Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 826

In fact, every company, no matter how big or famous it is, will be complained. This is inevitable.
It’s just that generally speaking, if there is a complaint, the superior will deal with this kind of problem.
But now, the practice of throwing away the complaint letter directly is obviously because someone on it is not doing anything.
This kind of inaction will last a long time, and there will be a scene of people being bullied by the shop.
Lin Qinghan turned out the complaint letters in the trash can one by one.
“Mr. Lin, you” Li Na, who was about to enter the company, accidentally saw the scene here, her expression changed, and she ran over quickly with a panic expression on her face.
“Look at it for yourself.” Lin Qinghan looked at the complaint letter in his hand without looking up. At Lin Qinghan’s feet, there were already no less than ten complaint letters, all in one place.
As soon as Li Na lowered her head, her body shook suddenly when she saw the three words of the complaint letter on the envelope.
“This” Li Na’s eyes were all puzzled. Obviously, she hadn’t seen these complaint letters, and she didn’t know how these complaint letters would be thrown away.
“Secretary Li, you have someone to sort it out and bring these complaint letters to the office.” Zhang Xuan said, and then winked at Li Na.
Li Na still didn’t understand what Zhang Xuan meant, and quickly responded, “Okay, I’ll go and let people clean up now.”
Zhang Xuan walked over, took Lin Qinghan’s arm, and said, “My wife, let’s go up first. It is now the point of work. There are too many people and it is not good to see. After all, it is not a good thing.”
Lin Qinghan nodded with an ugly face, and said to Li Na: “Secretary Li, within an hour, find me all the files about the recent complaints and put them in my office!”
“Okay, I’ll do it now.” Li Na nodded quickly.
Li Na has been with Lin Qinghan for a few years, and she also knows what Lin Qinghan’s personality is.
These letters of complaint, put in the eyes of others, may immediately order the people under them to deal with it, but put Lin Qinghan here, it is an absolute major event, from the beginning, Lin Qinghan advocated the point of view is to put customer experience on Lin’s first place.
But now, with so many complaint letters, it can be seen how bad Lin’s customer experience is now.
Ten o’clock in the morning.
Lin Qinghan’s office is on the top floor of the Lin Group Building.
All of the hundreds of complaint letters were opened by Lin Qinghan, and he read them all over.
Zhang Xuan also looked through it, and it was him, frowned. Some things were indeed annoying.
Secretary Li Na stood aside with her head down, without saying a word.
After reading the last complaint letter, Lin Qinghan breathed a sigh of relief and said: “The travel company slaughtered people, and they did not pay attention to the rules when they publicly listed no consumption. The car after-sales company did not act and the customer’s car was delivered. It was a three-day construction period, and there was no processing in half a month. The customer came to someone for a refund, but was driven out by the repair shop and seized the vehicle! The shopping mall conducted fraudulent consumption guidance, the catering company charged tips in disguise, and more Many, I am ashamed to say! But this kind of thing still happened to our Lin family!”
Li Na raised her eyes and glanced at Lin Qinghan, and then quickly lowered her head. She could see that Lin Qinghan was already on the verge of running away.
Lin Qinghan looked at Li Na and asked, “Secretary Li, who has always been responsible for these things?”
Secretary Li Na replied: “Manager Guo from the customer service department, I’ll call him over now.”
Li Na said, she took out her mobile phone to make a call.
“No.” Lin Qinghan waved his hand to stop Li Na’s movement, “Then Manager Guo, just fire it. I will give you a list these days. All the people on the list will be fired from the company. They will never be hired. Don’t be merciful on your resume, do you understand?”
“Good.” Li Na nodded.
“Okay, go ahead and work on it, don’t tell anyone about this matter first.” Lin Qinghan waved his hand.
Li Na turned around and exited the office.
Zhang Xuan put down the complaint letter in his hand, looked at Lin Qinghan, and asked, “My wife, what do you want to do?”
“Very short answer, one by one, catch all these people out!” Lin Qinghan stood up, “husband, my ID number is not legal, and it will be discovered. You can find someone for me and book one at Saijiang Tourism Company. Tickets for a two-day tour around.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded, and immediately understood Lin Qinghan’s meaning.
Zhang Xuan looked at the woman in front of him and touched his chin. His wife wanted to learn from the private visit of Emperor Kangxi. Although this method is tiring, it does work. If you directly ask the company executives to check, it will only Find one or two scapegoats, and after one or two months, this kind of thing will happen again.
Now that Lin Qinghan is like this, he still has to book a ticket for a two-day tour around him. It seems that he wants to follow the vine and catch all the people involved.
Zhang Xuan made a call, and soon two tickets for the surrounding tour were booked.
Saijiang Tourism Company, which is short for Saishang Jiangnan, can be said to be the largest tourism company in Yinzhou. It covers all kinds of out-of-town tours and overseas trips, and at the same time, it is also doing tours around the city. After all, there are many out-of-town tours. People who don’t want to take the route of a travel company and don’t know how to plan, they will find a local travel company to take charge of their two-day travel itinerary.
Throughout Xixia Province, there are not only the royal tombs with a long history, but also the sandy beaches known as deserts, as well as the high-volume Westward Journey filming site. Many people come here to stand for the last time of Zhizunbao and Zixia. Embracing the wall, cherish the memory of the love from childish to mature.
The increasing number of tourists has made the tourism industry of Xixia Province very developed in recent years and there are also many people.
When there are more people, more benefits are generated. In the face of huge benefits, many people will have evil thoughts in their hearts.
At 11:30 noon, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan changed into down jackets and took a taxi to the gate of Saijiang Tourism Company.
The store area of ​​the entire Saijiang Tourism Company has reached two thousand square meters. Inside the company, there are various sand tables and specially built attractions to reduce the experience. In short, the company’s store alone is like a small tourist attraction.
Someone once said that if you come to Yinzhou, if you can’t finish the scenic spots, then come to Saijiang Tourism Company to visit the major attractions in Yinzhou. This Saijiang Tourism Company is Lin’s enterprise.
As soon as Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan entered the door of the travel company, a young man in a suit walked over enthusiastically.
“Two, can I help you?”
Zhang Xuan said, “My wife and I have booked two tickets for the surrounding tour online. Where did you register?”
This enthusiastic young man just heard that Zhang Xuan had booked a ticket on the Internet, his face changed immediately, and he didn’t even care about the two of them, and walked straight away. With this attitude, when Lin Qinghan and Liu eyebrows were tightly frowning. .

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