Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 744

Bai Jiangnan, after all, was only in the late stage of the Qi Condensing Realm, and he did not exceed Zhu Lan and others too much. His reputation was supported by Lu Yan.
The situation on the court suddenly became chaotic. Some people took the opportunity to run out of the bronze gate, while others went into the stone room, looking for some treasures, seeking wealth and danger.
Inside the bronze door, there are all kinds of energy in the vertical and horizontal directions.
This is a battle between the condensing air realm, even if it is the imperial air realm, in this kind of battle, a little carelessness will become cannon fodder.
“Girl Jiang, take these boys away!” Bai Jiangnan made a move and said to Jiang’er.
Mirai nodded, dragged Bai Chi, and ran out of the door.
Bai Chi is also not stubborn. He is very clear that staying here in his current state will not only help him, but will only hinder him.
A group of people quickly ran outside the bronze door.
Among the bronze gates, only the major condensing masters remained, still in a duel.
In this battle, almost everyone has been prepared for a long time, knowing that it will come, but I don’t know when it will come. Now, although most of them are just temptations on the bright side, everyone knows that this battle, Must be dead.
The Zhu family has already torn their faces with the Su family, and the Xiao family is temporarily caught in the middle. If this time, both the Zhu family and the Xiao family are harmed, then the middleman of the Xiao family will definitely be affected by the other two clans. For this battle, the Xiao clan has been paddling the water all the time, and he has no real contribution.
Zhu Huatai wanted to cut Su Wenxuan first. He wanted to be the first bird because he was profitable after he cut Su Wenxuan. Now, most of Su’s drawings are in Zhu Huatai’s hands, as long as Su is cut off. In the literature, the Su family’s conspiracy will naturally fall into the hands of the Zhu family, and the price the Zhu family has to pay is nothing more than returning the Su family to Lin Qinghan. For the Zhu family, this is just a matter of convenience.
Everyone who is fighting has a weight full of benefits in their hearts.
Above the cave.
A five-meter-long dark golden divine sword slashed from the air and pointed directly at the black-robed man.
The black-robed man was horrified, and he didn’t dare to stop it. He realized that Zhang Xuan had always been unable to use his full strength.
The black-robed man wanted to avoid the giant sword in the sky. He just stepped back when he heard a voice behind him.
“The fighting consciousness is like rubbish.”
The black-robed man was taken aback for a moment, his body shook, he turned his head a little stiffly, and a dark golden sword tip was inserted from the back of his heart and came out of his chest.
The long sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand dissipated, and he squeezed his fists in both hands and slammed the black robe man’s back.
The black-robed man was like a meteorite, falling straight to the bottom of the cliff for hundreds of meters.
Hearing a loud sound of “boom”, the black-robed man fell to the ground, smashing the ground into a deep pit. If it weren’t for the gas body, he would definitely be thrown into fleshy mud.
But he was very angry, and the black-robed man was hurt not lightly at this point. The qi sword that penetrated his body caused him extremely strong damage.
At this time, Zhu Yuan took Lin Qinghan and Zhu Feng with them. As soon as he walked out of the cave, he saw the man in black robes falling to the ground.
“Get away!” The black-robed man shouted and let out a wave of air. He directly pushed away the three Zhu Yuan and went into the cave. He didn’t dare to hesitate at all. The killing intent on Zhang Xuan had already made him completely frightened. .
Zhu Yuan looked at the figure of the black-robed man and shouted, “Go first! There are still people coming here, we can’t stay here.”
After Zhu Yuan finished speaking, he took Lin Qinghan and Zhu Feng and ran into the distance in strides.
There were dozens of figures in a row, running out of the cave. They were all people from underground forces. After these people ran out, they didn’t stay at all and left directly.
In the depths of the cave, inside the bronze gate, the fighting became more and more fierce. From the very beginning, the trial of each other has become a series of killer moves.
The four Zhu Lan and Bai Jiangnan fought on equal terms.
“Bai Jiangnan, do you really want to be an enemy of our Shenyin?” Zhu Lan yelled.
“If you are cut off, how can Shenyin know?” Behind Bai Jiangnan, a white-fronted tiger with hanging eyes loomed, and it kept roaring.
Seeing this scene, Zhu Lan’s four people trembled.
“Impossible! How could you step into the God-Producing Realm with one foot!” Zhu Lan’s eyes widened and all of them looked incredible.
“I’ll ask you one last time, where is my junior brother!” Bai Jiangnan waved his hand, and the white-fronted tiger behind him pounced forward.
“In the hell cage!” Zhu Lan said, “You want to save him, wishful thinking, unless we are willing to let him go.”
“Hell cage!” Bai Jiangnan’s expression was hard to look at. Of course, he knew that this hell cage, exactly what place it was, was definitely the most terrifying cage of the Shenyin Society. , How many Tianjiao have been thrown into the hell cage, and no one can get out of it.
“Bai Jiangnan, Zhang Xuan is a member of our divine retreat. After nine years, he will naturally be released from prison.” Zhu Lan said, and while he was speaking, he winked at the remaining three people.
The remaining three nodded, with strange and complicated seals in their hands.
“You are not sentenced, it is murder!” Bai Jiangnan roared, and the white-fronted tiger with the hanging eyes directly in front of him rushed towards Zhu Lan.
Seeing that the eye-catching white-fronted tiger was in front of her eyes, Zhu Lan roared: “It’s now, come out!”
A blue disc was taken out by Zhu Lan, and then threw it in the air. At the same time, their four divine punishment envoys all shot blue qi and went straight to the blue disc.
At the moment when the Qi touched the disc, the disc quickly spun, followed by air lines one after another, emanating from the disc, covering Bai Jiangnan and the hanging eye white-fronted tiger.
This blue line of breath, not as thin as a fishing line, is full of toughness. It is wrapped around the white-fronted tiger. No matter how the white-fronted tiger bites, it will not break, and at the same time it will form a big net. Cover Bai Jiangnan inside.
Bai Jiangnan Yuqi wanted to break free, but could not do anything.
Zhu Lan sneered while transmitting air to the disc, “Bai Jiangnan, even if you step into the God Realm, how can you break the treasure? See if you are the real God Realm. The qi of ours will run out first, or the qi of the four of us will run out first!”
The big blue net envelops Bai Jiangnan, trapping Bai Jiangnan there, unable to make any effective means of attack. Zhu Lan, the four of them, also stood there because they kept instilling air into the disc and could not attack. , The two sides were short-lived stalemate, only three clans were still fighting.
“Okay, let’s see who will die first!” Bai Jiangnan snorted coldly. Anyway, Bai Chi and the others have already left, and he has nothing to take care of. Even if he is held back, today’s first goal has been achieved. Now, the major underground forces are bound to usher in a qualitative change from today.

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