My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 101

After Chuck said this, he put the phone in his pocket and looked at them indifferently.
Wang Keke was stunned, what the hell? Reorganize your husband’s company? ?
Is this her mother pretending enough to laugh at her?
Ma Southeast, who rushed towards Chuck, also sneered. What a shame, to reorganize his company? Do you know where my company is? ? Know where your company is? Return her mother to fix my company?
“Oh, are you still fixing my husband’s company? What are you pretending to be? You can fix people with just one phone call, so powerful? Why don’t you call to be the president of the United States?” Wang Keke rolled his eyes and mocked. Up.
Yvette’s eyes flickered, she looked at Chuck, and suddenly sighed in her heart.
Did you still call Zelda?
How are you and Zelda getting better? A single phone call can help you do so many things. Are you and her… already together?
Yvette shook his head, what did he want to do?
Wang Keke heard the funniest joke, she laughed disdainfully, what a rubbish, rubbish square, rubbish people.
“Husband, hit this idiot. It’s really annoying to look at. You can’t pretend to be coerced. If you make a phone call, you will think that you are pretending to be coerced. What a rubbish,” Wang Keke walked to Ma Dongnan coquettishly.
Ma Dongnan just wanted to laugh. It’s been so long and I haven’t met such a person. Calling in front of him? Haha!
He sneered!
I see how you are forced to put it on!
Ma Dongnan came over and mocked, “Boy, you called and said you want to fix my company? How to fix it?”
“Closed your company, and then you kneel and beg Yvette.” Chuck said calmly.
Ma Nannan laughed. This is really the funniest joke he has heard in the past few years. Wang Keke is even more contemptuous. What a fool? Is the company shutting down?
“Don’t pretend to be forced, my husband’s company is amazing, who do you think it is? My husband knows too many people, do you believe it or not for a phone call to make you hospitalized today?” Wang Keke sneered.
“I don’t believe it.” Chuck shook his head.
“Fuck! Stupid!”
Wang Keke was annoyed, “Husband, call, I want to see this stupid being beaten, I want to see Yvette’s company go bankrupt, come on!”
Ma Dongnan nodded triumphantly. Although he had never been here before, wouldn’t it be easy for her to close a small company these few days with his connections, and beat someone else?
He is about to call, and Wang Keke is even more proud and makes you pretend!
“Your wife was a karaoke bar,” Chuck said.
Yvette was surprised, as if he had heard it wrong, what? Wang Keke did that kind of thing? ? really?
Ma Dongnan was stunned, he was furious, “What are you talking about? Do you dare to slander my wife?”
Wang Keke screamed in irritation, “You stupid you?! What nonsense are your mother talking about? Husband, woooo…Don’t listen to him talking nonsense…”
“Your wife and you have been married for a year and have cheated more than a dozen times. The last time was a few days ago, didn’t you feel it?” Chuck calmly.
“Fool!! Let you talk nonsense!”
Wang Keke raised his hand and slapped it over. Yvette was frightened and dared to hit me… hit Chuck?
She rushed over angrily, raised her hand and slapped Wang Keke first.
Wang Keke let out a cry, and almost fell to the ground with his cheeks. Chuck was surprised and turned his head to give Yvette a look. She actually beat someone for herself?
Yvette was getting angry, his eyes widened.
Wang Keke grabbed Ma Dongnan, “Husband, she beat me…”
“The last time she went out to play, a foreigner did it. Don’t you feel it when you go back?” Chuck continued.
Ma Dongnan was angry, “How did you know?”
“Husband… don’t listen to him nonsense, she’s nonsense, people are loyal to you, how could he be a fool to know anything? It’s made up, husband, don’t believe it…” Wang Keke was frightened. Why does my husband ask that?
“Do you have doubts yourself?” Chuck said lightly.
Ma Dongnan’s face was ugly, and he felt green coming out of his head.
He couldn’t help thinking of something. After he got married, there were really a few times when Wang Keke’s clothes were messy before he went home. She said that he was doing yoga at home.
