Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 94

Inside the night bar, leaving Qing Ye’s club, all staring at each other with wide eyes.
The flat-headed man was rolling around in pain, screaming incessantly, blood flowing from his hands.
The oldest of the Greenleaf held his head and cowered to the side, shaking with fear.
Han gentle just about to speak, the phone rang, Han gentle looked at the caller, frowned, thinking again and again, the phone picked up.
“Master ……”
“Now quickly come to the team, there is an important matter, put down all the work at hand!” In the phone, a middle-aged man’s voice rang out, the tone of voice anxious.
Han gentle put away the phone, gaze swept a circle, said to the viper after the sentence to you, stride away.
Silver State Police Station.
A small conference room, gathered several people, at a glance, these people’s age are in their forties, the stars on their shoulders symbolize their positions, the smallest are above the section level.
When Han tenderly came over, she saw that the director was also in the conference room, only that the director was not sitting in the main seat, but in a side seat.
“Gentle, sit over here!” A middle-aged man waved his hand at Han tender, this middle-aged man had a Chinese face, and in the whole conference room, he was the only one wearing civilian clothes, and there was a scar on his face, hideously cut from the corner of his right eye all the way down to the chin cut-off.
“Master.” Han gentle nodded at the middle-aged man and sat honestly beside him.
Han gentle’s master, Zou Long, the head of the criminal investigation section of the provincial hall, had solved many major cases and made countless merits, even the director of the Yinzhou police department would be polite to him.
“Master, what’s going on here?” Han tenderly asked with a puzzled face.
“The red-headed document passed down from above, there will be people from the sharp edge to come over and deliver some news to us, this meeting is highly confidential, wait you listen on the line, do not talk too much.” Zou Long’s face looked very solemn.
“The sharp edge?” Han gentle eyes widened, and his small mouth could not help but open.
When training in the police academy, Han gentle had heard of the name of the sharp edge, this is a mysterious force in the Chinese security system, it is said that every year, the national police force will select the elite of the elite, to participate in the selection of the sharp edge, but these are the elite of one in a million, in the selection of the sharp edge, can pass the chance of less than one percent.
The sharp edges are dealing with special emergencies, ordinary cases, will not let the sharp edges to do anything.
All this time, Han gentle has only heard of the name of this unit, nothing else, now hearing that people from the sharp edge are coming, how can she not be surprised.
“Well, don’t ask any more superfluous questions, you sign this first.” Zou Long took a document and put it in front of Han Gentle.
Han tenderness swept a glance, surprisingly, it was a confidentiality agreement.
“Wait to hear things, not allowed to leak to anyone, sign this confidentiality agreement, you can continue to stay here, no one can be an exception.” Zou Long threw Han tender a pen.
After taking the pen, Han tender barely hesitated before writing her name on the confidentiality agreement.
There were not many people in this small conference room, and almost every one of them, held important positions.
About ten minutes later, the conference room door was pushed open and a man and a woman, two young men in civilian clothes walked in, both of them walking with a dragon’s stride and emanating a faint authority.
The chief of the Silver State Police Department was the first to rise and welcome them.
“Okay.” The young male in civilian clothes stretched out his hand and made a stop motion, “I won’t say anything extra, those who can still sit here now must have signed a confidentiality agreement, introduce yourself, my name is Jin Xin, I am attached to the third division of the sharp edge, holding the position of captain, this is my partner, Tian Rui.”
“Hello, everyone.” Tian Rui greeted the people here, she took out a suitcase, quickly opened it, took out a tablet computer and a small projector to.
Jin Xin’s gaze was like a torch, sweeping the entire conference room for a week, under his gaze, no one dared to look at him, including Zou Long also could not.
Han tender only feel, this Jin Xin, like a ready to explode beast general, his gaze, sharp as a sharp blade.
“Gentlemen, I have received orders from my superiors to come here, to convey some news to you, please see.” Jin Xin made a gesture of invitation.
Tian Rui controlled the projector and printed an impact on the wall.
There was nothing else in the impact but a black card with a mask printed on it, the mask looked like a ghost face, showing two sharp teeth, eerie and extraordinarily scary.
Jin Xin spoke: “By definition, with your identity, you can not access this information, but things suddenly, the next thing I say, you should pay extra attention, the above card, in the next period of time, you may see, once found, to report immediately, my partner and I, in recent times will stay here. ”
“What is this?” Zou Long issued a puzzled question.
“Hell messenger.” Jin Xin put his finger on the ghost face mask, “there is a group of people, they call themselves the hell messenger, in the name of the ruler, harvesting sinful souls, who is the head of this organization, the world is investigating, but no country can find out, these people are powerful, extremely cruel methods, we sharp edge has also been watching their movements, recently received news, the hell messenger In the silver state appear, so, in this period of time, all people, must be vigilant!”
In the crowd are concentrating on listening to Jin Xin’s explanation, Han gentle expression but froze, she remembered very clearly, that day outside the eight immortal building appeared those people, with such a mask!
“The following said this person, is our next key search object, the moment there is a discovery, do not do it privately, immediately report!” Jin Xin rushed Tian Rui made a wink.
Tian Rui nodded, fingers on the tablet computer manipulated a few times, the impact on the wall changed, changed into a woman.
To be precise, it changed to the back of a woman, this woman is one meter seven, with long hair, wearing a military green camouflage uniform, through the photo, you can see that this woman’s skin is very good, between the woman’s fingers, reflecting a cold aura.
“This person, is a small leader in the hell messenger, cruel methods, strong force, recently appeared in the city of Yinzhou, once again, declare, meet her, you absolutely absolutely can not take action without permission, must be the first time to report, understand?” Jin Xin spoke concisely, quickly, with solemnity in his gaze.
“Captain Jin Xin, I have a doubt.” A section chief raised his hand.
“Please speak.”
“If we really encounter this person, a slight mistake in the reporting process may cause this person to escape.”
“She escaped let her escape, absolutely no hands!” Jin Xin still said the same thing.
“Why?” Zou Long voiced out.
Jin Xin gaze swept around and said, “Because, I don’t want to add casualties for nothing.”

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