Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 57

The moon tonight, some bright, moonlight, the fiery red Mercedes GT driving gently on the road, heading home, as if to herald, a fiery heart, is moving forward to the harbor, and finally docked there.
Inside the car, soft music was playing.
“The wind of this night blows, blows to tickle the heart, my lover ……”
The night passed quietly.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan, as usual, poured tea for Lin Qinghan, cleaned up, and then went out.
Zhang Xuan sat in the wooden gazebo of the Spring Vine orphanage and muttered, “Mom, I found her, I once swore to you that as long as I live, I will never allow anyone to hurt her, you know, I feel really happy, if you were still around, you would be happy for me too, she has a somewhat cold personality because of her family, but she has a good heart I’m sure you’d get along with her if you were there.”
A breeze brushed by, with the summer heat.
Zhang Xuan’s old-fashioned cell phone rang piercingly.
“Boss, recently the Yinzhou police have been monitoring that Green Leaf Society on almost all fronts, it’s a bit difficult to take out their boss without anyone knowing, but there is an opportunity today.” The handsome young man’s voice rang out over the phone.
“Speak directly.” Zhang Xuan reached out and took out his ears.
“I’ve inquired, today the Green Leaf Society is hosting a banquet at the Eight Immortals Building, it seems to be a negotiation between two local societies, the boss of the Green Leaf Society will also be there then, this should be an opportunity.”
“Okay, I got it.” Zhang Xuan hung up the phone, looked up the location of the Eight Immortals Building on his phone, set a walking navigation and walked towards the over.
Zhang Xuan only just out of the orphanage, the phone rang again, Zhang Xuan looked at the phone caller, a trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes and picked up the phone.
“Hey, beautiful officer, what can I do for you?”
“Where are you?” Han’s gentle, urgent voice rang out over the phone.
Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, “Didn’t I send you, the orphanage ah.”
“Give you half an hour to meet me at the police station!” Han tenderly ordered over the phone.
“I said officer, I don’t seem to be a criminal, right?”
“Cut the crap! That armed fight you were involved in last time is still open, if you don’t want to spend tonight in the bureau, then honestly listen to me, half an hour, now start counting! Beep …… beep ……”
Listen to the busy tone on the phone, Zhang Xuan a face of tears and laughter, met such a female police, really do not know what to say.
Now Zhang Xuan can not reveal his identity, this female police officers insist on screwing himself, then really can bring a lot of trouble for themselves.
Zhang Xuan thought about it, turned off the navigation of the Eight Immortals, took a car and went to the police station.
In front of the Yinzhou police station, as soon as a police officer saw Zhang Xuan, an expression of admiration immediately appeared on his face, “Buddy, here you are?”
This police officer looked as if he was greeting a person who was returning home.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
“Team Han is in the office, go straight there, there is only Team Han in the office yo.” The police officer gave Zhang Xuan a look that all men understand.
Han gentle sitting in the criminal investigation office, looking at the documents in hand, the summer shirt on her body, not like a police uniform, but like a role-playing, giving a kind of unspeakable temptation.
Han gentle brow locked.
The door of the office was knocked and Zhang Xuan walked in.
Sitting behind the desk, Han Gentle squinted at Zhang Xuan and spat lightly, “Come in and close the door.”
“Bam,” the door of the criminal investigation office closed, the officers sitting outside the office hall office, all look at each other, that smile has a common meaning.
In the office, Han gentle will be in the hands of the document towards the table, said to Zhang Xuan: “see for yourself.”
Zhang Xuan picked up the document with a puzzled face and swept a glance, just this glance made anger arise in his heart.
The police had arrested three batches of fugitives, a total of sixteen people, in nearly half a month’s time. According to the confessions provided by these sixteen people, the reason they came to Yinzhou was for one thing.
To kill Lin Qinghan!
“Your Lin family, is a gentry, ordinary people simply can not touch, the feud between your gentry, we can not manage, but now this involves the underground society, we have to manage, I hope you can tell us all you know, why exactly these people want to kill your wife, and also, last time those people, why did they want to make a move on you?”
Han gentle stood up, eyes like a torch, staring at Zhang Xuan.
“I don’t know.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“Zhang Xuan!” Han tender suddenly shouted, hands slapped heavily on the table in front of him, the force was so great that the whole tabletop trembled, and Han tender’s body was fluctuating in front of him, “Now, I am not kidding with you, do you know what these sixteen fugitives are? Each of them, are the police wanted more than the most important criminals! Each of them, each of them carries at least one human life!”
“I understand, but I really don’t know who tried to kill my wife.” Zhang Xuan frowned, this matter, he has also been investigating.
Han gentle stared at Zhang Xuan for two seconds, suddenly smiled, sat down on the office chair, hands clasped chest, “If you do not say, then I can only bring General Lin, please come to this office!”
“You dare!” Zhang Xuan took a step forward, and a ruthless look flashed in his eyes.
In this instant, Han tender felt like being stared at by a beast, Zhang Xuan’s eyes, extraordinarily frightening, Han tender obviously felt that her heart was beating violently.
She held back the frightening feeling in her heart and said, “What do I dare not! Zhang Xuan, I warn you, we are now, helping you, and you, instead of cooperating with law enforcement, you dare to threaten law enforcement officers, this alone, I have the right to put you in jail!”
Zhang Xuan indifferent smile, “Whatever, you can deal with me any way, but do not scare my wife, or I promise, you will regret, really!”
Han gentle heart anger rose, raised an eyebrow, “You threaten me?”
The atmosphere between the two, some saber-rattling.
At this moment, the door of the criminal investigation office was opened, and a police officer rushed to the door in a hurry and panic.
“Team Han, it’s not good, there is a life!”
“A human life?” Han tender fiercely rose from his seat, “What’s the situation!”
The police officer reported in an urgent tone, “The news from the West District police officers, a house on fire, two people inside the house were burned to death, now that area has been sealed off.”
“Take me there!” Han gentle rushed towards the criminal investigation office outside, when walking to the door, suddenly turned back, “the surname Zhang, with me!”
“With what?” Zhang Xuan glanced at his mouth.
“On the basis that you are under investigation! Go!”
The western district of Yinzhou City, is a new urban area, the last two years to get official support, vigorously developed, many new large shopping malls, residential areas, but the development time is still short, the population is much thinner than the old urban area.

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