Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 86

So many companies united to suppress Lin’s, that must have made sufficient preparation.
It could be noticed that now Lin Qinghan’s face was already very ugly.
That Lin’s business elite was still ready to speak when he was stopped by a physician.
“Entrepreneurs, give us some time, we need to discuss.”
Those people in charge of the businesses saw the physician’s attitude, nodded in satisfaction and sat down again.
That business elite of Lin’s hastily communicated with his team and looked for a solution.
After about three minutes or so, the whispers of the physicians ended and everyone put their eyes on them.
“Gentlemen, we have the results of our deliberations, the medical profession, unlike others, is not profit-oriented, and treating the sick and saving people is the most important thing.”
Boss Huang stood up and spoke, “Dr. Wang, we Shuguang medical equipment, took several medical equipment supply channels, it can be said that the medical equipment that can be shipped to Yinzhou City, there is no cheaper than us, even Lin’s, also need to cooperate with us, but I, for life, will not cooperate with Lin’s!”
“Lin’s can do this today, relying on the means, the richer the company, the more ruthlessly earned, Lin’s get high prices of medical equipment, in medical care, and will be cheaper to where? And we are different, our low cost, cast our low medical prices, at this point, is completely beyond Lin’s, at the same time, I have reached cooperation with several pharmaceutical companies, all hospital drugs, absolutely manufacturers supply, not so much difference in price extraction, the price is cheaper than the market, fifty percent!”
“Good.” The physician surnamed Wang nodded, “Boss Huang, if you can really do so, then really benefit society ah.”
“Of course, as promised!” On Boss Huang’s face, a satisfied smile appeared.
Lin Qinghan sat there, looking at the statistics sheet her team brought for her, this Dr. Wang, who was now speaking, had received a red packet of thirty thousand dollars from Aurora Medical, and there were many names recorded on it, all followed by a numerical amount.
“General Lin, this time, we may have really planted ……” that sales elite was full of regret.
They were jointly targeted by all parties this time, even though they had ten thousand forces, it was difficult to exert them.
Lin Qinghan shook his head and spoke, “It doesn’t matter, this time, it was expected, this time it was hard for you guys, go back today, take a good rest, I don’t blame you guys.”
“Ai.” That sales elite sighed, with all the self-blame in his eyes.
After the discussion of a group of physicians, the results soon came out.
President Ma stood up and said loudly, “Then next, we announce that the development of this project will all be handed over to Aurora Medical Devices, and we, the Ning Provincial Medical Association, will play a supervisory role in it to ensure that in the future, everyone will be able to eat affordable medicine.”
“Yes!” I don’t know who shouted, a burst of applause rang out.
Boss Huang was full of smiles and looked at Lin Qinghan proudly, and made a neck-wiping motion at Lin Qinghan.
“Funny! It’s simply laughable!”
Suddenly, a loud shout, resounded in the crowd, this drink ear-shattering, so that the applause of this full hall, can not help but stop.
Lin Qinghan looked at the man beside him and couldn’t understand what he was up to again.
Zhang Xuan stood up under the gaze of a group of people and swept the entrepreneurs present, “Applause? You people, what face do you have to applaud? Why does affordable medicine look so proud when it comes out of your mouths?”
“And you guys!” Zhang Xuan turned his gaze, again, to those physicians sitting in the middle, “You are doctors! What do doctors do? Cure diseases and save people! And what is in your minds? You are not the ones who send patients for examination, nor are you the ones who send patients for medicine! What you need is not cheap medicine, but better medical practices! To ensure that there are fewer and fewer patients in the world, not to ensure that the medicines in the world are getting cheaper and cheaper!”
Zhang Xuan kicked away the chair in front of him and walked towards the inner circle with a big step.
“In ancient times, there were pharmacies with a couplet on the top, wishing the world was free of disease, why waste the shelves of medicine to produce dust, and now you are discussing how to make medicine cheaper, you, really are doctors?”
On Zhang Xuan’s face, there was a sneer that was extraordinarily obvious.
“Kid, who are you, where do you have the right to speak here!” A doctor exploded on the spot, “Get the hell out of here ……”
“Don’t.” President Ma reached out to stop that doctor from continuing to speak, he sighed, looked at Zhang Xuan and spoke, “Little brother, I understand what you mean, the doctor is benevolent, how can we not hope that the world will no longer be free of disease, but what you said, that better medical practices, where to take it from?”
Zhang Xuan lifted his arm and fiercely pointed at Lin Qinghan, “Lin’s then has it.”
“Hahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!” Boss Huang’s exaggerated laughter rang out, “I thought, what kind of character is this, after saying so many righteous words, in the end, it’s still Lin who is not willing to do it.”
“General Lin, he is ……” Lin’s that sales elite incomprehensible look at Lin Qinghan, they simply do not have any advanced medical means, even if now bragging, as a bargaining chip, later will still be revealed, then the mockery, face more ugly.
“It’s okay, let him come.” Lin Qinghan waved his hand, with a touch of suspicion on his face, and looked at Zhang Xuan.
President Ma patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, “Little brother, words can’t be said carelessly, do you know, we have so many doctors sitting here, what kind of medical treatment, is considered advanced medical treatment?”
Zhang Xuan replied, “To be able to cure people that you cannot cure, that is advanced medical treatment.”
“Joke!” Dr. Wang shouted, “Curing people we can not cure, boy, today, Mr. Yan Li is also here, do you want to say that your Lin’s mastery of medical treatment, is Mr. Yan Li is also inferior?”
Dr. Wang directly took out a big hat on Zhang Xuan’s head, with the name of old Mr. Yan Li, enough to make the person who said better medical treatment, know the difficulties and retreat.
Unfortunately, Zhang Xuan let this surnamed Wang doctor disappointed, in the surnamed Wang doctor buckle Yan Li old man this hat after, Zhang Xuan still nodded his head.
“Not bad, the medical means that I, Lin’s, have mastered is leading the world!”
“Big talk! What a big talk!” A doctor slapped the table on the spot, “I hope you Lin’s don’t fool around!”
“That’s right, ahead of the world? Do you know what it means to be ahead of the world? Do you know anything about medicine?”
“You say you can surpass old Mr. Yan Li, you are really a kid with a mouth!”
One after another doctor slapped the table and rose up, his face full of anger.
Yan Li’s reputation, in this medical world, is really too loud, now, a random young man who is not known, said that he mastered the medical means that even old Mr. Yan Li is inferior, how can not make people angry.
“Beyond my master? Do you know what you are talking about?”
“Making people feel ridiculous!”
Yan Li’s two disciples, a man and a woman, also vocalized at this point.

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