My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter: 1727

Nan Wei immediately looked around and said something else: “What are you talking about? I am not the fox, who else can be the fox? The fox’s mission is to compete with you for the support of the Situ family. Besides me, who else is competing with you?”

Xu Nange stared at Nan Wei, “Tell me where the fox is, who the fox is, or tell me everything about the Nan family, I may leave you a way out.”

Nan Wei sneered: “I said, I am the fox.”

Xu Nange narrowed her eyes and took two steps back.

She waved her hand, and those people immediately stepped forward and detained Nan Wei and her men.

This was an absolutely crushing situation. Nan Wei and her men did not resist too much, and they were all caught.

Xu Nange looked at Zheng Yi, and Zheng Yi immediately said: “We have received them in our special department, send them to the special department!”

“Yes.”     Hearing this, Xu Chiye immediately organized the Zhoumen people to send them to the special department.

He was considered an internal staff of the special department, so it was very appropriate for him to organize this matter.

Nan Wei was escorted by Xu Chiye himself, and she looked at Xu Nange viciously while leaving.

Xu Nange stared at her: “You have been unwilling to tell who the fox is. You want to protect her and deal with me, right? You think that if she wins, she can let you go, right? But Nanwei, have you ever thought that if I win, maybe I can let you go?”

Nanwei immediately sneered: “Do you think I will believe you?”

“It seems that you have no other choice but to believe me now.”

Nanwei was silent again.

Zheng Yi said, “Send her to a special department first, and keep her there for two days, so she can think about it!”

Xu Nange nodded.

Xu Chiye immediately took her out.

The Situ family soon quieted down. Xu Nange looked at Mr. Situ. Just as she was about to speak, Mr. Situ took the initiative to step forward and took out a Seven Days Powder from his pocket and handed it to her: “This is the antidote.”

Xu Nange took the medicine.

Before she spoke, Mr. Situ suddenly asked, “Nangge, have you met your grandmother?”

Xu Nange paused and shook her head.

Grandpa Situ asked again: “Did your grandma leave anything for your mother? And did your mother leave anything for you?”

Xu Nange looked at him: “What do you want to ask?”

Grandpa Situ smiled bitterly: “I just want to ask, has she ever thought of me in her heart?”

Xu Nange paused, and suddenly understood something.

Grandpa Situ must have thought of what he could think of. He realized that he was being calculated by his grandma.

For grandma, he might just be a tool to borrow sperm.

What grandma really wants is a daughter with the blood of the Situ family, who can have no choice today when the Situ family has to make a choice.

She pursed her lips and shook her head: “I don’t know.”

Grandpa Situ is old, and he should let go of everything. She doesn’t want to make him happy.

Grandpa Situ nodded dejectedly, and then said: “I will send a message to the Situ family and tell them that you are my granddaughter. The Situ family will fully support you in the future!”

Xu Nange paused slightly after hearing this. She looked at Grandpa Situ and asked directly: “Grandpa, can you tell me what the Nan family does? Why are they so mysterious?”

Grandpa Situ looked at her blankly after hearing this: “This is a long story.”

“Let’s make it short.”

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Xunange and Nanjingshu are very kind. To be able to raise such kind daughter Grandma Nan must be kind too. It must be like Nanjingshu. She didn’t want to implicate Grandpa Situ.

So Xunange is Situ Chen step cousin? Unless the deceased Grandma Situ used underhanded method last time to get pregnant. Did DNA test and IVF already invented that time?
Just look at Nan Wei who admit she got lovers outside eventhough she want to marry Situ Chen.

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