My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 102

“what did you say?”
Ma Dongnan was annoyed, “What did your mother say? What company is over?”
“Boss, someone came over just now and said that your company was evading taxes, and the content of the training meant to be resold, so…” The voice on this call was also surprised!
They were really shocked just now, so many people rushed in…
“What? Who? Who the hell did it?” Ma Dongnan was so angry that he wanted to kill!
What happened to your company? How could this be possible? How could something go wrong if I knew so many people over there?
“I don’t know… Boss, when will you come back? We haven’t paid the salary yet…”
“You are paralyzed!” Ma Dongnan hung up the phone, so angry, who would dare to fix me?
Many people suddenly appeared in Ma Dongnan’s mind, who! !
If the company has a problem, then his capital chain will immediately go wrong, then this is not far from bankruptcy, Ma Dongnan is so angry that he wants to kill!
“Husband, isn’t it the shameless pen just now? Didn’t he make a call? What did you say about your husband’s company?” Wang Keke also heard Ma Dongnan’s voice just now, and she was surprised to know that the company really had an accident!
Because of Ma Dongnan’s fame, he knows a lot of people and the relationship is very hard. How can someone be so neat? Wang Keke didn’t think about Chuck just now, but this Chuck actually knew that he had cheated, so is it possible that he was really the one who made the phone call just now?
“Fuck! Dare her fuck me? I beat you to death!” Ma Dongnan gritted his teeth and immediately ran to Yvette’s company.
Wang Keke hesitated, the company had a problem, then his husband…no, is this idiot out of money? bankrupted? Then what are you doing with him? Drag yourself?
divorce! !
Wang Keke gritted his teeth and walked back again!
“What is going on with you and Zelda?” Yvette was silent for a long time, and she finally spoke.
She struggled for a long time. It was really no way to go on like this. She used to be very confident, but Zelda, this woman is too powerful, and Yvette can’t compare it to herself.
Sometimes Yvette feels a little ashamed.
But with Chuck’s call, Zelda could do so many things for him, but he couldn’t do it…this is the gap.
Chuck was nervous in his heart, and he didn’t know how to answer. Could it be that he and Zelda were almost there? Zelda has helped herself twice? Isn’t this a public admission of cheating?
Chuck couldn’t speak.
But, Yvette asked, is he jealous?
“It’s nothing, just ordinary friends,” Chuck said.
Yvette sighed, did he lie? Why lie to me?
I didn’t stop you and her, you… how can you get so close to her?
The two were silent again.
“You tell me clearly, did you report my company!”
Ma Dongnan rushed in angrily, Yvette was surprised, even shocked, so Zelda really caused Ma Dongnan’s company to have a problem?
Otherwise, what is he doing here?
“Closed?” Chuck smiled, Betty’s work efficiency is very fast!
“You fucking tell Lao Tzu clearly, you…” Ma Dongnan was furious, but before he could finish his sentence, Chuck glanced at him and kicked it out, “Speak to me politely. ”
Ma Southeast sat on the ground staggeringly, he got up angrily, and immediately fought with Chuck.
How could he be the opponent of Chuck, who is 18 or 9 years old? Chuck was young and strong. After a few punches, Ma Dongnan screamed, begging for mercy, “Don’t fight, don’t fight…”
Yvette was surprised. This was the first time she saw Chuck fighting. In the past, Chuck was scolded and didn’t dare to fight back. Today, she hit someone. Is this Zelda’s confidence?
Yvette sighed.
If you used to be tough, bold, or even forced, I will slap you at most, but you will still get what you deserve. If you do this, you and I may have kids…
Yvette stared at Chuck, sighing in his heart.
“Tell you, I can make your company go bankrupt, and I can make you disappear. If you don’t believe it, you can try it!” Chuck said coldly. This bastard actually scolded his mother? Really looking for death!
“Don’t try, don’t try… You, really you just called to reorganize my company?” Ma Dongnan still can’t believe it. A phone call closed his company worth tens of millions. What is this concept?
Who did he call just now?
Chuck glanced at him, stood up, Ma Dongnan gritted his teeth and knelt down, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t know Taishan. Please forgive me, don’t fix my company…”
“Aren’t you cheating? Don’t you know a lot of people? Don’t you want to rectify Yvette’s company?” Chuck looked at him and said.
“I, I don’t dare anymore, I dare not!” Ma Dongnan said, he just saw Wang Keke coming in, he immediately got up, and dragged Wang Keke to Chuck, “You don’t want to fix my company. Now, she and I will play for you, what do you think, my wife can do tricks…”
Snapped! !
“Ma Dongnan, what did your mother say?” Wang Keke raised his hand and slapped Ma Dongnan!
“You! Dare to hit me?” Ma Southeast couldn’t believe it!
“Your mother is poor, why didn’t I dare to fight? You used to call your husband because you have some money, and now your company is finished, you are poor, and my mother is going to divorce you now! Remember, I don’t want you anymore!” Wang Keke said as he walked outside.
Chuckduo glanced at her, this woman is really indifferent!
Ma Dongnan couldn’t be more angry and stuck Wang Keke, saying something like how much you spent on me, but Wang Ke could push Ma Dongnan’s crotch with his knees, and he screamed distortedly, “Ah!!!”
“Go to hell!” Wang Keke walked out.
Ma Dongnan gritted his teeth and got up from the ground. He was desperate. Who did he offend? The company is gone, and now there is no wife.
He felt like he was dreaming, how could Chuck make him like this with just a call?
This is not true, it is not! !
Yvette was stunned. Ma Dongnan was so embarrassed. Does this show that Zelda really did this?
Ma Dongnan was desperate, he walked to Yvette, “Mr. Jordan, I agree to 600,000 yuan to advertise for you, to promote to you…”
Yvette frowned.
“President Jordan, how about it? I’ll lose some money. I’ll do it for you with 400,000, 300,000…200,000…I absolutely satisfy you…”
Ma Dongnan sighed, his company is gone and bankrupt now, he needs money, but Yvette asks him, he can make hundreds of thousands in a few days to turn around…
But Yvette ignored herself at this time, and Ma Dongnan regretted it…
How could Yvette care about him? In the office just now, he almost ran into himself. Even at this time, Ma Dongnan didn’t need money, Yvette would never ask for it.
“Mr. Jordan, I knelt down for you, fifty thousand, you give me fifty thousand and I will advertise for you, and I will definitely make your company do it,” Ma Dongnan knelt down, begging, where else can I just come here? That kind of domineering?
“No need!” Yvette shook his head.
“President Jordan…” Ma Dongnan was anxious.
“I said no more!” Yvette’s tone became cold.
Ma Dongnan was stunned. You must know that Yvette was begging for someone just now. Now he changed it. She knelt down and begged her, but she didn’t want it. Such a huge contrast made Ma Dongnan already stunned.
He got up from the ground and looked at Chuck pleadingly.
Chuck ignored him, and Ma Dongnan begged, “Don’t fix my company, this is all I have!”
Chuck leaned in and said in his ear, “If you don’t leave, I will find someone to fix you!!”
Ma Dongnan was taken aback. You can organize your company with just one phone call. Is it easy to organize yourself? ?
Ma Dongnan trembled, gritted his teeth and went out. Wang Keke hadn’t left yet. She saw Ma Dongnan kneeling just now. She felt happy. Who told you to beat me just now? Isn’t it just cheating? What’s the big deal?
You deserve to be beaten! You deserve your knees!
When Ma Dongnan saw Wang Keke, he was so angry, “It’s all her mother. If you didn’t want me to come over, I would become what I am now?”
Speaking of Ma Dongnan could not help beating Wang Keke, how could Wang Keke bear it? Immediately fighting back, the man and woman quickly scrambled together. Ma Dongnan grabbed Wang Keke’s hair and slapped her face with his hands. Wang Keke reached out and grabbed him…
Ma Dongnan screamed almost fainted.
Seeing that the two of them were actually fighting in his square, Chuck frowned and took out his mobile phone to call Yolanda and asked her to call the security guard to deal with it.
Soon the two of them were separated by the security guard. Ma Dongnan had passed out to death. Wang Keke was caught too badly and had to be carried down by the security guard. Wang Keke cried. Her pain is a trivial matter, but today she has nothing to do. No more…
She stood up cursing, “Fuck. Junk square, making my old lady so unlucky today…Oh, ah…”
She turned around and bumped into the wall, yelling, and people nearby looked at her as if they were looking stupid.
“Look at your mother!” Wang Keke went downstairs crying.
But when she got out of the square and walked to the side of the road, she spit fiercely and left in disgust, but there was a sound, she turned her head subconsciously, and the shoes just stepped on her spit, she fell to the ground with an ouch. The head hit the ground and passed out.
“Ah, someone fell down, what’s the matter?”
When someone saw it, they immediately came around.
“I seem to see her spitting out just now, and I was slipped by my own saliva…”
“Huh? Such a fool?”
“Yes, there are such handicapped people…”
The onlookers pointed and pointed, and all of them looked at Wang Keke as idiots…