Ma Dongnan didn’t think much about it at the time. He could do it by himself. Why did his wife cheat?
This is Ma Dongnan’s confidence in himself. As for the other day, when they came back from abroad, they really found that when they went to the bar, their wife and a foreigner were eye-catching, as if they had been out for an hour. When they came back, their walk was shaking. Could it be…
Thinking of this, Ma Dongnan was instantly angry!
Snapped! !
Ma Dongnan slapped out a slap, slapped Wang Keke out of his head, and sat down on the ground.
“Do you dare to put a green hat on Lao Tzu? Lao Tzu killed you!” Ma Dongnan punched and kicked Wang Keke.
Wang Keke screamed, got up and retreated, crying and said, “Husband, I don’t have any, he is talking nonsense, he framed me, how could I cheat?”
Ma Dongnan slapped again, blushing, and yelled, “You lie?”
“My husband… I’ll talk about it when I go home,” Wang Keke was beaten here, and she felt too embarrassed in front of Yvette. How could this be?
“The grass and mud horse!” Ma Dongnan raised his hand and slapped him again, but Wang Keke’s face was swollen, and he screamed in tears.
“Go home and take care of you!” Ma Dongnan grabbed Wang Keke by the hair and dragged him out. Wang Keke cried and screamed.
Being green is not an honest thing. Ma Dongnan felt too embarrassed and didn’t dare to stay any longer. He stared at Chuck and Yvette, “You two wait! Wait for the door to close! And you idiot! I will find someone to beat you!”
Ma Dongnan dragged Wang Keke out.
Chuck glanced at him and shook his head slightly. At Betty’s speed, your company is almost finished. Can you go back? Come over here and apologize to Yvette!
“Are you okay?” Chuck asked concerned.
“It’s okay,”
Yvette shook her head, she sighed, Ma Dongnan is really capable of squeezing her company out! What should I do? Should we contact the “Baller?”
But Chuck is here, she doesn’t want to contact the “Baller”.
“Don’t worry, he will come.” Chuck said.
Yvette did not speak. If Zelda can get the boss to fire the manager, then because there are more people known by Zelda here, but Ma Southeast’s company is located in Huacheng, which is a coastal city, and It’s five to six hundred kilometers apart. Can Zelda shut down the company in Southeast Ma? Can a company be closed with a single phone call?
This should be impossible, is Zelda so powerful?
Yvette sighed, there should be none.
The two fell silent.
“Husband, husband, I really didn’t cheat, he…” Wang Keke begged for mercy.
Ma Dongnan raised his hand and slapped Wang Keke. Wang Keke wept in tears. People nearby made Ma Dongnan feel even more embarrassed. Was she fucking green?
“What’s her mother saying? It’s a mess!”
Ma Nannan was annoyed, “You and her mother will be honest with me. After returning, her mother will vomit everything I gave you. If you don’t vomit, I will find someone to fix your whole family and kill you. Two stupid parents! Fuck!”
“No, husband…” Wang Keke was anxious and desperate. He was just married. If he vomited all of them, wouldn’t he be impoverished again? Going to sit on stage again?
“Husband, I know I was wrong. I don’t dare anymore. Just forgive me if I am good this time, husband…” Wang Keke cried and begged for mercy. She was really panicked. Her classmates knew that she married a rich man Husband, if this is a divorce, how embarrassing it would be?
“Don’t dare? Did your mother actually do that kind of thing?? Okay, dare to lie to me. It’s fine if I didn’t find someone to beat you. Your mother still has the face to forgive me? Divorce!” Ma Dongnan attitude Resolutely!
Wang Keke is desperate!
Ma Dongnan took her away, but at this time, the phone rang, and he took it out angrily. It was from the company. He was getting angry, so he didn’t answer!
But the call came again, and Ma Dongnan answered angrily, “Fuck! How did your mother’s secretary be? How many times have you told you? When I’m outside, don’t call me, don’t…”
But before she finished speaking, a voice rang on the phone, “Boss, the company is over…”

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