Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 588

Now in this world, too many people have happened, under the guise of charity, to do some sordid things.
Over time, the word charity began to be disgusted by people, but now, what Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou did has completely reorganized many people’s understanding of the word charity at this time.
The secretive sponsorship of the orphanage has never been reported by the media!
If you want to change to another company, you can’t wait for everyone to know this.
This changed many people’s views on Zhang Xuan.
The statement about Zhang Xuan’s illegitimate daughter is also self-defeating.
Moreover, the person sitting in front of the live broadcast screen, because of this reversal, began to doubt whether the title of the live broadcast is true. A person who is secretly doing charity and does not ask for anything in return will go to raise college students and make the other person pregnant. ?
The insults that had been downside-down suddenly divided into two factions.
Zhang Xuan looked at many reporters and said, “Everyone, I have a video, I want to show it to everyone.”
Zhang Xuan raised his mobile phone and played a video.
At the same time, the cameras of those reporters were all aimed at Zhang Xuan’s mobile phone screen.
In the first part of the video, Zhang Xuan took Sun Lan to the hotel and was secretly filmed that night. This is only the first half of the video. In the second half of the video, it was the hotel surveillance, which was originally deleted by someone who wanted to, but Zhang Xuan still adjusted it. After he came out, he sent Sun Lan into the hotel and left the surveillance. The video can tell everyone that Zhang Xuan did not spend the night in the hotel that night.
“Come on! This video was obviously synthesized. The female college student was pregnant. You said you sent her back to the hotel and left by yourself?”
“Yes, it’s obviously fake!” The person arranged by Zhao’s began to exert force in the crowd.
Hearing such a voice, Zhang Xuan chuckled slightly, “Ho ho, guys, don’t worry, there is another one.”
Zhang Xuan made a few more clicks on the phone screen, and another video popped up.
In the video, there are a total of two people, one of whom is a strange face, and the other, the people present, have seen it, and it is the dean of Yinzhou University.
“You took half a million before. This is another half million. Tomorrow morning, you will go to Lin’s Mansion. What should you say, don’t I need to teach you?” In the video, the strange face will be full Put the money in front of the dean of education.
“Of course it is clear.” The director of the teaching accepted the money with a smile, “Just say that Zhang made the girls in our school pregnant? Don’t worry, I have done all the perjury in the hospital! You Zhao will wait for tomorrow. Watch the show.”
The video is not long, there is only a short exchange between two people, but when this video is released, whether it is some people at the scene or the people watching the live broadcast in front of the computer screen, they are not calm.
The dignified director of the Political and Education Office of Yinzhou University did such perjury? What he just said is not only irresponsible to his own school, but also discredited the Lin Group, it is more likely to ruin a girl’s life. People clearly have nothing, and must spread the negative of abortion. Information, you know, public opinion in society can kill people!
“When he did this, he was murdering!”
“This kind of person can be sentenced to him!”
The verbal abuse from the Internet attracted the director of the Political and Education Office of Yinzhou University.
Although the director of the Political and Education Office could not see the comments on the Internet, his expression became very ugly the moment he saw Zhang Xuan showing the video. This transaction was made with someone before he came. Why? Will be photographed!
The production of these two videos and the appearance of Dean Cui of the Ivy League Welfare Institute can be said to have completely changed the situation on the scene.
In the video, the director of the Department of Political Education, Zhao, also caught everyone’s attention.
“Money from the Zhao family? Is it possible that all of this is the Zhao family playing tricks?”
“It is very likely that Zhao, as the second largest company in Yinzhou, will be the biggest beneficiaries once Lin is down!”
“Is the Zhao family trying to use everyone to build momentum for them and help them overthrow the Lin family?”
“This Zhao family is too disgusting!”
In this case, it will not only appear on the scene, but also on the screen of the network.
In the crowd, the people arranged by Zhao didn’t think that things would suddenly become like this, that the transaction would be photographed, but they could not just sit back and watch things just develop like this after they received the money.
“I seriously suspect that this video is synthesized. How could Zhao attack Lin for no reason? This is not Lin directed and acted by himself? Deliberately planted and blamed Zhao.”
“Not bad!”
As soon as this questioning voice came out, everyone looked at Zhang Xuan again, waiting for Zhang Xuan’s explanation.
Zhang Xuanzhen had something to say, so he took out a video again. This video was shown to him when he went to Luohe to find a contractor to settle accounts, and was taken by Zhang Xuan.
In the video, it was Zhao’s public relations manager who was looking for the contractor. His appearance can be recognized by many media at the scene. The public relations manager asked the contractor to work privately on Lin’s construction site. All of these were recorded. Got it down, clearly.
As soon as this video came out, even if Zhao wanted to wash it, it couldn’t be cleaned. After all, their public relations manager was standing there. Moreover, Lin was hired by a village to retaliate some time ago because of a private job. There are reports, but many people see it. It is impossible that Lin also directed and acted by himself, right?
Lin Qinghan watched the videos that Zhang Xuan took out one after another, and smiled at the corners of his mouth. Sure enough, he never had to worry about things by himself.
There is no need for extra words or explanations. These videos are the most beneficial evidence and can explain everything!
The media present and the people watching the live broadcast also understood at this moment that everything was a ghost of the Zhao family, which made everyone feel like they were being fooled! One after another vented their anger on Zhao’s body.
And Lin, because of this incident, gave people an image of disdain to quarrel, and made everyone’s evaluation higher.
Wei Qinghao looked at the positive comments on the Internet that had turned from verbal abuse to the Lin family. His expression was extremely ugly. He thought about bringing down the Lin family this time, but he didn’t even think of benefiting the Lin family. Everything was broadcast live. , Even if there is public relations later, it will not have any effect!
Those people arranged by the Zhao family saw that things had developed into this way and they were irreversible, so they left in a desperate manner, leaving some neutral media outlets to conduct interviews.
Lin’s public relations department would naturally not let go of this opportunity, and stood up and answered various questions from the media. A crisis that would have caused Lin to lose countless losses was completely reversed just because of Zhang Xuan’s few actions!

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