Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 622

President Hu and President Wang looked at Jiang Jing together.
Deputy Mayor Shan rushed to Jiang Jing to speak: “President Jiang, if you Hengcheng are not confident, you can abandon the competition for this project.”
The words of the deputy mayor have already expressed his attitude. This project cannot be cancelled. You Hengcheng love to compare, if not, it is equal to surrender!
Jiang Jing didn’t have a way. If this project allowed her to compete, she was very confident that the first five-year special team was not in vain, but unfortunately, she couldn’t play at all.
Jiang Jing put her gaze on Zhang Xuan. Now she can only pin her hopes on Zhang Xuan, but she is not sure that Zhang Xuan does not understand guns, and she is powerful, and playing guns are two concepts.
Zhang Xuan made an ok gesture to Jiang Jing. Seeing this, Jiang Jing was relieved.
Although Jiang Jing had had several exchanges with Zhang Xuan in the previous process of protecting Lin Qinghan, she could feel that Zhang Xuan was a very reliable person, and what he promised was completely reassuring.
When the middle-aged captain heard the words of the deputy mayor, his face was helpless.
“Okay, let’s go to the shooting venue first!” Deputy Mayor Shan got up first and walked out of the hall.
Mr. Hu and Mr. Wang followed behind the deputy mayor, and turned back to Jiang Jing and made a gesture of wiping their necks, which was a demonstration.
A group of people strode towards the shooting training field.
The selected shooting training field is not for beginners, but for veterans who have been specially trained. It is a tactical shooting training field. This training field is arranged like a construction building with many bunkers and dead spots. , Tortuous back and forth, the total length reaches four hundred and fifty meters.
Standing in front of this shooting training ground, the single deputy mayor said loudly, “The shooting rating location is right here. The rules are limited to one minute and thirty seconds. 30 fixed shots and 30 mobile shots are required. Within ten seconds, complete 30 rounds of fixed shooting at a distance of 100 meters. In one minute, traverse the entire shooting range. The highest number of rings wins. Each company will send one person to participate in the rating!”
As soon as Deputy Mayor Single’s voice fell, President Hu and President Wang sent the two young men they had invited. They both looked at the shooting venue and looked confident in their eyes. In their previous training. , It’s just too easy to perform mobile shooting in such a venue.
Although there are many blind spots and obstacles in the scene of the construction building, the line of sight is small, and the shooting of moving targets can be more accurate.
Vice Mayor Shan looked at the bosses of the three companies and asked, “Which one of you will come first?”
“Let’s do it first.” Mr. Hu said out and waved to his people.
The young man recruited by President Hu had dark skin. His height was about 1.75 meters. His eyes were sharp and his movements were sharp. When he walked out, his gaze gave people invisible pressure wherever he went.
Mr. Hu said loudly, “My brother, named Qiu Qiang, served in Sirius for eight years and performed dozens of missions. Now joining us at Yafeng can fully represent our strength.”
“Sirius!” Hengcheng’s middle-aged captain couldn’t help but scream out after hearing the troops Qiu Qiang was serving.
The female security guards standing behind the middle-aged captain looked at the middle-aged captain in confusion.
The middle-aged captain whispered: “Sirius Special Forces, among the China Special Forces Brigade, ranks in the top ten. It claims to be a special force in the Special Forces. Those who can enter Sirius must go through layers of selection. Everyone, They are all elites among the elites, and Sirius is assessed every quarter in the first quarter. Anyone who fails to meet the assessment criteria will return to the original unit without mercy, no matter how much credit. This Qiu Qiang can stay in Sirius for eight years. Terrible strength!”
The middle-aged captain looked at Qiu Qiang, his eyes full of fear.
Jiang Jing couldn’t help but glanced at Qiu Qiang a few more times. The members of Sirius Special Forces team were very strong, but they were similar to the Special Forces team he was originally in. Compared with Zhang Xuan, there was still a gap between them.
The young man Wang had found looked at Qiu Qiang with interest.
With a confident smile on Hu’s face, he winked at Qiu Qiang.
Qiu Qiang nodded and walked to the shooting range. In front of him, there was a wooden table on which was placed a semi-automatic rifle and a magazine full of bullets.
Outside the shooting range, there is a large screen. On the top of the screen, it shows a target. There are ten rings in total, which is exactly the target Qiu Qiang wants to shoot.
The deputy mayor winked at the person beside him, then found a seat and sat down and looked at the target displayed on the big screen. This big screen allows everyone to clearly see the results of each shot.
The single deputy mayor walked up and said loudly: “On the desktop in front of you, there is a red button. When you are ready, you can press that button to complete the shooting within 30 seconds. .”
Qiu Qiang listened to this person’s words, when the person’s voice fell, he suddenly reached out and pressed the button, and then held the gun, shot up, and aimed at a very fast speed. This set of actions was almost completed in one second. .
Qiu Qiang’s aiming movement can be said to be the most perfect, like a textbook, as he slightly pulled the trigger with his finger, a crisp sound rang in the hall.
“Bang! Bang!”
Almost every less than a second, there will be a sound. Through the big screen in the hall, you can see that Qiu Qiang hit the tenth ring with every shot.
The “pop” sounded rhythmically. When there were seven seconds left in the 30-second countdown, Qiu Qiang put down the gun in his hand. Everyone saw that there were twenty-nine shots in the bullseye on the big screen. All At the position of the tenth ring, only one shot hit the nineth ring.
With such a time, it is enough to be proud of such a result.
Qiu Qiang did not speak, but from the expression on his face, it can be seen that he is also quite satisfied with his performance.
The face of Hengcheng’s middle-aged captain was very ugly. He asked himself, if he shoots like this, within 30 seconds, 30 shots, as long as there are 15 shots that can reach 10 rings, even if it is performing normally, if it performs supernormally, He can almost hit 20 rounds and ten rounds. It is impossible for him to achieve such a result.
You should know that in the process of shooting from 100 meters, if the aiming deviation is one millimeter, the result will be almost fifteen times magnification. A slight shake of the hand or a slightly heavy breathing will cause a deviation of several millimeters. The ten rings and the The distance between the nine rings is only a few centimeters!
Mr. Hu smiled with satisfaction, “Everyone, show your ugliness, show your ugliness.”
“Next one, let me come.” The young man invited by President Wang actively spoke out.

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