Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 992

Seeing Ling Yuan flying over, Zhang Xuan’s right palm spread down, his palm rotated half a circle clockwise, and he squeezed his fist!
The fist wind squeezed, and an invisible qi spread around Zhang Xuan’s fist heart.
Ling Yuan was in the air, waving his sturdy right arm, and banging towards Zhang Xuan and the others with a punch. The attack of the Ling Yuan was completely indistinguishable. It hits whoever is in front of him.
At the same time, Zhang Xuan also blasted a punch, his fist collided violently with Ling Yuan’s fist.
When the two fists collided, from the side, Zhang Xuan’s fist looked so fragile, as if a baby’s hand was touching an adult’s hand.
A burst of qi exploded around the contact point of the fists, blowing up Andrei’s dress.
A second later, the right arm where Ling Ape and Zhang Xuan collided burst open with a “bang”! Large swaths of blood sprayed out.
The humanized horror was revealed in the eyes of the spirit ape, and it could not imagine that the thin creature in front of it had such a powerful force.
The eagle wings on the back of the ape also shrank at this moment, and the whole body fell towards the bottom of the cliff.
“Boom!” There was a heavy noise.
The huge body of the ling ape was planted from a height of fifty meters, bringing in countless smoke and dust, and in the vagueness, it can be seen that half of the ling ape’s body was smashed to pieces, and countless creatures swarmed from the side to fight. Grabbing the flesh and internal organs of the spirit ape.
Andre looked below and said: “These small worlds will move under the earth with the movement of the earth’s crust. Some small worlds will disappear completely under the long river of time, and similar to the current small world, it will be early. A set of natural laws was formed. The number of experimental subjects left behind when the Returned Ancestor League escaped was limited. When these subjects ran out of the cage, when the ecology of the land had not yet fully evolved, the food for these subjects was There are only the same kind of experimental subjects. They swallow each other, swallow each other’s flesh and blood, and swallow each other’s genes, thus completing a series of evolution. Gradually, the ecological environment is formed. They instinctively mate, produce offspring, and occupy the mountain as king. , You have also seen the cruelty of these experimental subjects. If they were to run to the ground, what kind of disaster would it cause? The world may be chaotic.”
Zhang Xuan did not say a word , he jumped and fell directly to the ground. .
At an altitude of fifty meters, when Zhang Xuan touched the ground, he didn’t even bend his legs, just stood there straight.
The subjects who were still fighting for the corpse of the spirit ape noticed the unexpected guest at once, and they stopped their respective movements by coincidence, and at the same time raised their heads, looking towards Zhang Xuan.
In a roar, countless experimental subjects rushed towards Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan closed his eyes, and the invisible qi radiated from his body. Zhang Xuan’s shirt had no wind. The leopard-shaped and human-faced experimental body was overturned by a powerful air current just before Zhang Xuan, and his eyes showed a look of horror.
On the cliff.
Andre, Mai, and Andre’s two followers of the imperial atmosphere stood here, watching the battle below.
“His combat effectiveness far exceeds that of masters of the same level. I am afraid that most of the transformation realms are not his opponents.” Andre looked at Zhang Xuan’s battle below and commented.
Below the cliff, behind Zhang Xuan, the two-shaped phantom of the tiger and the crane was condensed, and he was extremely violent. He wanted to experience firsthand what level of combat effectiveness these experimental bodies reached.
Mai listened to Andre’s words without speaking. He could see that Zhang Xuan below was already trying to hide her strength. Mai looked into the distance and wondered: “Tell me, how many are there in this world? Secret, the place where we are now, obviously deep underground, can grow so many dense trees, I am afraid that the nutrients of the earth are not enough.”
Andrei smiled bitterly, “Don’t ask me such a profound question. , This kind of thing, how can you and I think about it, this world is too big, and human beings claim to be the masters of the world, but they only occupy the land area, but what is the land area compared to the entire planet? No! Too many people sit on the well and watch the sky, and don’t understand how amazing this world is.”
At this time when Mai was chatting with Andre, the battle below has ended.
Zhang Xuan pinched a woman’s neck. This woman, from the outside, looks no different from ordinary people. She is about twenty-five and sixteen. She is also charming and charming, wearing clothes made of leaves, sexy and enchanting, but if you look carefully, You will find that this woman does not have legs. Her lower body is a plant rhizome that grows directly from the ground.
The Return of the Ancestral Alliance not only uses human genes to fuse with animals, but also integrates plants.
Zhang Xuan pinched the woman’s neck and gradually increased his strength in his hands.
To Zhang Xuan’s surprise, the woman did not resist much, but dropped her arms. In the woman’s pupils, Zhang Xuan also saw a look of relief.
This discovery shocked Zhang Xuan!
Just now, the reaction of these subjects had caused Zhang Xuan to ignore one thing, but at this time, the look in this woman’s eyes made Zhang Xuan suddenly realize that these subjects were once humans! The combination with the beast gene made their hearts full of tyranny, full of instincts to fight and forage, but they, at first, were just ordinary humans.
Returning to the ancestors alliance, turned a person into such a look!
There was a trace of pity in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, and he squeezed the woman’s neck with force.
“Perhaps, this is also a relief for you.”
Zhang Xuan let go, and the woman’s body fell to the ground, but a smile appeared on the woman’s face.
“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Four sounds sounded one after another, and the four of Andre standing above landed one after another. Two entourages of the imperial atmosphere took out a bottle from their pockets and sprinkled the powder in the bottle one by one. Arrived on the subject around Zhang Xuan.
Just like what happened in the cave before, the bodies of these subjects began to be dissolved by the powder, and finally turned into a pool of blood.
Zhang Xuan turned his head to look at Andre, “How many such subjects are there in this small world?”
“I don’t know.” Andre shook his head, as if he knew what Zhang Xuan wanted to ask, he continued, “We are This small world was discovered a few years ago, and people came in to clean it up. It was to clean up the test subjects here from start to finish. Then we waited for a year, when we thought that this small world could already When it was suitable for living, I suddenly discovered that this place was full of experimental subjects. We suspected that during that time, there was another small world connected to this place. After that, we never went deep.”

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