Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 883

“Xu Wan, get thirsty and have a drink.” A young man held a glass of orange juice and approached Xu Wan. This young man was with Qiu Feng that day and called The person with Uncle Qiu Feng.
“Qiu Jihui, do I mean you are annoying?” Zhang Jie, who was next to Xu Wan, looked at the young man with disgust, “Is it necessary for someone to tell you clearly?”
Qiu Jihui’s eyes are on. My eyes kept spinning, I muttered a bitch in my heart, and lost a smile on his face, “I just want to bring a drink, no other meaning, Xu Wan, you can give me face, so many classmates are here. That’s it.”
Qiu Jihui said, pointing to the side. Several male and female classmates all looked over here.
Qiu Jihui continued: “You have rejected me several times in a row. It’s just a drink. It’s not enough. At least give me a step down.”
Xu Wan nodded silently, and reached out to take it. The orange juice from Qiu Jihui.
“Hey!” Zhang Jie sighed, “Xiaowan, you are a soft
-faced person, if I were me, I would ignore him!” “Hey.” Qiu Jihui smiled flatly, “Thank you Xu Wan.”
Xu Wan After receiving the juice, he subconsciously put it to his mouth.
Qiu Jihui next to him stared at the glass of juice in Xu Wan’s hand with a pair of eyes, and a hint of success was drawn at the corner of his mouth.
Just when the cup in Xu Wan’s hand had touched the edge of her lips, a big hand suddenly stretched out from the side and grabbed Xu Wan’s wrist to prevent her from drinking the juice.
The people present subconsciously looked at the owner of this big hand. The moment they saw each other, Xu Wan and Zhang Jie both showed surprises on their faces, and said in unison: “Brother-in-law?”
Sun Lan, standing next to Zhang Jie, The moment he saw Zhang Xuan, he took a few steps back subconsciously, with a look of fear in his eyes.
And Qiu Jihui, seeing the opportunity he had finally found, was so ruined, how could he not be angry, an anger came from the bottom of his heart, and said to Zhang Xuan: “Brother Xu Wan? Lin Qinghan’s husband? This is our classmate. The party, who let you in?”
“What? I opened this big party, can’t I come in?” Zhang Xuan asked back.
When Xu Wan and the others came to this party hall for a party yesterday, Zhang Xuan’s people bought the party hall and arranged their own people in it. For Zhang Xuan, this amount of money doesn’t count as a fart. At the moment of buying this big party hall, the money from buying this store has already been earned back, and it far exceeds this number.
“Heh!” Qiu Jihui sneered, “Some people really put gold on their faces, yours and Lin’s Lin, there is a big difference!”
“Interesting.” Zhang Xuan smiled. “Is there any difference between my wife’s and mine?”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, really boastful!” Qiu Jihui was full of disdain, “Ms. Lin knows that you are outside, and she claims her things belong to you. Huh? A door-to-door son-in-law really considers you self-confident?”
“What my wife would think of what I said, I don’t know, but I should be able to think that if my wife knew, someone else gave her sister a drink. Medicine, she will definitely be furious.” Zhang Xuan’s mouth was always with a faint smile.
“Prescribe medicine!”
Xu Wan and Zhang Jie were shocked at the same time.
“Brother-in-law, you mean…” Xu Wan’s hand holding the glass of orange juice trembled.
“You girl, keep a little eye on it from now on.” Zhang Xuan turned around and rubbed Xu Wan’s head.
Tears rolled in Xu Wan’s eyes, and Qiu Jihui had been drugged in the juice that Qiu Jihui gave him. If it wasn’t for the brother-in-law who had just stopped him, wouldn’t he have already drank it?
“Qiu Jihui, you beast!” Zhang Jie raised his arm and slapped Qiu Jihui’s face, but was easily blocked by Qiu Jihui and pushed away.
“I said!” Qiu Jihui stared at Zhang Xuan, “What are you special about? When is it your turn to take care of Lao Tzu’s affairs? Do you know who is Lao Tzu?”
“Oh? Who are you? Speak out and scare you. Frighten me.” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes and waved at the same time, asking his own people to take out all the others except Qiu Jihui and Xu Wan’s three daughters.
“My uncle is Qiu Feng!” Qiu Jihui said with a proud look. “Now that your wife’s pilot project can be completed, it is all my uncle said. If you want to provoke me, I will let my uncle suspend work now. By the time Lin’s pilot project is not successful, what will come to you as a door-to-door son-in-law? Think about it yourself!”
Zhang Xuan curled his lips and shook his head: “I thought it was a big man, and went around. Just tell me this?”
“Oh, how come I am better than your trash door-to-door son-in-law. This is where my classmates meet. Get out of here. If you want to come in, you can let your wife bring you in!” Qiu Jihui yelled.
“Hey.” Zhang Xuan sighed, shook his head, and turned his head to see that those students had already left the party hall.
Zhang Xuan said to Sun Lan: “Sun Lan.”
“Sister…Brother-in-law…” Sun Lan responded with some fear.
Zhang Xuan saw the appearance of Sun Lan, and he also understood that it may be what happened to the Zhao family last time. For Sun Lan, there are still shadows. After all, Sun Lan is just an ordinary female student, even if it is an adult man. Those things may have a nervous breakdown.
“Do me a favor and cover the eyes of Xiaowan and Zhang Jie.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly at Sun Lan, showing white teeth.
Cover your eyes?
Sun Lan shook his heart, and immediately thought of something, walked forward tremblingly, stretched out his hands, and blindfolded Xu Wan and Sun Lan.
“Brother-in-law, why are you blindfolding?” Xu Wan looked puzzled. She had just finished speaking and she was blocked by Sun Lan’s little hand.
Immediately afterwards, I heard a scream.
“Ah! My hand! Ah!”
Xu Wan and Zhang Jie, who heard this scream, didn’t even remember to move away Sun Lan’s hand in front of them. They couldn’t see what happened. , I can only see that Sun Lan’s hand blocking his eyes is trembling constantly.
The screams didn’t stop immediately, but continued.
“Legs! My legs! Ah!”
Heart-piercing screams came from Qiu Jihui. When Qiu Jihui’s screams reached the highest stage, they suddenly stopped. live.
Hearing a “poof” sound, Qiu Jihui fell to the ground.
Xu Wan and Zhang Jie could see Qiu Jihui’s head falling to the ground through the space under Sun Lan’s palm, motionless.
Sun Lan slowly lowered her hand in front of Xu Wan and Zhang Jie.
As soon as Sun Lan put down their hands, Xu Wan and Zhang Jie let out a retching almost at the same time and turned their heads.
Qiu Jihui, who was planted on the ground, had his limbs twisted like twists.

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