Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 995

The fierce tiger beside Zhang Xuan let out a roar, and his whole body leaped forward. From beginning to end, he didn’t mean to resist at all. It can be seen how terrifying it is to attack Zhang Xuan from behind. With its breath alone, it scared away an enhanced version of the jungle beast.
Zhang Xuan slapped his back, only to feel a counter-shock force coming from him, and he flew Zhang Xuanzhen a few meters away, and took advantage of this to escape the opponent’s attack range.
When Zhang Xuan stood firm again, he could see clearly what it was that attacked him.
This is a giant python!
It’s definitely a giant character! The triangular head almost caught up with half of the tiger’s body, and the snake letter spit out from his mouth was thicker than Zhang Xuan’s arms, and his two triangular eyes exuded chill.
The giant python is entwined on the trunk, it has been hidden above the treetop, and its body length is at least ten meters! The body of the giant python was covered with scales like fish scales, and a fishy smell came out from the mouth of the giant python.
“The backpack is used as a bait. You lie in wait on it. It seems that you already have a certain ability to think.” Zhang Xuan was full of vigor, and this giant python made him feel the crisis.
The giant python made a “hiss~hiss” sound, and after staring at Zhang Xuan with sharp triangular eyes for a few seconds, it suddenly bit the probe towards Zhang Xuan.
The python is very fast, like a cannonball, almost in an instant, it came to Zhang Xuan, this is a prehistoric python in the movie, it has been out of the scope of the experiment.
Zhang Xuan wanted to try the power of the python, but instead of avoiding it, he threw his fist at the python’s head.
In the face of this behemoth, there is no fighting skill, only head-to-head.
In terms of Zhang Xuan’s strength, even if it is an elephant, he can easily knock the elephant over with this punch, but now, when this punch hits the python’s head, it is no exaggeration. , Zhang Xuan only felt that what he was shaking was not a creature, but a mountain!
A strong counter-shock force came from the giant python’s head, and the snake’s letter from the giant python had already wrapped around Zhang Xuan’s body.
“Not good!”
Zhang Xuan stepped harder, and quickly swept back, avoiding the snake letter swept by the python.
After a punch, the python was unscathed, but Zhang Xuan felt his arms were sorely shaken. On the surface of the python’s skin, there was a strong gas mask to protect it. This python can also stimulate its breath!
Although Zhang Xuan had heard Andre’s talk about how certain powerful experimental subjects were able to guard against qi before, seeing it with his own eyes still made him horrified. Such a behemoth was able to guard against qi and was terrifying!
“Here, run this way!”
An accurate European accent came from the side. Zhang Xuan turned his head and saw a 20-year-old United Nations youth with long golden hair sticking to his head. He was hiding under a tree and kept waving to himself, he didn’t even notice when the young man approached.
“Dirac?” Zhang Xuan glanced suspiciously.
“Dirac is dead. You were sent by my dad to find me. Come on, this big snake killed three Qi Condensation Stages last time and couldn’t beat it.” The young man said anxiously.
Zhang Xuan just thought a little, and ran to the place where the young man was.
Seeing that Zhang Xuan was about to escape, the giant python let out a roar and chased after Zhang Xuan, very unwilling to let the prey that had seen it run away.
The giant python screamed like an eagle like a tiger, and it was definitely not a snake. The experimental subjects scattered in the forest all crawled and shivered when they heard the scream.
The python is extremely fast, a few points faster than Zhang Xuan.
“Quick, it’s coming, quickly, run here!” The blond young man shouted anxiously.
Zhang Xuan ran a few steps to see clearly that there was a tree hole at the feet of the young man. No wonder the young man came here silently.
“Go!” Zhang Xuan exerted force again, his speed suddenly increased, and when the python was about to bite him, he grabbed the young man and flew into the tree hole.
The giant python saw the food from his hand slip away and angrily entangled the tree trunk. This large tree with a diameter of five meters was uprooted by the giant python abruptly. When the giant python uprooted the tree, the prey was no longer visible. There is only one hole three meters wide.
Looking at the entrance of the cave, the giant python’s eyes showed a look of fear, and he hovered around the entrance for a long time, but he did not dare to go in.
Zhang Xuan and the blond youth walked in a cramped path. When Zhang Xuan got into the tree hole, they found that it was not an ordinary tree hole at all, but the entrance of an underground passage.
“My name is Tang Hao, what’s your name?” The blond young man said to Zhang Xuan as he walked, “You should be from Yanxia?”
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Your name is Yanxia’s name.”
“Yes. Don’t think I’m a member of the United Nations, but I like Yanxia culture, so I secretly changed my nationality without telling my family, and also took a Yanxia name, Tang Hao, how about this name? It sounds good! I study Yanxia culture, The meaning of this name is very good.” Tang Hao looked proud.
Zhang Xuan was not surprised. Now the Yanxia culture has slowly spread to the world, and changing his nationality to Yanxia is not as rare as before.
Zhang Xuan asked: “Right, what bishop is your father? You passed the notes for help?”
“Yes.” Tang Hao said, “I found some rotten flesh to hang on the top of the tree and put the notes. Hanging on the meat, the flying test subjects will pick up the paper strips and fly everywhere. Although it is big here, I leave more paper strips, and there will always be some that can pass to the entrance. How about, how many people did my dad bring this time? Can you call in?”
“Your dad didn’t come.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I came to rescue you after seeing your distress message.”
“Huh? “When Tang Hao heard this, he showed a disappointed expression, “You are the only one? That’s over, we can’t get out. The road you just came in is the territory of the baby Ba Snake, it deliberately killed you I put it in, it’s hard to get out now.”
Zhang Xuan was startled, “What are you talking about, Bashe?”
The Ba snake species is an ancient strange animal recorded in the Yanxia Mountain and Sea Classic.
“Yes.” Tang Hao nodded vigorously. “The adult Ba snake is huge and can swallow an elephant in one bite. The one just now, but only ten meters long, is still in its infancy.”
Zhang Xuan felt like he was listening. In the mist, “You read it from the book?”
“Uh, that’s it.” Tang Hao touched the back of his head, and then pointed to the front of the passage, “Originally this small world was cleared out, but it was because of the earth’s crust. The element of movement was integrated with another small world. When I was escaping for my life, I accidentally discovered this passage. It should have been made by the baby snake, but it was very afraid of the contents and did not dare to follow it. Come in.”

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