Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Esc0rt

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You can read the Novel Here: Mist@king a M@gnate for a Male E$c0rt

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como se puede traducir los capitulos a español?????

translation: How can the chapters be translated into Spanish ?????

Can someone please identify the characters in the book, because it does not match up to that of the original novel. For example who is charlotte, zachary, sharon, cynthia in this novel.

Charlotte – Leng Qianxue ( ms lienberg) or Feng Qianxue (ms Windt)
Zaccary – Ye Zhenting
Robbie – Chenchen
Jamie- Erbao
Ellie- Yueye, sabao
Ben – Yu Hui
Bruce- Yu Jun
Cynthia -Lingyun
Sharon- Ling Long

Muy buena novela, bastante entretenida, solo que me perdí con los nombres de los guardaespaldas. ( Bruce, Ben, Morgan, Lupin, Darinque)

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