Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 709

This time, Zhang Xuan killed the Zhu family. It was not as concealed as before. It came with a big fanfare. People with a little bit of influence knew who did it.
In Africa, far away from China, there is a desert. It is called the road of no return, a dead end by the locals. It is said that people who enter there will never come out alive.
In African legends, it is called an evil soul that even a wizard cannot surrender.
This desert is called Sossusvlei.
The Sossusvlei Desert has long been turned into an uninhabited area, and even the birds dare not settle in this desert.
A plane flew over the Sossusvlei Desert.
The cabin door opened, and four figures in red robes walked out of the plane, standing in the air, looking down.
“The entrance to hell, right here?”
“It shouldn’t be wrong.”
One person held a void in the void, pinched a light blue long sword, and slowly said, “I am Zhu Lan, the envoy of the gods and the gods, and now the sinner Zhang Xuan has fallen into the eighteenth hell, and the criminal Zhang Xuan has been sentenced to nine years in prison. !”
Zhu Lan waved the long sword in his hand and cut straight to the ground. He was several tens of meters above the ground, but he easily cut a crack in the ground.
Around the crack, the sand kept flowing towards the crack, but it couldn’t stop the crack at all. Instead, the crack that appeared was constantly eroding the surrounding sand and expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Ten seconds later, a black deep hole with a radius of five meters appeared in the endless desert.
This deep pit, as long as you look at it, you will feel heart palpitations, as if it leads to another dimension of the world.
The four divinely hidden criminal law envoys, when they saw this deep pit, they also showed fear in their eyes.
Zhu Lan dissipated the long sword in her hand, waved again, a big blue hand appeared out of thin air, reached into the cabin, and grabbed Zhang Xuan who was in a coma.
“go with!”
Zhu Lan gave a light yell and waved her giant hand vigorously, throwing Zhang Xuan into the pit.
Zhang Xuan plunged into the pit at a very fast speed.
Suddenly, a violent laughter sounded from the pit.
“Hahahaha! Hahahaha! One hundred and thirty-seven years! Exactly one hundred and thirty-seven years! Hell welcomes new members, a few gods of punishment, won’t you come down as guests? We have the wine of the last century. Yeah!”
The four gods in the air changed their expressions.
Zhu Lan shouted loudly: “No, when you can break through this hell cage, it’s not too late to talk about drinking!”
After Zhu Lan finished speaking, she immediately rushed to the three people beside her and said, “Go!”
The four swiftly drilled into the cabin.
The voice in the deep pit sounded again, “Hahaha! What about this hell cage, it is not easy for a few gods to come here, so just have a drink before leaving!”
Accompanied by this sound, a big black hand that was more than 20 meters long suddenly formed in the air and grabbed it towards the plane.
“Quick! Go!” The four divine envoys in the plane looked at the big hands formed in the rear with horror.
The plane spewed out a violent air current, and when it was about to be caught by the big hand, it suddenly rushed out.
The four divine envoys breathed a sigh of relief, and at that moment, their backs were all wet with cold sweat.
“What kind of monster is that! His anger can break through the cage!”
“At the very least, they are also powerhouses attached to the gods. Everyone in this hell is a monster. The youngest is one hundred and fifty years old! They have not died for so long, besides practicing, they are still practicing!”
“It seems that Zhang Xuan is a dead place this time!” Zhu Lan looked at the big black hands that were gradually dissipating from behind, with a satisfied smile on her face.
“In that case, let’s take over the Guangming Island. According to the information I got, there is already a land full of spiritual energy.”
The four divine envoys all had successful smiles on their faces.
At this time, a whole day has passed since the battle with Zhu’s.
On Guangming Island, if the aura is substantial, if you take a breath here, you will feel transparent. There are densely packed figures on the island, and the hellwalkers scattered around the world are all recruited by Pease.
The kings of Bright Island, such as Baichi and Weiwei, all stood on the side of the island with solemn faces.
“What’s the matter!” The great elder saw that so many people suddenly appeared on the island, and Bai Chi and others’ expressions were not right.
Bai Chi looked into the distance, “There is indeed something wrong.”
Around Guangming Island, densely packed warships stopped here, all of them stretched out their gun barrels, ready to go to war at any time.
Poseidon was holding his blue sailor’s knife, standing on the outermost periphery of the battleship, his face was also very solemn.
“Did something happen to you in this raid on the Zhu family?” The Great Elder guessed.
“I don’t know.” Bai Chi shook his head, “but what is certain now is that something happened to the boss.”
“Little friend Zhang!” The elder looked surprised. He had already seen that Zhang Xuan was the soul of this island. Now, something happened to Zhang Xuan.
In the future, I will hold a tablet computer, keep my finger on it, and say with a solemn expression: “The stability system is ready, the power system is ready, and the energy is sufficient!”
“Okay.” Bai Chi nodded, picked up a walkie-talkie, and said, “Poseidon, open the way for us.”
After the sound of Baichi fell, countless warships began to rush towards the other side of the island, that is, leading to the deeper part of the sea.
Countless battleships moved together, bringing up large waves.
“In the future, let’s go!” Bai Chi said again.
“Yeah.” Mirai nodded and clicked on the tablet.
A violent shaking sensation came from everyone’s feet, and the ground of the entire Guangming Island vibrated at this moment.
“This is” the elder looked at the ground below his feet, and the sea level not far away was slowly falling.
“When the island was established, the wandering plan was prepared.” Bai Chi said calmly, “Guangming Island represents too many meanings, and the standing position is too high. The boss never thought that Guangming Island could be invincible in the world. Therefore, there is an island wandering plan.”
“Island Wandering” murmured these four words in his mouth.
A large area of ​​sea water was stirred up, and the elder clearly felt that the ground under his feet was slowly moving towards the depths of the sea.
Countless powerful thrusters are launching high-intensity reaction forces into the sea. The large amount of energy stored on the island is enough for the island to wander on the sea for several years.
Bai Chi, Mirai and the others looked at the sea that was drifting away, with a little more worry in their eyes. They were worried, what happened to Zhang Xuan at this time.
Zhang Xuan’s mobile phone is a signal transmitter. When Zhang Xuan smashed the mobile phone, he sent a message to Bai Chi and others to carry out the island wandering plan.
The divine envoy was too powerful. Even if he just showed up, he had to let Zhang Xuan start this plan. He understood that if the divine envoy were to land on the island, then the entire Guangming Island would be destroyed!

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