“Are you off work? I’ll take you back.” Yvette said.
She has been thinking about it all afternoon. Ma Dongnan is not working anymore, so she can only find another person. She has already contacted, but is still waiting for a reply, but it is eight or nine o’clock and it is time to get off work.
Chuck looked at the time, he actually accompanied Yvette all afternoon, and he was ready to go to class. Forget it, go back.
Chuck nodded and said, Yvette packed up, and the two took the elevator to the parking lot.
Chuck actually enjoyed being given away by Yvette late.
How to say sitting next to her, you can look at her legs, Chuck thought, would you like to touch her secretly later? See her reaction? Hit someone? Still curse?
But thinking about it this way, Chuck shook his head. He still didn’t know what Yvette thought, so rashly touching it would definitely not work.
Sitting in Yvette’s car, Chuck didn’t say anything. He had an idea in his heart. It seems that today I still have to go to Zelda and ask her to help. Chuck couldn’t help but look at it as he thought about it. Yvette’s white hands.
“What do you think my hands are doing?” Yvette was puzzled.
Does your hand look so good? Don’t you look at the hips? I caught you twice, but this time I saw you? Yvette couldn’t figure it out.
Chuck is embarrassed, can’t say let you use your hands…
“Nothing…” Chuck shook his head and stopped thinking quickly.
Yvette was puzzled and didn’t say a word. The car drove slowly to where Chuck lived. Chuck opened the car door and came down, Yvette was silent, “Chuck…”
Chuck stopped, “What’s the matter?”
He was surprised, what did Yvette want to do? Want to go up for a drink?
Yvette said after being silent, “Take me to your house and have a look.”

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