Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 91

When we left the TCM museum, the hot afternoon sun made people feel parched and hot.
“Mr. Lin, where are we going now, directly back to the company or ……”
Zhang Xuan said, but found that no one was paying attention to him at all, turning his head to take a look only to find that Lin Qinghan was standing behind him, stopping in his tracks.
“General Lin, why don’t you go?” Zhang Xuan asked strangely.
Lin Qinghan’s beautiful eyes went up and down, carefully sizing up Zhang Xuan.
“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan took a few big steps to Lin Qinghan and held out his hand and waved it back and forth in front of her eyes.
Lin Qinghan took a deep breath, white tender little hand stroked the broken hair in front of her forehead, opened her mouth and asked, “What the hell are you?”
Zhang Xuan’s eyebrows tightened, “What what am I?”
“Just now, although I do not understand what you have shown to those doctors, but I can see that with your medical attainments, you do not have to come to our Lin family as a door-to-door son-in-law at all, you have a better development, what is your purpose?”
“Dang, you’re talking about this.” Zhang Xuan slapped his head and laughed.
“You told me before that your family is not well off, so you have done some of everything, don’t tell me that you just casually learned, and then you have the current medical achievements!” Lin Qinghan’s beautiful eyes were filled with caution.
Zhang Xuan rested his hand and explained, “I know medical skills, but I don’t have a medical license, or rather, I can’t get a medical license in my life, some years ago, I took an old Chinese doctor as my teacher, he taught me for three years and then died.
“Travelling doctor?” Lin Qinghan’s face showed doubts, she indeed had never heard of such a profession.
“In the old days, there was a doctor who traveled the world barefoot and saw all the diseases in the world, called a traveling doctor, a profession that has been passed down until now.” Zhang Xuan raised his head to look at the blazing sun in the sky and sighed with emotion, “Only, traveling doctors have never been recognized by the medical association, and some of the healing techniques of traveling doctors are, in the eyes of many people, a risky move.”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, stretched out four fingers at Lin Qinghan, “Attacking poison with poison, like yesterday, if not for the person I met was Yan Li, for any other doctor, it might have prevented me from treating the patient, my practice was risky, the slightest mistake would have directly cut off the patient’s life.”
Lin Qinghan was full of confusion, “Then you still do it?”
“I have confidence.” Zhang Xuan smiled a little, “But my confidence, and only I personally know, if I go to the practice of medicine qualification, will be eliminated in the theoretical stage, in general, you medical things, in many people’s view, are some things that can not be on the stage.”
Lin Qinghan’s small mouth opened slightly, what Zhang Xuan said to her today was indeed a field she had never been exposed to before.
A few seconds of silence, Lin Qinghan spoke again, “Zhang Xuan, then you just, said the training institution ……”
“My good General Lin ah, you are usually quite shrewd, today this is what happened!” Zhang Xuan bitter smile, “I know these few techniques, the training institution is a front, you have to hurry up in the meantime to cover up the hospital, at most a year, a year later all these techniques they can learn.”
Zhang Xuan said so, Lin Qinghan also reacted, today’s own, it seems that indeed the brain is not enough, and the usual shrewd self completely judge two.
“Come on, let’s go.” Zhang Xuan stepped forward and pulled Lin Qinghan’s jade arm, “Stay here for a while longer, those people come out and ask me something, it will be exposed.”
Lin Qinghan just let Zhang Xuan pull, walked to the parking lot, got into Jiang Jing’s car.
In the car, Lin Qinghan’s mouth held a smile, took the phone, opened the calculator, jade finger kept pressing on the screen.
“Mr. Lin, what’s the calculation?” Zhang Xuan put his head over.
“Calculate your commission, do you want to know, negotiate such a single, how much is your commission?” Lin Qinghan smiled and looked at Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan expression a meal, then waved his hand, “all own business, count what commission ah, just give a thousand or eight million.”
“To die, you, greedy, but also eight or ten million!” Lin Qinghan stretched out his jade finger and nudged Zhang Xuan’s head, “But seriously, this is your first day as a salesman, and you have negotiated such a big deal, it’s already a record breaker, how about this, in the future, you will be responsible for the training institution, just contact Secretary Li directly for anything you need.”
“Okay, absolutely no problem.” Zhang Xuan gave an OK gesture.
Back to Lin’s group, Lin Qinghan first time busy work to go, take this hospital project, all kinds of planning books and so on, have her busy for a period of time.
Zhang Xuan was just about to go to the business department, the phone rang, a look at the caller, Zhang Xuan mouth corner grin, the phone is Han gentle call.
For this police force female Tyrannosaurus, Zhang Xuan heart is really full of debt.
“Hello, Han ……” picked up the phone, Zhang Xuan just opened his mouth, was interrupted by a roar.
“The surname Zhang! Come to the Night Bar, I’m about to be hacked to death!”
Zhang Xuan’s face changed and after saying wait for me, he directly hung up the phone and rushed towards the night bar.
For a long time before, the night bar is the Yinzhou police focus on the object, once something happens, the police can always arrive at the first time.
In the past two days, the police surveillance of the night bar all the hands were transferred away.
The door of the Night Bar was locked, and behind the locked door, a room full of smoke filled the room.
The bar’s lobby was full of people, and it could be seen that these people were clearly divided into two groups, each occupying half of the hall, forming a confrontation.
The second leader, Panther Head, was leaning on a card-seat sofa, his arms drooping weakly at the sides of his body, his face full of pain, his forehead constantly sweating.
The third leader Viper’s right hand was wrapped in gauze, blood seeped out of the gauze and dripped to the ground, and on the table in front of Viper, a tail finger with fresh blood was extraordinarily eye-catching.
Han gentle wearing a black tight-fitting clothes, face ironic look at the person sitting opposite.
“Little girl, your Green Leaf can eat so many of us, with these wastes, I’m afraid it won’t work.” A flat-headed man who looked to be in his thirties held a dagger in his hand and trimmed his nail caps.
Next to this man, stood this a youth, the youth dressed in black, playing with a butterfly knife in his hand, a pair of eyes constantly sweeping on Han gentle, from time to time revealing a grim smile.
The flat-headed man lit himself a cigarette and took a deep breath, “Overnight, the big circle society disappeared, my black thunder more than 50 brothers all went in, you girl, but some means, just do not know, you have today what method can save yourself?”

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