Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 961

In the room where Zhang Xuan was staying, the temperature was gradually rising. The room was completely sealed and there was no place for ventilation. When the temperature rose to a certain point, it looked like a huge steamer.
The surrounding walls became more reddish.
The Ninth Bureau youth stood in front of the monitoring screen, staring at the computer screen in front of him with a sneer. He seemed to have seen Zhang Xuan begging for mercy.
Zhang Xuan, who is in the room, can indeed feel that the temperature in the room is increasing, but this can make ordinary people crazy and irresistible temperature. For Zhang Xuan, it is like turning on a Yuba, only giving him a kind of warmth. Yangyang feeling.
Zhang Xuan, who hadn’t slept all night, felt a little sleepy at this temperature. He sat on the wooden bench, leaned against the wall, closed his eyes, and felt a little enjoyment.
The youth of the Ninth Bureau standing in front of the monitor would not think that the “torture” he had prepared was to add some comfort to Zhang Xuan. He did not understand Qi, did not guard against Qi, and naturally did not understand that Qi affects the human body. There is a great influence that makes people develop great antibodies to the extreme heat and cold.
Seeing Zhang Xuan leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, the young man sneered, “I let you pretend, I see how long you can bear it, when you ask me! The sixth gear has been maintained. Without my order, everyone Don’t shut it down!” After the young man left the order, he strode away.
The person sitting in front of the console is worried, the sixth gear is always on? As an operator, he is very clear about what these six gears represent. After a few minutes of driving, people can still persist, but once more than fifteen minutes, the people inside may suffocate at any time. You must know that high temperature can not only evaporate. The water in the human body, even the air can evaporate!
The Ninth Bureau is a special organization group. They are above many things within the system.
There are many underground forces in the world, who have inquired about the organization of the Ninth Game, but in the end, they didn’t even know where the Nine Game’s base was.
Under a very ordinary residential area in the capital, there is a steel fortress that can completely block the signal. No satellite detection can find the signal band here. The area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters underground is completely blocked, only occasional transmissions. Wave frequency to create an illusion, here is the headquarters of the 9th Bureau of the Summer.
Here, we have the world’s top weapons and a large number of powerful people. Every day, there will be countless pieces of information from all over the world, gathered here. It is no exaggeration to say that the intelligence officers here can control what happens in the world anytime, anywhere. Anything as large as the struggle for hegemony within other countries, as small as what the old king did today, all the information he wants to know can be found out clearly from here.
There are strict hierarchies in the nine games. They perform some tasks that are not officially recognized, and act as the patron saint of the hot summer in the underground world.
In the closely guarded interrogation rooms, everyone in the Lin family was locked up separately.
None of the people who can be locked in the ninth inning are ordinary characters. Everyone in the Lin family can be said to be the first group of ordinary people to be locked in the ninth inning.
“Ms. Lin, we found that your company accounted for 80 billion more cash. Can you explain it.”
“Mr. Lin Chuan, what is the relationship between you and the Qin family?”
“Mr. Lin Jianyu, does the Lin family have any ideas ? The idea of ​​annexing the Qin family, as far as I know, the Qin family gave you a great help to the Lin family decades ago. It’s a bit too ugly for you to eat this time.”
In the interrogation room where the Lin family was held . In, in front of every Lin family, there are several negotiating experts from the Ninth Bureau. They will use very advanced negotiation techniques to defeat the weakest part of people’s hearts and let people confide the truth.
Xu Wan, Lin Chuan and others have not been trained in this area, and in a few words of the negotiator, they said everything they knew.
Ten minutes later, these negotiating experts walked out of the interrogation room and came to a hall together.
In the hall, the young man from the Ninth Bureau leisurely took a cup of hot coffee, “How is it, did you ask?”
Several negotiators shook their heads almost simultaneously.
“They don’t know anything about it.”
“The woman surnamed Lin hasn’t spoken all the time. We also found out that Lin’s account had 80 billion missing from her account a few days ago. This money happened to be with Qin. The number of lost families is the same. They probably want to use this to cover up the 80 billion Qin family.” When the young man heard this, a cloud of haze appeared in his eyes, “I don’t want to say yes, then continue to buckle. Watch them!” The young man finished speaking, put the coffee in his hand aside, and flung his sleeves away.
The remaining negotiators looked at each other. They were very puzzled as to why so many ordinary people were brought to the ninth round. In the normal process, these people should be handed over to the patrol. By doing this now, it is obviously broken. , But the person who gave this order is the new external person in charge of the capital, and has an exceptionally strong background. His parents have a high status in the ninth innings. Even if they know that this breaks the rules, they dare not say anything, but Do as it is.
Lin Qinghan and others were locked in an empty interrogation room. The entire interrogation room had exactly the same color. The empty room would make people feel an inexplicable fear. This was a kind of psychological offensive.
But for such a psychological offensive, Lin Qinghan had long been ignored. For her, when she first learned of the news of Zhang Xuan’s death, she had already faced the greatest loneliness and fear in her heart.
Lin Qinghan is not afraid, but for the rest of the Lin family, this kind of psychological offensive is particularly terrifying.
Xu Wan, who was sitting in the interrogation chair, was sobbing almost all the time.
On the other hand, Zhang Xuan has been in a high-temperature room with six gears for nearly 20 minutes. The operator sitting in front of the surveillance video will check Zhang Xuan’s heartbeat almost every ten seconds, and increase it at the same time. He was afraid of something wrong with the oxygen delivery rate in the room. After all, he was here, but he didn’t have any strong background. If something went wrong, he would definitely have to take care of himself.
The operator looked at the time and looked outside the door from time to time. He thought how the young man might be coming, but the other party did not show up for a long time, and he did not dare to lower the temperature in the room without authorization.
The young man in the Ninth Bureau did not stay at the Ninth Bureau base. After getting no useful information from the Lin family, he came to the Capital Patrol Bureau as soon as possible.
After arriving at the patrol station, the young man showed his ID.
“Mr. Jin Hang, what do you want to check?”
After learning of the youth status, people from the Patrol Bureau took the initiative to take on the auxiliary work.
Jin Hang scanned the patrol bureau and said, “I ask you, is the old man surnamed Lin awake?”

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