Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 969

“The surname is Zhang, you don’t talk about it for me here!” Jin Yuanwei shouted.
“Don’t worry.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand. “I have observed the Qin’s house. The stairs from the first floor to the second floor are in a rotating pattern. There are a total of twenty-nine steps. The gap between each step is ten. Centimeters, that is, the height of the rise between the first floor and the second floor, plus the ground plane of the first floor, is exactly three meters high, while the height of the second floor from the roof is two meters four. I have observed , The practical height of this villa is 6.5 meters. That is to say, there is a gap of at least one meter between the first and second floors.”
“What do you want to say?” a Qin family asked, “These two The houses are built by ourselves. For the sake of stability, is there a problem with leaving a space of one meter in the middle to build the beams?”
“So I ask you if you know what pressure is.” Zhang Xuan said, “If it is sufficient A full one-meter thick solid ground, when people step on it, it will only make a muffled noise, but last night, more than a dozen people broke into the room where the incident occurred, their footsteps were hurried, and the sound of their footsteps sounded in the room.
Suddenly, what does this mean?” Xu Wan, who had been standing aside and pale in fright, suddenly said, “Because the room is hollow underneath!”
Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, “Correct, or college students have enough cultural skills. Hard! How can a place specially placed for beams be hollow? Did your Qin family cut corners to save thousands of dollars when building your own house? In fact, I have been thinking that since someone killed someone in the Qin family, If you want to blame Grandpa, then he doesn’t need to divide the body. It would be better to keep the body. Besides, except for the normal exit, there are no traces of hiding and leaving in that room. What about dividing the body? ”
What do you want to say?” the patrol captain asked, there were many doubts about this murder.
“It’s very simple.” Zhang Xuan stretched out his hand and pointed to the villa, “This matter, from beginning to end, there are no dead people at all. It is completely self-directed and self-directed from the show. Baipao guest, gun!”
Baipao guest shook his arm. The silver long spear in his hand was thrown to Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan turned around, pulled out a whip leg, and quasi kicked it against the top of the spear grip. A silver-white spear, emitting a burst of cold light, went straight to the villa of the Qin family, and reinserted it on the first and second floors outside the villa. On the wall connecting between the buildings, the wall cracked.
Zhang Xuan rushed forward, and when he rushed to the front of the villa, he jumped up four meters. In this scene, many patrols and the Qin family and the Lin family opened their mouths. When did they ever see such a scene? Up to four meters high?
After Zhang Xuan jumped up, the palms of his hands gathered qi, held the handle of the gun, and then swiped hard.
The outer wall of the house made of concrete piled apart completely like tofu dregs under Zhang Xuan’s sweep.
Under the sun, everyone could clearly see that inside this wall, it was indeed hollow, and at the moment the wall was broken, there was a figure inside, hurriedly hiding.
Zhang Xuan held a silver-white spear and landed on the ground.
In front of him, as if being cut across by a giant sword, a huge gap appeared in front of everyone, and the second floor of the villa was crumbling.
Such a scene made the Qin family’s eyes widened and mouths opened wide. Originally, their house was destroyed. They should have yelled at them. But now, no one is aware of this, and what happened before them has exceeded their recognition. Know the range.
Jin Yuanwei was horrified in his eyes. Many years ago, he had met Zhang Xuan, but at that time Zhang Xuan, although powerful and highly prestigious in the underground world, was absolutely not as horrible as it is today, just holding a shot of silver. Can a gun easily destroy such a house?
The house in front of him was crumbling, and Zhang Xuan said softly, “If you don’t want to really die, just climb out as early as possible, otherwise, you will be buried under a piece of rubble if you die for ten minutes.” After Zhang Xuan said this, the surroundings were silent. , The only thing that can be heard is the “creaking” sound made by the beam being pressed.
Zhang Xuan was not in a hurry, just stood there, waiting quietly.
Until, a big rock that fell on the roof suddenly fell. This big rock seemed to be some kind of opportunity. As the big rock fell, many small stones began to fall continuously.
“Crack!” With a sound, a beam broke. From the outside, the corner of the house at the gap suddenly tilted forward for a large part, and the gravel on the roof was still falling, and more and more beams began to emit. The noise proves the weight they bear. If this continues, it seems to collapse, nothing more than a matter of a few minutes.
Zhang Xuan put his hands behind his back and continued to look up.
A loud noise hit, and the roof collapsed again, and the sound of “creaking” continued, proving that the beams in the house had reached the limit that they could support.
Zhang Xuan said again: “A warm reminder, if you don’t come out again, you will really be a dead person.” As soon as Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, he heard a voice full of tension and fear in the gap in the middle of the house, “Help… Help me…”
At the moment this voice sounded, the faces of the Qin family in the courtyard changed drastically, and they heard clearly. The owner of this voice was the sixth Qin family who should have been dismembered and died, Qin Feng!
The patrol captain waved his hand and issued an order, “Hurry up, take the ladder and save people!”
Several patrolmen unloaded a tactical telescopic ladder from the patrol vehicle outside and leaned against the wall, and one patrol quickly climbed up. Go up.
With the help of this patrolman, soon I saw Qin Feng being sent out and climbing down the ladder tremblingly.
“There’s another person inside! It’s Old Man Qin from the Qin family!” The voice of the patrol arrester who had just entered.
Hearing this, everyone in the Lin family burst into anger. Now, even if they react slowly, they understand what happened. The old man was in a coma, and the two of the Qin family disappeared. They also created a murder scene. It was the Qin family who hid specially!
Old Mr. Qin was helped out with a pale face. He stepped onto the ladder tremblingly, and slowly came to the ground with the help of people, and the patrol who went in for the rescue quickly climbed out, the moment they landed. .
The top floor of the whole house collapsed completely! If there are people hiding in that compartment at this time, they will definitely not be able to live.
“Two, it has been really hard for you these two days.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “Watching so many people running around in the secret room and listening to others analyzing the scene of the murder case, you who are behind the scenes, will Wouldn’t there be a sense of accomplishment?” The Qin family looked at each other, they didn’t understand what was going on.

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