Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 68

In the early years, Lin Zhengnan gave a total of four juniors, each with five percent of shares, and had Lin Qinghan assume the position of Lin’s chairman.
At the beginning, when Lin Qinghan became the chairman, more than half of the board of directors disagreed, believing that Lin Qinghan was just a young girl who was too young to bring benefits to Lin’s.
Lin Zhengnan made an agreement with the board of directors that Lin Qinghan would be given three months, and if Lin Qinghan could not adapt to the chairmanship within three months, the board of directors would vote together to re-elect the chairman.
Lin Qinghan has her own unique insights and ways of doing things in business. In the second month of her chairmanship, the company’s efficiency reached stability, and in the third month, there was a significant improvement, and the members of the board of directors, by default, agreed to Lin Qinghan as the chairman.
After all, who is the chairman of the board has no influence on the board members, what they value is whether the stocks in their hands will appreciate and whether the dividends this year will be more than last year.
And all of this began to shift a few days ago.
A few days ago, the Lin family juniors gathered at the Lin family compound, the old man Lin even announced the distribution of his inheritance, he did not favor anyone too much, the Lin’s shares in his hands, evenly divided to each junior, Lin’s chairmanship, still Lin Qinghan, after all, the company’s benefits over the years, Lin Zhengnan are in the eyes, Lin’s to Lin Qinghan, is definitely the best choice.
But such a distribution, led to some people are not happy, some rumors began to spread out, caused a great impact on the Lin’s, several enterprises to terminate the cooperation, so that Lin’s efficiency this month shrunk significantly, if not for Zhang Xuan to help Lin Qinghan got the right to cooperate with the Ark, Lin’s earnings this month will also drop a few percentage points, really then, Lin’s board of directors will have the right to impeach the chairman position.
When that time comes, even Lin Zhengnan will not be able to keep Lin Qinghan in this position.
The Lin family compound in Yinzhou.
One after another luxury car drove into the compound, and in the parking lot of the compound, Wang Wei had been waiting here for a long time.
Those luxury cars stopped in front of him, the driver came down from the cab, opened the door of the back seat, each car, came down a person, they are dressed in formal clothes, if there are Lin’s employees here, will be able to recognize, these people from the luxury cars down, are Lin’s board members.
Wang Wei looked at these people in front of him, with a smile of goodwill on his face, and spoke, “All of you uncles, for the future of Lin’s, I’ll have to ask you all today, to speak clearly with the old man.”
“You are welcome, young Wang, this is originally for our own benefit, go talk to the old man.” A middle-aged man opened his mouth, and the rest of the people, nodded along.
A group of people, led by Wang Wei, walked towards the main house of the Lin family compound.
Yinzhou, the stuffed water township.
Zhang Xuan was holding a rag, wiping the floor, but always felt flustered in his heart.
The first time the company was in the middle of the year, the company was in the middle of the year.
Zhang Xuan thought about it and said, “I’ve mastered everything.”
“What about acupuncture point acupuncture?” Milan did not feel that Zhang Xuan was bragging, after the last massage, she had also seen Zhang Xuan’s techniques.
“I know all of that one.” Zhang Xuan answered rightfully, “Acupuncture point acupuncture is the most basic within Chinese medicine physical therapy, right?”
“That’s strange.” Milan made a puzzled sound.
“Strange what?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“According to reason, you know these TCM physical therapy, Qinghan should not need to go around to find a doctor.”
“A doctor?” Zhang Xuan’s face became nervous for a moment, “What’s wrong with my wife?”
“It’s not your wife, it’s Qing Han’s grandfather, you don’t know?” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan with some surprise.
“I don’t know.” Zhang Xuan shook his head with a suspicious look, “What’s wrong?”
“Ai.” Milan sighed, “Qing Han’s grandfather suffered from a serious illness some years ago, and has been unable to be cured, Qing Han has been looking for a doctor everywhere over the years, in fact, I think, you should go and take a look, if you can cure Qing Han’s grandfather, Qing Han now, will not be so tired.”
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan put away the rag and climbed up from the ground.
About the affairs of the Lin family and the Lin Group, Zhang Xuan had not been asking much, he could just see that Wang Wei had been fighting here, the specifics he did not understand at all, as for Lin Qinghan’s grandfather, Zhang Xuan had not even heard Lin Qinghan mention it.
Milan picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, and the house became much quieter.
“Zhang Xuan, you should know that the Lin family to Qing Han’s father’s generation, is a single lineage, and Qing Han is a daughter, the assets of Lin’s grandfather, then be watched by people with an eye on.”
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, this point he could see.
“Now, Master Lin is seriously ill, his will has also announced that his property will be divided equally to Qing Han and them, the president of Lin’s, is still held by Qing Han, only, now Qing Han, at any time, may be kicked down from the position of president.” Speaking of this, Milan’s eyes were filled with loss.
“Because of an agreement.” Milan took a sip of water, organized the language, and continued, “When Qing Han was the president, Master Lin made a pact with the board of directors that if Lin’s losses reached more than ten points during Qing Han’s tenure, she would be removed from the position of president, and the board of directors would vote and jointly elect a new president out. The loss of Lin’s has already reached four percentage points, and if there is no accident, in a few days’ time, the loss will reach more than ten percentage points, at that time, Lin’s president, should be replaced.”
“What does this have to do with curing Qing Han’s grandfather?” Zhang Xuan asked.
“I’m afraid you don’t know the status of the old man in the business world of Yinzhou, right? Now those people who dare to covet Lin’s are thinking that the old man doesn’t have many days left, once the old man is well, who dares to show the slightest disrespect to Lin’s? The difficulties faced by Qinghan will also be solved.”
“Okay, you tell me the address, I’ll go now.” Zhang Xuan put the rag on the spot, without a bit of hesitation, anything that would benefit Lin Qinghan, he would do unconditionally.
“Lin family compound, you call the taxi driver know, just go in and report your own identity.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, wearing his white undershirt beach pants, out of the room, directly to the Lin family compound by taxi.
Milan looked at Zhang Xuan this without a trace of consideration hesitation look, a long breath, “Qing Han ah, you met this person, I do not know whether it is a good thing or bad thing.”

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