Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 876

“Brother, let’s go!” An Qingyang pulled An Dongyang, who was still in his seat, and said in a low voice, “Liu Ming has already inquired clearly. There are 17 trucks outside. , The third one is for Yunding, Liu Ming has arranged it, and he will do it directly later.”
“You…” An Dongyang widened his eyes, looking at An Qingyang and Liu Ming in front of him.
“Brother Dongyang, let’s go, Qingyang has never thought that Zhang can do this thing, but this time I found 14 masters in the top rankings, it is absolutely no problem.” Liu Ming urged, “Specific routes I’ve already inquired about this, we can just lie in ambush ahead of time.”
“Brother, hurry up!” An Qingyang pulled An Dongyang’s arm hard, and dragged An Dongyang to the outside of the auction.
After leaving the museum, Liu Ming drove and took An Dongyang brothers and sisters all the way to the freight forwarding department of Ulu City.
The freight forwarding department in Ulu City is notoriously big.
You know, the entire new province occupies one-seventh of the land in the hot summer. Many local characteristics, such as jade, melon, pear, etc., are produced here, all of which are sent from the transit department to all parts of the country. The daily traffic volume is tens of thousands. All kinds of heavy trucks are continuous, and the major cargo containers are dazzling. People who come here for the first time will easily get confused in the road lined by countless containers.
Liu was obviously a frequent visitor here. He drove left and right, and stopped in front of a large warehouse when An Dongyang was a little confused between north and south.
Liu Ming honked the horn three times, one long and two short.
“Di… Didi!”
The door of the warehouse in front of him was opened, and the person who opened the door glanced left and right, then waved at Liu Ming, and Liu Ming drove in.
After entering the warehouse, it was completely dark inside. Liu Ming didn’t have any driving lights. He couldn’t see anything. Only the opened warehouse door could let in a little light. When the door was closed, the light disappeared. Cang was plunged into darkness, and the exceptional silence made An Dongyang subconsciously hold his breath.
Liu Ming in the driver’s seat unfastened his seat belt, opened the door, and coughed, “Okay, it’s all by myself.”
When Liu Ming’s voice fell, several lights in the warehouse of “Dangdang” turned on almost at the same time. The darkness in the entire cargo hold was swept away. An Dongyang subconsciously covered his eyes. After he adjusted to the light in front of him, he could see clearly that there was a sand table in the center of the cargo warehouse. That sand table was from Ulu City. All landforms, every building, and every street are clearly marked.
In front of the sand table, a total of 14 people stood, including men and women.
“Come on, Brother Dongyang, let me introduce to you. These are the friends I invited this time. This, but the twenty-first master of the sky list, Zhao Meng, is as famous as his name, so fierce!” Liu Ming walked to the side of a twenty-seven-year-old young man, and loudly introduced to An Dongyang in the car.
An Dongyang opened the door and got out of the car. He observed that, in addition to the sand table in the entire Ulu city, there were also several cars in the warehouse that were being modified, as well as hooks and other tools. One was two meters high and five meters high. The wide huge blackboard was filled with various lines.
“You are…” An Dongyang looked at all of this.
“Brother, let you see, what is a profession!” An Qingyang also got off the car and waved his hand. “Liu Ming and the others have made plans since last night and studied that car. A total of 16 methods were simulated for the travel route of the tripod. Each of them calculated the possible changes at the time and our subsequent retreat route. These calculations, including the trails that would not normally be noticed, were calculated. It even includes whether the tunnel can be used, and choose the best one.” After An Qingyang finished speaking, he walked to An Dongyang, took An Dongyang’s arm, and walked towards the modified vehicles, “Look, this Several vehicles are specially prepared for this operation. The number plates can be changed at any time. There is a camouflage color on the body. When we complete the task, we can immediately change the color of the body and disappear completely. As for the tripod, there will be a dedicated person.
Ship out of the new province!” When An Qingyang spoke, his face was full of triumph.
“Brother Dongyang, we have almost customized the plan, and we can act later. The route we chose and the method of planning are absolutely foolproof!”
“Liu Ming, ready to go!” Zhao Meng wrapped the two hooks around him.
At the same time, the cars that were being modified were also fitted with exterior accessories, and there was a roar of motors.
Liu Ming nodded, and said to An Dongyang, “Brother Dongyang, you and Qingyang, just take a car with me. For this matter, you just need to watch it by the side.”
“Let’s go, brother, I have to go to ambush in advance!” An Qingyang eagerly pulled An Dongyang, who was still a little confused, into a modified car.
A total of four modified vehicles, amidst the roar of motors, left the warehouse and shuttled between the densely packed containers in the transit department. These modified vehicles did not run very far, just from this end of the transit department. On the other side, people who are familiar with this place also know how to run the most labor-saving. If people who are not familiar with this place want to traverse the entire transit department, they have to go around in a big circle.
Finally, Liu Ming parked the car on the side of a container and waited.
Liu Ming said: “Brother Dongyang, we have received news that Ding will be transported from here after the shooting. There are many containers here, which are very suitable for operations and there is almost no monitoring. We have already transported the vehicles to Ding. It’s ready. When they finish grabbing the tripod, we only need to wait for tripod to leave Ulu city and it can be completely handed over to you.”
Listening to Liu Ming’s words, An Dongyang nodded secretly.
“How about, brother, the person Liu Ming found is more reliable than the one you’re looking for? Look at the one you’re looking for, and you don’t even dare to show your face. I guess I finished pretending yesterday and I’ve already run away! An Qingyang patted An Dongyang on the shoulder, “Brother, I’ll find out the surname Zhang when I go back, and let him give an explanation!”
A voice suddenly sounded from the intercom in the car.
“Attention, after receiving the news, the rabbit has entered the field. The hunter pays attention to the trap. The merchant is in place and ready to pull the goods!”
“The hunter is in place, the trap has been laid!”
“The cargo dealer is in place and can pull the goods at any time!”
“Binoculars, provide the current position of the rabbit .” “The rabbit has arrived at the door.”
The voices in the intercom sounded one by one.
“Brother Dongyang, this is something the industry said. The rabbit is the tripod this time. The action is about to begin!” Liu Ming took a deep breath and sat in the car, staring at the front, rubbing his hands back and forth. It proves that he is also very nervous.

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