Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 92

The man in front of him, who is called the second leader of Black Thunder, is as strong and frightening as the Taoists say, and his men subdued the head of the leopard within three strokes, ruined both of his arms and cut off a tail finger of the viper.
The flat-headed man looked at the night bar, and from time to time he commented on it, as if he was the owner of the bar.
“This Green Leaf Society, it’s really getting bigger and bigger, so big that it dares to make a move against our Black Thunder?” The flat-headed man had a smirk on his face, “Little girl, I really don’t understand, where did you get the courage to sit across from me like that today?”
Han gentle sat there, did not say anything, the situation now, completely by the other side.
All along, Han gentle had been doing the work of fighting the association, and she clearly knew that Black Thunder was the underground leader of the whole Ning Province, but she did not expect that the gap between Qing Ye and Black Thunder was so huge.
Although the head of the leopard is older, but his hands, placed in Qing Ye, is still one of the best, but did not walk under the other party three moves, and was abolished both arms.
The whole night bar, the atmosphere is extraordinarily depressing.
At this time, the door of the Night Bar was snapped open, and a clear female voice came from outside the door.
“Anyone there? Is the bar open?”
A Black Thunder Society member blocking the bar door stood up and cast a questioning glance at the flat-headed man.
The flat-headed man waved his hand, and the club member nodded and opened the bar door a crack, “The bar is closed.”
“Shit, get up, someone play dead for me!” A slightly impatient male voice rang out from outside the bar, and the Black Thunder junior blocking the bar door was pushed away from outside.
A beam of sunlight shone in through the door.
A man and a woman walked into the bar, the man was handsome, wearing a Versace patterned shirt, with a pair of sunglasses, like a star fresh meat.
The woman has long hair, wearing a long white dress, her features are impeccably beautiful, with a faint smile on her face, attracting the eye.
“Two, this place is not open for business, do not understand?” Another Black Thunder junior stood up and drank.
The man and woman acted as if they hadn’t heard the Black Thunder junior’s words, and the man took off his glasses and surveyed the night bar.
“Tch, pandemonium, may I ask, which one is Ms. Han gentle?” This handsome young man was the same person who had gone to look for Zhang Xuan earlier.
“I am.” Han Gentleman stood up.
“Sister-in-law, introduce yourself, my name is Bai Chi, my big brother asked me to come and see, this is Prickly Peak.” The handsome young man whispered at Han tenderly.
“Prickly peak meet sister-in-law.” The beautiful woman in a long white dress bowed her head at Han tender, her eyes and tone full of respect.
Han gentle looked at the two with a puzzled face, “The big brother you are talking about is …… Zhang Xuan?”
“Yes.” Bai Chi nodded, “Big brother said some ungodly things came to sister-in-law trouble, let me come to see.”
White Chi gave himself a lighted cigarette, pushing away the black thunder boys surrounding in front of him, “Come, come, trouble brothers are let.”
The flat-headed man looked at the man and woman, his eyes showed contempt, “Little girl, this is the helper you found?”
“No hands to tie.” The young man standing next to the flat-headed man disdainfully skimmed his mouth, and the butterfly knife in his hand quickly turned.
The Black Thunder junior standing in the aisle of the bar did not give way to Bai Chi.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. This road is not even let people go?”
“Let.” The flat-headed man bellowed and waved his hand.
The black thunder boys listened and made a way.
“Thanks a lot.” Bai Chi smiled at these Black Thunder minions and walked towards the place where Han Gentle was.
Stabbing Peak followed behind Bai Chi, those Black Thunder minions hands and feet dishonestly groped towards Stabbing Peak’s body, with an obscene smile on his face, Stabbing Peak also did not say anything, allowing these people’s hands to touch his body.
Seeing this scene, the grin on the flat-headed man’s face became even thicker.
“Little girl, you didn’t find two people to relieve the boredom of our brothers, did you? Hahahaha! Blood, what do you think of this girl? Let the brothers carry it up for you to play with?”
“I like this one better.” The young man who was playing with the butterfly knife had his eyes fixed on Han tender, and his gaze was full of aggression.
White pool through the crowd, walked to Han gentle body, prickly peak of the white long skirt, has been more than countless black handprints.
On the side of the Green Leaf Society, there has been sitting a man, age is also around forty years old, from the beginning to the end did not speak, just kept smoking cigarettes, at this moment, he stood up and spoke: “Surnamed Han, I feel that you are joking with me.”
“Lao Si, what are you doing!” The leopard head’s gaze was instantly locked on this man.
This man, the fourth leader of the Green Leaf Society, was nicknamed Lao Si on the road.
“What for?” I would like to ask this Han what to do, this huge Qing Ye, Lei Gong said to leave it alone, leaving such a big bureau in the hands of a girl, he has not asked us old brothers what he wants? I, the fourth, is not convinced from the bottom of my heart! Now, the brothers are all trapped here, these two are Han’s helpers?”
Old Fourth reached out and pointed to Bai Chi and Stabbing Peak, “Are you sure that this is not Han’s intention to play with us?”
“Lao Si, don’t give a damn about my bullshit here!” Viper cursed out.
“Oh, whatever you say, anyway, Laozi, is completely not going to serve, such a large association into the hands of a small girl, it is better to destroy it!” Old Four waved his hand, a face indifferent said.
“What do you say!” The viper directly ripped up and grabbed the collar of the old fourth, “Say it again!”
“Look, you’re still in a hurry?” Old four disdainful laugh, “also not afraid to tell you, black thunder people, is the old man to find, the old man is dissatisfied with this girl sitting in this position, old three, also do not say I do not remember brotherly love, today, you have to honestly give knife brother to admit a mistake, you also have a chance to live, after this green leaf, I am big, you and old two, still do your head, how? ”
“I fuck you.” Viper swung up a fist, fiercely smashed in the face of the fourth, this punch, so that his right hand, which was already bleeding, the injury is more serious.
Old Four was beaten back two steps, viciously crushed a mouthful of bloodied saliva, “OK, Old Three, I gave you a chance, this is your own chosen path, do not blame the brother I merciless!”
“I don’t have a brother like you!” Viper raised his fist again and charged at Lao Si, only to be kicked over by Blood.
Lao Si did not even look at Viper, walked to the flat-headed man, bowed low and said, “Brother Dagger, I have all the business under the Green Leaf, these people do not need to stay.”

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