auntie, many of the houses here are newly built. According to the regulations, the compensation price per square meter is calculated according to the average price of house prices in the current city. You can calculate how much this is. ”
“Ah!” Zhang Xuan’s words surprised Qiu Yu’s mother, the average price of houses in the city!
Although the mountain city is not as good as Duhai’s place with an inch of gold, the average price is also ten thousand.
Qiu Yu’s mother looked at Guo Meichen. At this moment, the faces of Guo Meichen and the middle-aged man were full of smiles. According to Xiao Zhang’s words, they are making money for everyone. They are obviously pitting everyone’s money. ! They are too ruthless, and I want everyone to know later, maybe how angry they are.
“Everyone, don’t sign, don’t sign!” Qiu Yu’s mother couldn’t help but yelled out, “They’re a big mess!”
Qiu Yu’s mother’s words shocked everyone, and everyone looked over.

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