Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 921

Ten o’clock in the evening.
Lin Qinghan, who had stayed up all night, was already lying quietly on the bed.
Zhang Xuan quietly walked out of the house, afraid to make a sound, for fear of disturbing the woman’s rest.
“Boss.” In front of the villa compound, there was an Aston Martin parked, and Bai Chi leaned against the front of the car with a cigarette in his mouth.
“Talk to another place.” Zhang Xuanchong Baichi made a gesture.

Get in the car.” Aston Martin let out a roar of a motor and disappeared in front of the villa.
In a deserted small bar, Zhang Xuan and Bai Chi sat at a small table with some snacks on the table.
“Boss, that Drew said, a few months ago, Qiao De approached him.”
“Qiao De…” Zhang Xuan’s eyes narrowed, “I felt something was wrong with that battle. He really had another purpose.”
Qiao De is the chairman of the Wanghui.
“Boss, what was going on in that battle back then?” Bai Chi asked doubtfully. “At that time, many people said that you and Qiao De were seriously injured and completely abolished in the battle, and you directly lost your life. We all know that you are incognito, but what about Qiao De, he is really the same as the outside world. He was seriously injured?”
Zhang Xuan leaned on the chair and looked up at the ceiling quietly, and said after a long while: In World War I, on the surface, I would win him by one point, but I know that he will win in the end. He borrowed my hand to draw the king from the entire underground world.”
Baichi shook his head,” Boss, I don’t understand.”
Zhang Xuan smiled and said, “Since that time, Qiao De knew about the existence of qi, but at that time, he could only transmit qi through a single method. It is good at Yuqi, but this is enough to show that he knows more than I do. The ruling inheritance of the Wang Hui for hundreds of years, the depth of the foundation, is not comparable to us.”
“No wonder.” Bai Chi showed a suddenly realized expression, “Once the boss, you and Qiao De fought, the entire royal guild was rapidly shrinking, and outsiders thought that the Wang Hui was suppressed by us, but in fact, we have never moved the Wang Hui at all. the following forces, all the king deliberately to push us, they oppress major ground forces, it is to threatening the revolution, and they can take the opportunity to get out! What in the end the king would want to do! ” ”
It’s I want to ask you.” Zhang Xuan held up a glass of warm water on the table, “What did you ask from Drew’s mouth?”
Baichi glanced around, and then whispered: “Boss, have you heard of it, please God Plan?”
“God please?” Zhang Xuan looked suspicious.
“Yes.” Baichi nodded,” Drew said. After Qiao De approached him, he kept asking him to help find some things. Those things were all ages old. After Qiao De got those things, he would take some from them. Something, it is said to be resurrecting ancient gods.”
“Nonsense.” Zhang Xuan doesn’t believe in such a statement at all. Resurrection? Gods?
Although Zhang Xuan is now full of awe of this world, knowing that this world is not as simple as what he saw before his eyes, but the resurrection of the gods is absolutely nonsense!
“Boss, Drew said, there were many powerful existences in ancient times, but they were gradually annihilated in the long river of time, but some did not really die, but were sleeping. They were looking for the medium of the world to bring those sleeping existences away. Wake up, Drew said, the world is already changing, and the things unearthed under Loulan are the first media between the world and the earth since this world change. They are very important.”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly, “Pretending to be gods and ghosts!”
“It’s really pretending to be a ghost.” A delicate voice came from the side, “But what they said is not necessarily false, Brother Zhang Xuan.”
At the moment when he heard this voice, Bai Chiwu was taken aback, his eyes turned towards the voice.
Looking at the place where it came from, Bai Chi blurted out three words without seeing anyone, “Cesia!”
A Miao Man figure, walking towards Zhang Xuan, Qian Ying’s silver hair fluttering, her graceful figure, and perfect facial features attracted the attention of many people in the bar.
Zhang Xuan was not too surprised by the appearance of Cecia. Cecia had looked for him not long ago and wanted to ask him for a key.
Cesiya walked to the table where Zhang Xuan and the two were sitting, and glanced at Bai Chi, “It’s been a long time.”
“It’s been a long time.” Bai Chi smiled far-fetched. In the past, they were friends who talked everything, even More close than close relatives, but after the last time Cesya rebelled against the island, Bai Chi didn’t even know how to face this former friend.
Cesia also gave Bai Chi a smile, and then unconstrained at all, sat beside Zhang Xuan, and said: “The person behind Drew is indeed Qiao De, but behind Qiao De, there is someone else. ”
Zhang Xuan said, “What do you know?”
Cesiya didn’t answer Zhang Xuan’s question directly. Instead, she glanced at the cup filled with boiled water on the table and said, “Brother Zhang Xuan, you really have a family. It’s all Hennessy, now it’s been replaced by boiling water. Think about us. When we go to the bar, we only know to buy drunk. Sure enough, people are not the same when they are concerned, and they are starting to pay attention to health preservation.”
Zhang Xuan sat there and said nothing.
Bai Chi also didn’t say a word, even after Cecia appeared, Bai Chi’s gaze began to look elsewhere, feeling like he wanted to find an excuse to go first.
“Well, since Brother Zhang Xuan doesn’t want to talk about personal matters, let’s talk about business.” Cesiya picked up the glass that Zhang Xuan had just drunk, and took a sip from her mouth. In terms of methods, it’s similar to what you’ve heard. The world has changed drastically. Spiritual energy surged. They searched for media to revive ancient gods. Of course, this matter can also be said from a scientific point of view.”
“How to tell?” Bai Chiyi Asked with a curious face. Last time I told him something on the plane in the future, Baichi was a bit nagging since then.
“It’s very simple. The so-called great changes in the world and the upsurge of spiritual energy are nothing more than ushering in a new round of crustal movement.” Cecía sipped the water in the glass, “Hah, don’t say it, this winter drink Some hot water is comfortable, and married men will be able to live…After the crustal movement, some changes will definitely take place. No one knows what is buried in the depths of the earth. Maybe tens of thousands of years later, where we live now The city has also been buried underground.”
“You mean, there are people living underground? Their so-called resurrected gods are to find the people underground?” Bai Chi guessed.
“It’s possible, but it’s very small.” Cecia shook her head and asked back, “Bai Chi, what do you think is a god? Turning hands is a cloud, covering hands is rain?”

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