Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 77

Zhang Xuan returned home with two big bags and saw Lin Qinghan sitting on the sofa.
“Have you finished with everything?” Zhang Xuan asked casually.
“Yeah.” Lin Qinghan nodded.
During the conversation, neither of them noticed that the relationship between them had become much more cordial, like before, Lin Qinghan didn’t even bother to look at Zhang Xuan, let alone answer any of his questions.
“Come here, I have something to ask you.” Lin Qinghan waved at Zhang Xuan.
“What is it?” Zhang Xuan walked over and saw that Lin Qinghan was wearing a home pajamas, leaning lazily on the sofa, her hair casually draped, exuding an unspeakable charm.
“Why didn’t you tell me all this time?” Lin Qinghan’s beautiful eyes revealed a hint of reproach.
“Tell you what?” Zhang Xuan had a puzzled look on his face.
“About the fact that you know Chinese medicine physical therapy.”
“This ah.” Zhang Xuan showed a look of dawning realization, “This you did not ask, ah, and I have always used this method when giving you massage.”
“You ……” Lin Qinghan some speech, she thought, she did not seem to have asked Zhang Xuan this aspect of the problem, before Zhang Xuan said to himself, he has done a little bit of everything, they naturally associated with the kind of massage parlors, and did not think about this aspect of Chinese medicine.
“Well then, count my questions, you tell me today, what else do you really know?” Lin Qinghan asked so.
In asking Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan’s face with some expectation, she found that the man in front of her, always do something unexpected, on the enamel meal insights paragraph, play a song at the Pajif master concert, and now know Chinese medicine physical therapy, seems not so useless.
“I ah, let me think.” Zhang Xuan made a thinking face, he will be quite a lot of things, have to run through.
Lin Qinghan suddenly saw Milan emerge from behind Zhang Xuan and gave Zhang Xuan a wink, he was afraid that Zhang Xuan would say that he would not come to anything and put the matter through.
But Zhang Xuan did not notice Lin Qinghan blinked hard to himself and said with a crooked head, “Art, music, painting, cuisine, ancient martial arts, detection and demolition, languages of various countries, finance, and other major fields, I am very proficient.”
Lin Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief and felt in his heart that this Xuan was quite resourceful.
“Come on you, don’t blow it.” Lin Qinghan rolled his eyes at Zhang Xuan, jade arm smoothly ruffled his hair, when the style is really a lot of.
Zhang Xuan reached out and scratched his head, he laughed, carried his own small bag and went back to his room.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan got up early to clean up the house, and after Lin Qinghan went out, Zhang Xuan also changed into his new suit bought yesterday, and happily went to Lin’s group.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public, including the provision of services to the public, the provision of services to the public and the provision of services to the public.
On the issue of position, Zhang Xuan last night considered for a long time, and finally chose a building security vice captain position.
The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.
The personnel manager also did not expect Zhang Xuan to choose such a position, after all, there are too many positions with better treatment than the deputy security captain, but Zhang Xuan’s choice, he did not say anything more, on the spot, stamped the official seal, told Zhang Xuan, when to come to work can be.
Zhang Xuan was excited to get the security equipment, electric batons and uniforms.
Everything is done, it is already 10:30 am.
Zhang Xuan was standing in the lobby of Lin’s building with an excited face, sweeping his gaze back and forth at the people passing by, when he heard a cursing sound coming from the main entrance.
“Open your dog eyes wide and see who I really am! This Lin’s building, what place can I not go, all you watchdogs get out of my way! Dead security guard, that’s it for life!”
“Hm?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow.
Dead security guards? Watchdogs?
Zhang Xuan looked towards the place where the voice came from, and saw seven or eight security guards blocking the entrance of the building, and those words were coming from the mouth of a gorgeously dressed woman.
Several security guards were all puzzled, you look at me, I look at you, do not know what to do.
“Madam, we have a rule in General Lin, you have to make an appointment if you want to see her.” A security guard who looked like a small captain said.
“Appointment? I need to make an appointment to see her? All of you watchdogs, get the hell out of my way!” The middle-aged woman shouted and pushed away the security guard in front of her.
Zhang Xuan frowned, if it isn’t Wang Wei’s mother, has she come to cause trouble?
Yesterday’s incident at Lin’s, someone has reported to Zhang Xuan, Wang Wei because of business fraud, financial and other issues, has been detained criminally, Lin’s legal team will be Wang Wei to court, waiting for the trial, if there is no accident, Wang Wei will be sentenced to at least eight years, equivalent to this life, almost ruined.
“Get lost! I don’t want to talk nonsense with you underlings!” Wang Wei’s mother cursed again and rushed toward the company lobby.
“Madam, you can’t go in.” A security guard reached out to stop Wang Wei’s mother.
“Subordinate, who told you to touch me!” Wang Wei’s mother swung her hand up and slapped the security guard hard on the face.
The beaten security guard looked ugly, but did not dare to say anything, the identity of the middle-aged woman in front of them, they more or less knew a little, was the president’s aunt.
“Really up the guts you guys, a few dogs, wearing a human skin, and still dare to stop me? What do you think you are? Hmm?” Wang Wei’s mother eyes full of anger, “I’m telling you now, I’m going in, who dares to stop me, try, which dog legs touch me, have your good fruit to eat eat eat eat eat ……”
Wang Wei’s mother is cursing it, the body is a flutter, the eyes can not help but start to turn up, the whole person such as epilepsy, drooling gradually, ten seconds later, her eyes closed, head to the ground.
After Wang Wei’s mother fell, revealing the Zhang Xuan standing behind her.
Zhang Xuan took just received the electric police baton, from time to time pressed on, the head of the baton issued a “crackling” sound of electricity.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the mouth, said with slight regret: “No, this electric flow is too small, electric faint a woman for ten seconds, have to change a stronger.”

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