Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 853

An Dongyang also saw the scene in the banquet hall. He turned around and smiled apologetically at Zhang Xuan. According to the assignment, the misunderstanding of these people with Hengcheng will continue for a long time. , I’m afraid Hengcheng will live in such a cold eye.
Zhang Xuan shook his head slightly and shrugged, indicating that it didn’t matter.
Everyone took their seats one by one, Zhang Xuan could hear them, and from time to time there would be some specific language on the table beside them, and Zhang Xuan naturally filtered out all of these things.
After everyone was on the table, the dishes continued to be on the table, all of which were specialty dishes from the new province, such as large-plate chicken.
After the dishes were almost ready, An Dongyang stood up and raised his glass, “Everyone, I am An Dongyang not a cultural person. I won’t say anything more polite. This trip to Loulan will be accompanied by dangers all the way, so please be here. Take care of you along the way!”
“President An, you are polite with these words. We do things with money, but this commission” said a person belonging to Yuxing Security.
When the word commission was mentioned, the people present, except Zhang Xuan and others, the other five security companies showed great interest, and their eyes all focused on An Dongyang.
An Dongyang smiled, “Everyone, I also know the rules of the security industry. We are scheduled to leave early tomorrow morning. This commission will be paid 30% after entering the desert, and after leaving the desert. , To settle the remaining 70%.”
As soon as An Dongyang’s words fell, the faces of the five major security companies present all showed joy.
“Zong An is proud!” Yuxing Security’s NPC shouted loudly.
In security companies, employers usually pay a 10% deposit first, and then pay the rest after the task is completed. An Dongyang’s 30% price is far higher than the market price.
“Hoho.” An Dongyang chuckled. “But guys, before this task is executed, I will tell you the shame first. If someone quits halfway, I won’t be able to settle the remaining commission. ”
“President An, don’t worry. Since we are doing this, we are going to take the money and work hard!” The person from Youxiong Security Company waved.
An Dongyang nodded.
There are many security companies in Yanxia. The reason why he chose the other five besides Hengcheng is because the nature of these five is different from most security companies.
Many security companies only perform tasks such as the security protection field, but these five are just like mercenaries in ancient times. They dare to work hard when they give money. As for Hengcheng, only someone introduced An Dongyang. Dongyang tried it, and it got in touch.
“Okay, then I wish us every success. I hope you can work together and work hard to complete the task along the way!” An Dongyang toasted again, “Cheers!”
Everyone in the banquet hall raised their wine glasses.
Halfway through the meal, Director Chen of An Dongyang began to assign tasks to each security company. There were people responsible for various tasks, including material protection.
Everyone knows that this trip to the desert must not be a leisurely trip. In that uninhabited desert, anything can happen, and there are many people who are extremely vicious and forced to the extreme. In the desert, materials are the greatest. wealth.
The specific task of opening the way for exploration will be handed over to the strongest Yuxing Security.
After all the tasks were arranged, everyone suddenly realized a problem, that is, in this task assignment, Hengcheng Security, who has the same commission as Yuxing Security, has not been assigned any task. They are 30 years old. Two people, it’s like traveling!
“Director Chen, let me ask you, why is Hengcheng Security so idle?” The person in charge of Youxiong Security asked aloud.
“This” Director Chen looked embarrassed and glanced at An Dongyang. He himself really didn’t understand why he didn’t assign tasks to Hengcheng Security, but An Dongyang confessed this, and he didn’t have any ideas.
Seeing Director Chen embarrassed, someone from another security company on the side said, “Hey, why don’t you understand this? Hengcheng people, a group of old, weak, sick and disabled, what can they do? If you give them the supplies Keep it, I don’t know when they are robbed, let them open the way? I’m afraid we will have to drag all of us at that time. An Dongyang has signed the agreement. If you want to go back, you can only admit it, seven million. It’s not a small amount.”
“Grass, I don’t want to care about this group of old, weak, sick and disabled then.” Cao Wei, the head of Youxiong, said, “In the desert, they have nothing to do with me.”
“Initially it has nothing to do with us. Our task is to protect Mr. An Dongyang. As for this group of old, weak, sick and disabled, I bet that they will take the initiative to get out in less than ten days!” a person from Yuanfeng Security Company said.
“I bet for seven days!” Cao Wei said.
“Seven days? Five days is great!” Director Chen also couldn’t hold back.
Several people looked at each other and laughed loudly.
Zu Xian listened to the laughter coming from the surroundings, only feeling particularly ear-piercing, and there was a fire in his heart.
“Mr. Zhang, they are a bit too much!” Zu Xian sat next to Zhang Xuan, speaking bitterly, feeling that he couldn’t eat a table of food.
“Excessive?” Zhang Xuan smiled, “You can only act like a group of clowns, remember one thing.”
“What?” Zu Xian raised his head, his face full of doubts.
“The more some people target you, the more they are jealous of you. Unless you are a trash, no one will put you in their eyes. You have to be clear about one thing. No matter how much they say, the more they show in their eyes. Disdain, you should be better than them, or better than them!” Zhang Xuan picked up a chopstick dish and put it in his mouth.
“Zhang, are we really better than them?” Zu conspicuously showed confusion.
“We, Lin, can buy countless companies like them. As Lin’s representative this time, do you think you are weaker than them? If you think so, tell me where are you weaker than them?” Zhang Xuan put down his chopsticks , Took out a paper towel, wiped his mouth, and looked at Zu Xian.
Zu Xian was taken aback for a moment, looked to the side, and then slowly said, “Our strength”
“Let’s not mention the specifics of our strength.” Zhang Xuan interrupted Zu Xian’s words directly, “What you see is what they are deliberately showing in front of you now. You don’t need to pay attention to these things, you have to watch. It is the core thing in this world. Tell me, what is the root of the strong core of a person in this world?”
Zu Xian was silent for two seconds and shook his head.
“It’s money.” Zhang Xuan tapped his finger on the table. “Although it sounds powerful, it’s just like that. No matter how strong they are, don’t they still serve others for money? Do you think An Dongyang is strong? If he is strong, why bother? You have to spend money to hire people, but it turns out that these people respect him, do you know why?”
Zu Xian blurted out, “An Dongyang is rich!”
“Correct.” Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers.

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