Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 71

In Lin Zhengnan sigh of relief at the same time, the heart also some chills, since Zhang Xuan said, the photos shown, only a special angle shot, that is to say, his grandson, deliberately to deceive himself, his purpose is what, Lin Zhengnan just a little thinking, see clearly!
“Ai.” Lin Zhengnan sighed, “Xiao Zhang ah, I am old, my brain has become dull, sometimes do some stupid things, let you laugh.”
“What did grandpa say.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said carelessly.
Lin Zhengnan smiled, “Little Zhang, you are here today for this matter too?”
“No.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I came here for your illness.”
“My illness!” Lin Zhengnan’s heart was beating rapidly.
Just now, although he knew that the legendary Living King of Hell was his own granddaughter-in-law, but on the other party’s willingness to help himself, Lin Zhengnan did not have confidence, but now hearing Zhang Xuan say these words, there was no way for him not to be excited.
“Yes.” Zhang Xuan stood up from his seat, “Grandpa, I came in a hurry this time, do you have any silver needles here?”
“Yes, it’s in the house.” Lin Zhengnan nodded, for years of illness, the family had invited many doctors over, and there was a set of silver needles and other things, which were placed in the inner room.
After Lin Zhengnan finished speaking, he pushed his wheelchair and headed towards the inner house.
“Grandpa, just the two of us here, there is no need for you to be in a wheelchair, get up and walk around, anyway, after today, you can also announce to everyone that you are cured.” The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth held a smile.
Lin Zhengnan was pushing the wheelchair movement a freeze, after a few seconds of pause, carefully from the wheelchair stood up, so many years, he has been pretending, even pretending to, have forgotten that he can walk.
Back then, Lin Zhengnan found out that the heart vein damage, the days are not long, they want to hand the Lin’s into the hands of their descendants, but also afraid that they announced the news of the days are few, the Lin’s provoked people coveted, they thought of a method, the public announced his legs paralyzed, so that not only can the Lin’s handed out, their reputation is also in, can suppress a party of curmudgeons.
Year after year, see Lin’s in Lin please Han’s leadership more and more good, Lin Zhengnan also heart pleased, at the same time, the heart vein injury also began to intensify in these years, Lin Zhengnan obviously feel, his time is not long, then announced the inheritance distribution.
In Lin Zhengnan’s eyes, there is no distinction between men and women, there is no distinction between grandchildren and family grandchildren, he divided all the assets equally, but did not expect that these descendants of their own, for a Lin’s, but to find ways, if today, the son-in-law of the Lin family is not Zhang Xuan, but a different person, Lin Zhengnan can think of what he would do, remove the position of President Qing Han, to the board of directors to re-vote, in the end, the Lin’s will be destroyed in their own hands.
Thinking of these, Lin Zhengnan could not help but look at Zhang Xuan, the living king of hell said the edge, really exist, he not only can save himself, but also save the entire Lin Group!
A fiery red Mercedes GT drove into the Lin family compound, Lin Qinghan walked with a hurried pace from the parking lot towards the main house.
Standing in front of the main house, Wang Wei, who was full of happiness, saw Lin Qinghan and smiled even more, “Yo, isn’t this our Lin’s Group’s General Manager Lin?”
Lin Qinghan swept a glance at Wang Wei and those people beside him, and when she saw those board members, Lin Qinghan didn’t say a word.
Those board members faintly avoided Lin Qinghan’s gaze.
Lin Qinghan looked at the watch on her wrist, “Wang Wei, as far as the company’s work schedule is concerned, you shouldn’t be here at this point, right?”
“Cut!” Wang Wei glanced at his mouth disdainfully, “I say, President Lin, you have time to question me here, why don’t you hurry inside and see what your good husband has done!”
What did Zhang Xuan do?
Lin Qinghan’s heart tightened, did not have the leisure time to care about Wang Wei again, fast steps towards the main house door.
“Oh, right Mr. Lin!” Wang Wei shouted behind Lin Please Han, “Your president’s position, if you can’t sit, then hurry up and give way, hahahaha!”
Lin Qinghan walked to the door of the main house and knocked on the door of the room.
“Master, Miss Qing Han is here.” The butler stood in front of the door and informed inside.
Lin Qinghan stood at the door with a face full of tension, she was now really worried that Zhang Xuan would do something out of the ordinary.
Inside the main house, no one answered for a long time.
Lin Qinghan’s heart was in her throat.
“Master?” The butler knocked on the door again.
“Let Qing Han come in.” Lin Zhengnan’s breathless voice came out from inside the room.
Lin Qinghan secretly said “Oh no,” and pushed the door and walked in.
Outside the room, Wang Wei was smiling extraordinarily happily.
“Young Wang, this time, it seems to have come to fruition.” A board member said with a grim smile.
“Not bad, Uncle Zhao, don’t worry, when I take the position of president, the benefits will be less for you, this huge Lin’s, let us divide it up!” Wang Great laughed.
“All under the arrangement of young Wang.” Uncle Zhao’s eyes showed joy.
Wang Wei laughed coldly and said to himself, “Lin Qinghan, to fight with me, just you and your husband? Not even close!”
“Young Wang, the shareholders’ meeting, when is it scheduled?” The lawyer-like middle-aged man asked Wang Wei.
Wang Wei thought for a while and replied, “Just today, today, impeach Lin Qinghan chairman position, while selling all the stocks in your hands, we use this Lin’s again, earn the last, this amount, enough for all of us to spend the rest of our lives without worrying about food and drink!”
Wang Wei eyes flashed a ruthless look, for the future of Lin’s, he does not care, for the existence of Lin’s, he also does not care, for the death of Lin’s employees, he cares even less, he started from the beginning, did not think to keep Lin’s, he wants to do, is to earn on their own that amount.
Wang Wei’s plan is very simple, after the successful impeachment of Lin Qinghan, he will be in a group of board members vote in the election, successfully sat in the position of Lin’s president, this time, he will make several decisions, but also he can pull so many board members and other business owners to cooperate with him bargaining chip, signed with them, unequal treaties.
Such as Lin’s development of buildings, all the proceeds will be given to each other such, with this method, emptying Lin’s all the basic, himself and then share these interests equally with each other, and after signing these contracts, Wang Wei and board members, will be emptying all the stocks in their hands, by then Lin’s facing bankruptcy, as well as bank loans, have nothing to do with him.
The market value of Lin’s today is around two billion, Wang Wei was able to use the high market value of Lin’s to make a lot of personal profit for himself, and when he was done with this, he patted his butt and walked away with a lot of money to enjoy the rest of his life.
The lawyer-like middle-aged man nodded and started making phone calls to notify the board members one by one to prepare for today’s shareholders’ meeting.

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