Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 901

The number of 20 billion, for Mr. Wu and others, can only be thought of in their minds.
Now, they heard that this piece of land still in their own hands has been photographed for a high price of 20 billion yuan. Although only a small part of it, it is also a huge sum of money! For many of them Said that the auction price of the land in his hand has even exceeded their total assets!
Mr. Wu swallowed his saliva hard, feeling a little bit difficult to breathe.
Twenty billion! Twenty billion! Count it down, how much does it cost per square meter of land? Five hundred thousand! What price is this? Five hundred thousand one square meter of rough land, the price is said to be an inch of gold. The capital city is a little bit unbelievable, let alone in a small city like Yinzhou.
Lin Qinghan stood in the box, listening to the price, it took a long time to come back to his senses, “husband, this time the person who came will not be the 9th inning of the hot summer, what else is there?”
Lin Qinghan has participated a lot recently. She had heard about the activities of the underground forces, including the last Guwu Family Meeting, and going to Shennongjia. She had heard of the names of the Ninth Bureau and the Shenyinhui, but she was not very familiar with it.
Zhang Xuan shrugged, “It’s not a problem that the old orphanage has been in our hands. It’s better to sell it to them.”
“Husband, the price is a bit too high.” Lin Qinghan is lovely. Sticking out his tongue, “Such a piece of land is worth two hundred million and five hundred million dollars, so I really want to sell them 20 billion dollars?”
“It’s cheaper for them to buy them with money.” Zhang Xuan reached out and grabbed Lin Qinghan’s softness. Mi, pulled the woman to her side and sat down, “The most indispensable of these two forces is money. This land belongs to Lin’s name, so it’s like Lin’s winning a big lottery.”
Lin Qinghan smiled and narrowed his eyes. “In that case, I really have to think about how to spend this money, 20 billion.”
“Thinking bigger, 20 billion is just the beginning for them.” Zhang Xuan leaned on the sofa, not to mention the organization of the Ninth Games and the Shenyinhui, the 20 billion is also for their Guangming Island. The fart is not counted, the background of the Ninth Game and the Divine Concealment is definitely much higher than that of Guangming Island.
With a price of 20 billion yuan, the entire auction house fell into silence for a while.
The sound of bidding again did not sound for a long time.
“Oh my God, 20 billion, it’s terrible, I really doubt if I am dreaming, the market value of Lin’s is just how much!”
” Where is the local tyrant.”
“Just the tax on this piece of land, It has already caught up with my total assets. The life of the rich is too scary.” A boss driving a million Mercedes-Benz said with emotion.
“There is no sound. Twenty billion should be the highest price, and it can’t be high anymore.”
“Don’t say 20 billion, 10 billion I think it’s the highest. I don’t even dare to think about it. . ” ”
but it should now be called the top of it, this price to buy the land, the Tyrant is bought to play. ”
a few boss inside the box, talking to each other, their heads are cropped fine sweat, before , They think that they have already gone ahead of the vast majority of people, and have been called local tyrants, but they only know today that they don’t understand the world of the rich.
The scene was silent, and the auctioneer on the auction stage saw that no one was bidding for a long time, so he took a deep breath and prepared to speak out.
May sound outlet and before the auctioneer, Andre’s voice, it rang, “I thought you tell me how to play, the result of five billion five billion plus? I’m out of fifty billion.”
Five hundred Hundred million! A real estate businessman with gray hair was sitting on the sofa in the box. The moment he heard the number, his eyes rolled and he almost passed it.
50 billion! What concept! How many people with total assets of 50 billion can have during the hot summer? And who can come up with 50 billion in cash!
“100 billion.” The voice of the Baipao guest faintly sounded.
This number of hundreds of billions, I heard all the major merchants present, have been dumbfounded.
One hundred billion, in the old city of Yinzhou, buying a 47,000-square-meter piece of land? Crazy!
Compared to the shock of others, the seller of this piece of land is very dissatisfied. “What’s the matter? It took a long time to rise to 100 billion. Are they playing with me?”
Lin Qinghan on the side heard Zhang Xuan’s tone and scorned Zhang Xuan and said, “My good husband, You are still not satisfied with this price. Do you know how much assets we have as the richest man in the summer? The auction price of this piece of land alone has put me in the top ten of the rich list, ten times the assets of Lin’s previous ones!”
Zhang Xuan Weiwei Smiled, “My wife, look far away.”
“Where else to look?”
“Let Secretary Li arrange a press conference. After 12 o’clock tonight, you will be the richest man in the summer. I’m afraid there are many reporters.” They have to stop at Lin’s door.” Zhang Xuan said.
“The first… the richest man?” Lin Qinghan was confused when he heard these two words.
The Lin family is big, but it is only aimed at such a small place in Xixia Province. Before Zhang Xuan appeared, Lin Qinghan had been doing it to inherit the Lin family so that the Lin family would not decline, but now, Zhang Xuan told the Lin family Want to become a leading enterprise in Yinzhou, and become the leading enterprise in the entire hot summer, and myself, after twelve o’clock tonight, will become the richest man in the hot summer?
“Well, Baipao guest, I won’t play around with you anymore. , There is not so much time.” Andre said impatiently, “200 billion.” As soon as Andre’s voice fell, the white robe guest spoke, “300 billion.”
Listening to the white robe guest’s bid, Ann Dere took a deep breath and said, “White robe guest, are you trying to fight me to the end?” For Andre, the price of 300 billion is not unacceptable, and as long as he wants, this The price can continue to rise, but now the two companies are not fighting for money at all, but for a breath, otherwise they really have to divide the high and low from the money, and there is absolutely no way to divide it.
Behind the ninth round is the Yanxia official. How rich is the official?
And for the Shenyinhui, let alone hundreds of billions, a dozen or hundreds of billions, just take it out. An organization that has passed on for thousands of years is in the world. All countries have powerful forces, and the financial resources are unimaginable.
Listening to Andre’s voice, the guest in Baipao replied: “This piece of land, we have to take it!”
Hearing the answer from the guest, Andre groaned: “Okay, I can give you this face. But there is a piece of land outside, you have to quit.”
“Yes.” Baipao guest replied.
The two said something outsiders could not understand, but they were actually weighing a deal.
“Okay, then this piece of land is for you. I will increase the price for the last time, 400 billion. If you are one hundred thousand higher than me, this piece of land is yours.” Andre smiled.
“Five hundred billion.” The Baipao guest added a thousand to the top, telling Andre that we are not afraid of fighting with you in the nine games.
The Baipao guest shouted at the price of 500 billion, and Andre made no sound anymore.
After waiting for a long time, the auctioneer tremblingly picked up the wooden hammer and knocked it down.
Five hundred billion, a deal!

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