Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 89

President Ma was the first to not hold back and let out a cry of surprise, his eyes staring deadly at the silver needles that had disappeared into the table.
The rest of the physicians, too, all did the same.
“This is, into the wood three times!”
In the field of Chinese medicine, the meaning of entering the wood three times is no less than in the field of painting.
The so-called into the wood three points, refers to the doctor in the second finger holding the needle, the needle pierced into the wood, can do this, that is definitely a famous doctor, in the field of medicine, has a super high achievement!
Zhang Xuan seven needles in a row, it took seven seconds, all pierced into the table, this is definitely an eye-opener for the physicians present!
“Do you still need proof?” The corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth smiled faintly, entering the wood could be considered a simple introductory skill for him.
“Incredible! Simply unbelievable!” President Ma shook his head and muttered under his breath, “How old are you, even if you started studying medicine in your mother’s womb, to be able to do this, is really incredible!”
Yan Li two disciples, more wide-eyed, they have practiced countless times into the wood three points, the difficulty of which is very clear, even as Yan Li’s disciples, they both only wish they could do so before the age of forty, but now this person in front of it, but more than twenty years old only ah! The gap in between, it is too obvious!
What Zhang Xuan is showing now is what these physicians present, each and every one of them is seeking.
Dr. Wang shook his head, “No! Impossible! At such an age, how did you manage to get into the wood?”
“No! Not into the wood!” President Ma suddenly frowned.
This sentence also made the rest of the doctors put their eyes on President Ma.
Yan Li’s two disciples even secretly sighed in relief, feeling much less pressure.
Dr. Wang let out a loud laugh, “Hahahaha! Fake! I guess it is fake, at his age, how can he do into the wood, boy, even if you are a liar, also polish your eyes, run the Chinese medicine hall to cheat?”
“Yes, indeed not into the wood three points!” Yan Li also opened his mouth, he took a deep breath and yelled: “It’s a trembling needle, trembling needle ah!”
Trembling Needle!
Yan Li’s roar, sounded in everyone’s ears, those physicians in hearing the word trembling needle, the first reaction, is not believe!
Trembling needles, recorded in the classics of Chinese medicine, to contemporary, it can be said that no one can do.
Chinese medicine, in the treatment of patients with acupuncture, need to keep moving the needle, in order to stimulate the acupuncture points, the general patient if you need multiple acupuncture point stimulation, a physician is too busy, must be more than one physician to assist, while the treatment of an acupuncture point.
The role of the trembling needle, is the pointer in the stimulation of acupuncture points, can leave the physician’s hand, independent trembling, to achieve the effect of stimulating acupuncture points, a physician who has mastered the trembling needle, then one person can be used as many people, in the case of insufficient manpower, the effect is huge.
But this trembling needle, need special techniques, although there are classical records, but no one will use, can be said to exist in name only, some people, even doubt, the old ancestors recorded this trembling needle method, is true or false.
Today, they saw it with their own eyes.
The seven silver needles that Zhang Xuan stabbed into the wooden table were trembling at a very fast frequency, with an extremely small amplitude, and if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t be able to see it at all.
“It’s really trembling needles! Oh my God! So the old ancestor’s record is true, there really are trembling needles!”
“Unbelievable! Unbelievable!”
“I can’t believe I’ve seen a trembling needle! A trembling needle!”
One after another, there were exclaims after exclaims.
Yan Li’s two disciples, completely frozen in place, trembling needles! Trembling needle!
Dr. Wang listened to the shrieks coming from his ears, feeling his face burned, just now, he screamed the fiercest, in President Ma said not into the wood, he was also the first to laugh out, that smug look anyone can see, but now, like a big hand waved fiercely to his face, with the “snap” sound of hitting his face, he did not even dare to look at the seven silver needles on the table.
Zhang Xuan cold snort, look to Yan Li’s disciple, “so, can prove it?”
Yan Li that disciple looked at Zhang Xuan, did not have the heart to speak, only to nod repeatedly.
“In the future, do not see no one, Chinese medicine, far from what you understand, the world’s wonders, but also beyond your ability to know.” Zhang Xuan left this sentence and left with a single step.
This moment, no one dares to have any other ideas, all look at Zhang Xuan with an embarrassed face.
Yan Li opened his mouth several times to speak, but did not make a sound, before, he thought Zhang Xuan medical skills, unique insights, dare to innovate, but now he found that this young man, in terms of medical skills, threw himself a few streets, with this hand trembling needles, can make the whole world of Chinese medicine, break their heads, want to worship him as a teacher, his own achievements, in front of this young man, nothing.
To put it bluntly, even if you want to worship someone as a teacher, whether they can see it is another story!
“Mr. Lin, let’s go.” Zhang Xuan paced in front of Lin Qinghan and said, “I’m sorry I wasn’t of much help today.”
“You did a great job.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, “I really didn’t expect that your medical skills could make these famous doctors marvel.”
“Famous doctors?” Zhang Xuan turned back and looked at these doctors who were in the major hospitals, all bearing the name of director and needing several days in advance to see a doctor, shook his head, “A group of people who have only learned the skin, their eyesight is too short, it is difficult to become a great weapon.”
When Zhang Xuan spoke, he did not deliberately disguise his voice, his words reached the ears of these physicians, none of them spoke out to refute, all of them lowered their heads in shame, because they knew that what Zhang Xuan said, was the truth, themselves and others were indeed too short-sighted, otherwise how could they collectively be indignant after hearing this young man say one sentence that they were inferior to him?
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan, joined hands and walked towards the outside of the medical hall.
A loud voice, suddenly sounded.
The owner of this drink was not any physician, but the owner of Shuguang Medical Equipment, Huang.
Boss Huang tidied up the western clothes on his body and stood up.
“Boss Huang, what can I do for you?” Zhang Xuan stopped and glanced back at Boss Huang with squinted eyes.
“No, I just want to say that some people are too hypocritical!” Boss Huang sneered and said loudly, “Just now, certain people are justified to say that in ancient times, the pharmacy, written but the world is free of disease, why waste the shelf medicine born dust, but now, obviously mastered the high medical skills, but shabby? Why not contribute to society? Could it be that someone, just now, was just talking big?”
The moment Boss Huang said this, he drew some contemptuous looks from some physicians.
Trembling Needle, this Chinese medicine technique, can definitely be called a priceless treasure, and no one else would be able to pass it on freely.
“Huang boss, your words, is a little too much, if so, your dawn medical, can sell all the property, free of charge to donate to the community?” President Ma spoke up and asked rhetorically.

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