Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 69

Lin family compound, in the main house.
Master Lin was wearing a date red Tang suit, sitting in a wheelchair, quietly listening to the report of the person in front of him, he looked a bit depressed, his eyebrows wrinkled together.
“Grandfather, you must take charge, this time the photos, if I did not first cut off, really fell into the hands of the media, that Lin’s stock, will occur a substantial shrinkage!”
Wang Wei took out a pile of photos with an angry face and put them in front of Lin Zhengnan. On those photos, it was the photos that someone had secretly taken of Zhang Xuan, outside the private club, after a special angle shot, making people feel from the photos that Zhang Xuan and those women were acting very ambiguously.
Only, these photos did not capture Zhang Xuan’s front face, only his back.
“Grandpa, this is the son-in-law he recruited, he doesn’t do anything every day, he receives the Lin family’s money for nothing and spends money and drinks outside, if these photos are in the media, where can we put the Lin family’s face?”
A shareholder spoke up, “Chairman, this time thanks to Wang Shao, otherwise, Lin’s stock, will take a huge hit ah, now Lin’s is on the cusp of the storm, there are so many companies eyeing, really what scandal, that is not a small problem.”
In Lin’s, the chairman is still Lin Zhengnan, Lin Qinghan is only the president, there is an essential difference.
A middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses and the look of a lawyer took out a document, “Chairman, if Wang Shao had not cut off these photos, the current president of Lin’s, would have made the company lose more than ten percent for personal reasons, and according to the original agreement, the members of the board of directors should re-elect the president.”
“Yes chairman, there are many previously cooperating companies, now have unilaterally terminated cooperation with us, you have not paid attention to the business during this period of time, Lin’s earnings in this month, has shrunk by several percentage points, according to estimates, this percentage will continue to expand in the next month, and now the husband of the president of the Lin’s and make such a mess, let it go on, Lin’s position as the leading company in Yinzhou Sooner or later, it will be replaced by Zhou’s!”
Lin Zhengnan’s face was somewhat gloomy as he looked at the photos, and the things on the photos made his body tremble with anger.
Before, Lin Zhengnan also did not know much about his granddaughter’s husband, but today, what I heard is such a news!
The young man is a playboy, and he’s doing something wrong! He doesn’t care about Lin!
“I want to know what kind of character he is that he can ignore our Lin family so much!” Lin Zhengnan heaved a slap on his wheelchair, that face full of majesty made the members of the board of directors not dare to look straight at him.
When Wang Wei saw Lin Zhengnan’s anger rising, he was happy in his heart, “Zhang, this time, you’ll suffer! Aren’t you arrogant? I’ll let you try to be arrogant again?
A group of people stood in the main house, feeling the anger emanating from Lin Zhengnan’s body, not daring to breathe out.
Although Lin Zhengnan had already retired from the business world for several years, his majesty was still there, after all, it was Lin Zhengnan who took the lead to break out of the business world in Yinzhou, and as long as he was still alive, he was the undisputed big brother of the business world in Yinzhou.
At this moment, Lin Zhengnan’s butler walked into the main house.
“Master, there is a young man outside who wants to see you.”
“Young man?” Lin Zhengnan gave a suspicious cry.
“Well, he says he is Miss Qinghan’s husband.”
“Hm?” Anger rose abruptly between Lin Zhengnan’s eyebrows, “He came to see me? Fine, let him come! Wang Wei, you guys, just go to the side hall to rest first.”
“Good.” Wang Wei nodded repeatedly, his heart was so happy, Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan, you really came to seek your own death!
Although Wang Wei did not know what Zhang Xuan came to see Lin Zhengnan for, he knew that no matter what it was, he was miserable today.
Lin’s Group.
Lin Qinghan sat in the office, looking over the documents brought by Li Na one by one, those loss figures gave her an extra headache.
The office landline suddenly rang, Lin Qinghan face flashed a trace of suspicion, this landline, only the old Lin family residence can call in.
Could it be that something had happened to grandpa?
Lin Qinghan’s heart panicked, did not even care about the work in hand, rushed to pick up the phone.
“Miss, the master said to ask you to come to the old mansion.”
“Okay.” Lin Qinghan did not hesitate and immediately got up, heading outside the company.
Just after reaching the downstairs of the company, Lin Qinghan saw Milan standing here.
“Qinghan, I was just going upstairs to look for you.” Milan was wearing a sky blue tracksuit, and her face was overflowing with joy.
“What’s wrong Milan?” Lin Qinghan asked.
“Calling you to go to the old mansion to see the old man, haha.” Milan let out a big smile, “Today is a good thing!”
“What good thing?” Lin Qinghan wondered, could it be that the phone call from the old mansion was about this?
Milan grabbed Lin Qinghan’s wrist, “Let’s go, you drive and talk on the way.”
Lin Qinghan was pulled to the car by Milan with a puzzled face.
The fiery red Mercedes GT was driving on the street of Yinzhou.
“Milan, don’t play mysterious, say it, what’s the matter?”
“Your grandfather’s illness, there’s a cure!” Milan proudly raised his head, “How about it, this is considered good news, right? I tell you, I still found the doctor!”
“Really!” Lin Qinghan’s pretty face showed a happy expression, her heart started to beat faster at this time, “Milan, you’ve really helped our family a lot! Where did you find the doctor?”
“I found it from your family.” Milan reached out and pointed at Lin Qinghan.
“My home?”
“Yes, Qing Han, the last time Zhang Xuan gave you a massage, he used a Chinese medicine physical therapy, this method, the same can treat the hidden disease on the old man, hey, he never knew about the old man’s condition, I gave him a talk today, he went to the compound.”
“What!” Lin Qinghan’s voice steeply raised an octave, and the Mercedes GT that was speeding along also emitted an ear-piercing scraping sound and stopped sharply onto the road, fortunately there was not much traffic on the road, otherwise it would probably have caused a traffic accident.
Such a sudden situation scared Milan, and she grabbed the armrest on the top right of her head, “Qinghan, why are you so excited?”
Lin Qinghan turned her head and looked at Milan with wide eyes, “You said, Zhang Xuan went to treat grandpa?”
“Right.” Milan nodded her head.
“This!” Lin Qinghan suddenly grew anxious, she knew in her heart that what Zhang Xuan knew was not any Chinese medicine physical therapy at all, just ordinary acupressure, how could he go to treat grandpa, just now the old mansion called, it can’t be that Zhang Xuan got into trouble!
“Qinghan, what’s going on here?” Milan looked at Lin Qinghan strangely.
“I …… I don’t know how to explain to you, let’s go to the old mansion first!” Lin Qinghan stepped on the gas pedal, the vehicle let out a roar and hurriedly drove towards the Lin family compound.

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