Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 97

This is Lin Qinghan’s first time doing housework, she just simply swept the floor, you can feel, Zhang Xuan every day on the floor, the whole floor clean to wipe how much effort.
The whole hour down, most of the chores are done by Zhang Xuan, Lin Qinghan also just a little help, tired enough.
This time, the Lin Qinghan more guilty of Zhang Xuan, she really felt that she was a little too much, Zhang Xuan just to join the family over, they let him do so many things, he did what wrong?
On the way to the company, Lin Qinghan did not say a word, she looked at the man sitting beside her, full of sunshine, with a smile on his face.
Lin Qinghan was thinking in her mind.
How about, try to go to a movie with him?
Blah blah blah! How can you have such an idea, even if you watch a movie, he has to propose ah, I am a girl initiative to propose like what!
“Mr. Lin, it’s here.”
Jiang Jing parked the car downstairs, although it is said to be a personal bodyguard, but Jiang Jing is not the kind of shadow with Lin Qinghan’s side, most of the time, she is acting as a driver, such a bodyguard, is the most unnoticed.
Although Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan set out together, but when they arrived at the company, they were two very different targets.
One went up to the president’s office on the topmost floor, and every word was on the left and right of the decision-making company.
The other, on the other hand, went to the business department and sat in the corner where he belonged, looking at the corporate culture laid out on the desktop.
Around 10:30 am.
“That, your name is Zhang Xuan, right?” A middle-aged woman walked up to Zhang Xuan’s desk and asked with uncertainty on her face.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, “What’s wrong sis?”
“Where did you go yesterday?” The middle-aged woman asked.
“Oh, went out to run a business.” Zhang Xuan said honestly.
“Run a business?” The middle-aged woman had a foxed look on her face, thinking in her mind, how could a new intern salesman have business to run for him?
“Right.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head.
The middle-aged woman thought for a moment and thought that Zhang Xuan was lying, showing a disdainful expression on the spot, she didn’t break Zhang Xuan down and said, “Okay, the manager told you to come to her office when you come.”
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan put down the corporate culture in his hands and walked towards the business manager’s office.
Just halfway there, Zhang Xuan’s cell phone rang, it was Lin Qinghan calling.
“What are you doing?” Lin Qinghan asked directly on the phone.
“I’m at work, in the business department.”
Lin Qinghan said in an anxious tone, “Why are you going to the business department? Today, I have a meeting with the president of the medical association, the president of the medical association has been waiting for you for half a day, so go there!”
“Huh? I do not know ah?” Zhang Xuan was confused, “Where is the meeting?”
“Just the Chinese medicine hall, weren’t you there yesterday when we talked about cooperation?”
“Uh ……” Zhang Xuan’s face was a little embarrassed, “I did not pay attention to listen.”
Yesterday when talking about cooperation, although Zhang Xuan stood by the side and listened for a while, but his mind was all on Lin Qinghan, for what the cooperation said, did not listen to a word.
“Ai.” Lin Qinghan sighed helplessly, and did not blame Zhang Xuan, “You go now, I will give President Ma a word, you do not rely on the fact that you now have the strength to not put President Ma in the eyes.”
“Mm, I know.” Zhang Xuan hung up the phone and naturally passed in front of the manager’s office, went out of the business department and went straight to the Chinese Medicine Hall.
In the business department manager’s office, the beautiful-looking Luo Ling, who was wearing a gray professional suit, sat in front of the office and waited for half a day, but did not see that new employee come.
“Sister Hong!” Luo Ling called out.
Soon, the middle-aged woman who just went to call Zhang Xuan came running into the office.
“Manager Luo, you’re looking for me?”
“Where is that person named Zhang Xuan?”
“Ah? He didn’t come over?” Sister Hong’s face showed surprise, “I gave him notice to arrive, ah.”
Luo Ling’s face showed impatience, she had never seen such a bold new employee, the first day of work, skipped half a day of work, she asked someone to find him, but he took it as a deaf ear, not even listened.
“Go call again!”
“Okay.” Sister Hong nodded and went out of the office.
A few minutes later, Sister Rainbow knocked on the door again and entered the office.
“Where is everyone?” Luo Ling asked.
“Can’t find them. ……”
“What?” Luo Ling’s face turned pale with anger.
Zhang Xuan, who was the person in question, naturally did not know that he had already pissed off the department manager and was wandering towards the Chinese Medicine Museum.
Inside the Chinese medicine hall, five physicians, led by President Ma, were doing intense negotiations with the elite team of Lin’s that arrived yesterday.
President Ma’s side said that their medical association, one-fifth of the physicians, can be titled in Lin’s new hospital and have a fixed time to sit in the department every month, hoping that Lin’s can let that Chinese medicine training, held twice a week.
Lin’s elite team said, this Chinese medicine training, held once a week, hope that the medical association out of more than ten, experienced physicians, every week to Lin’s new hospital to sit.
The two sides have been discussing these two issues for more than half an hour, and have been arguing endlessly, with the Medical Association not budging at all, and Lin’s elite team maximizing their benefits.
Seeing this cooperation negotiation stalemate, several of Lin’s business elites did some private discussions and finally decided that, to take another step back, the training was increased to two times per week and the number of sitting physicians could be reduced to eight.
Just when Lin’s people were about to release their bottom line, Zhang Xuan came.
“Yo, it’s quite lively.”
Zhang Xuan put his hands in his pockets and walked inside the Chinese medicine hall, and outside the hall, he heard the intense discussion coming from inside here.
When several Lin’s business elites saw Zhang Xuan, they all showed Zhang Xuan a smile of goodwill.
“Brother Zhang, you’re here.” That leader even bowed his head and greeted Zhang Xuan.
Just yesterday, they learned that this Brother Zhang, who had negotiated such a big project, had not asked for a single cent of commission and had shared it all with them, which made them extraordinarily grateful to Zhang Xuan.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded and made a gesture at them, “Feel free, what are you talking about, let me listen?”
Zhang Xuan pulled a stool and sat in front of this negotiation table.
When President Ma and the other five physicians saw Zhang Xuan, they all showed a good smile.
“This ……” Lin’s team leader pondered for a moment and spoke, “Brother Zhang, what we mean is, in the future, every week, held a medical training, hope that the Medical Association selected ten experienced physicians, every week in our We hope that the medical association will select ten experienced physicians to sit in our hospital twice a week.”
“This is a bit inappropriate, right?” Zhang Xuan frowned, “As far as I know, medical resources are now scarce, some experienced doctors, a few days before the number is full, you want them to rely on our company’s hospital, but also twice a week to sit in the department, this is a bit unrealistic ah.”

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