My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 109

Chuck heard what Betty said, and he immediately continued, “What Chamber of Commerce?”
“It’s a small chamber of commerce organized by one person in Beijing,”
Small Chamber of Commerce? For Betty, it is estimated that the chambers of commerce not attended by a boss with a net worth of ten billion are all small chambers of commerce.
Chuck asked for the address. This has to be checked. What does the Chamber of Commerce say that Yvette will also dress very beautifully?
This is an opportunity.
“Master, if you want to go, then the Chamber of Commerce needs to wear formal clothes. There are formal clothes in the closet of your hotel room, blue, white, and black, but master, you are suitable to wear black! The invitation letter will be delivered later!” Betty said.
“Okay!” Chuck had to go out from here first, and then take the car to the hotel, it was not too early.
“Master, did you get used to living last night?” Betty asked.
“Not bad.” Chuck slept very comfortably last night, worthy of a five-star hotel.
“That’s good.”
“That’s it.”
“Okay, master.”
Chuck left here, immediately drove to the hotel, and returned to the hotel. It was already six in the evening.
He took the elevator up, took out his room card and prepared to go in and change clothes, but just saw the door of Zabrina next door open, and he saw Zabrina wearing a particularly beautiful dress.
The tight-fitting dress easily outlines her perfect curve, and she reveals a skinny collarbone, which is very sexy.
This Ye Zi has such a beautiful figure?
Chuck took a few glances. It is no wonder that she is also a celebrity. She is not a good figure, she is not beautiful, and she does not have the kind of high recognition. How can she become popular?
But this dress, what party are you going to attend?
Zabrina frowned, and she saw this pervert again!
How could he still live? impossible!
This night, 50,000 or 60,000 yuan, how could he be a star chaser, so he could stay the next night?
Absolutely impossible!
Chuck opened the door with his room key and walked directly in. Zabrina was surprised. He actually drove another night?
This is more than a hundred thousand, not to be heartbroken?
What does he want to do? Do you want to do something to yourself!
Zabrina feels that she must be vigilant. There are too many perverts now. What’s more, he just looked in front of her. The look in her eyes is really hateful. She is a big star, how can she let this kind of person see?
Zabrina was very angry, but she was in a hurry, otherwise she would have to knock on the door and ask what this pervert wanted to do!
She snorted, and under the leadership of her staff, she quickly went downstairs and must go to the chamber of commerce.
She saw a Rolls Royce parked at the door, and she asked, “Is this the shuttle bus?”
Her bodyguard was puzzled, “It seems not.”
“No? Go and ask!” Zabrina said, what’s the joke? How could it not be?
The bodyguard walked over and asked briefly, and came back quickly, “No, this is waiting for someone named Mr. Chuck.”
“Mr. Chuck? Who is Mr. Chuck?”
Zabrina frowned. She knew this Rolls Royce, but the hotel had the highest hospitality standard. Very few people could enjoy it. She had never heard of this Mr. Chuck.
She stared at this Rolls-Royce, and she muttered in her heart, she is also an old customer here, and she is still a big star, why didn’t she enjoy the highest pick-up standard!
“Our car is coming,” the bodyguard said.
This is a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, but the gap with Rolls-Royce is not too small. She hummed and sat in under the leadership of the bodyguard.
The car started slowly. She couldn’t help but look out. Who is Mr. Chuck who can make the hotel dispatch the highest standard of reception?
She was puzzled. When she was about to go away, she saw the driver open the car door, and a man in a suit sat in and couldn’t see his face. But the figure looked very good from a distance and the aura was very strong. Very young.
And he should still be a handsome guy.
I can’t see it at all, Zabrina retracted her gaze, wondering in her heart, why didn’t she know how such a handsome and rich man lived in the hotel?
Then only when I came back, I asked the front desk. Zabrina thought so and closed her eyes.

Chamber of Commerce!
Under Susan Sun’s introduction, Yvette met some people, but many people came here to discuss business. After hearing about Yvette’s company, many people laughed because Yvette’s company diot have any reputation. When asked where it was, Yvette said it was in what square, these people had no interest, it was too remote, and for the capital, too many places would not work.
Yvette felt a little lost, and became more determined to start his own company!
She went out to the bathroom and just saw her classmate Susan Sun arguing with someone. She hurried over, walked to Susan Sun and hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”
“This shaman touched me just now, so he didn’t apologize for me, and splashed me with water!”
Susan Sun was so angry that her mother wanted to hit someone. She and the people she knew made a good deal. This stupid woman touched herself in the past and almost knocked herself down. She was not angry, but the woman actually took a bite back. Said I hit her! After arguing a few words, I used water to splash people!
Susan Sun has a bad temper, how can he endure it?
Seeing that there was water on the face of her classmates and all her makeup was spent, Yvette was also angry. How come she was brought in by Susan Sun. She is her friend. How could Yvette see her friend being bullied?
“Hey, how can you do this?” Yvette was angry.
This water-splashing woman is very beautiful, she wears a famous brand, and the jewelry she wears is definitely millions of pieces. When Yvette was renting jewelry just now, she saw almost the same style, so the woman in front of her is very rich.
But if you have money, you can bully people? Can you just splash people with water?
How can this be?
But the woman raised her hand and picked up a glass of water and splashed it over. It’s smashing. The water sprayed on Yvette’s face and dripped on her clothes along her face, making Yvette’s hair and clothes wet.
“Who are you? Are you qualified to talk to me?” The woman sneered.
“Ah, Yvette,” Susan Sun was even more angry. Seeing Yvette doing this, she wanted to hit someone.
“It’s okay.” Yvette shook his head.
She wiped the water off her face with her hand. The reason for her natural beauty was that she didn’t make much makeup at all, which caused her face to be so splashed with water. On the contrary, she looked a bit pitiful, and even felt like a lotus flower.
“Why is it okay? Your clothes are all wet, this fool!” Susan Sun was annoyed. Yvette stopped her, “Forget it,”
The woman came over, picked up a wine glass and splashed it over, crashing!
The water sprayed on Yvette’s face again. Her clothes are soaked a lot.
“Forget it, who the hell will leave it to you?” The woman sneered, “What kind of chamber of commerce are you two poor than coming over to join, when this is a beggar? It simply lowers the level of the chamber of commerce!”
“Grass and mud horse!” Susan Sun couldn’t help it, raising her hand and shaking it over. She is not rich, but she can still get a few million dollars. Is this still poor?
With a snap.
Susan Sun slapped the woman’s face with a slap.
“Do you dare to beat me? Do you know who I am?” The woman was furious and immediately fought with Susan Sun. Susan Sun is not a loser. The two can’t fight each other. Yvette ran away naturally. Help in the past.
She rarely fights, but her friend has been bullied, how could she ignore it?
Two women beat one out, and the woman yelled, “Grass, you two are dead today, dead!”
The woman grabbed a bottle of red wine on the table and smashed it out, and slammed it on Yvette’s stomach. Yvette fell to the ground, embarrassed, her face was full of pain, almost crying, she felt My stomach is about to break.
Susan Sun watched Yvette fall to the ground and hurried over to help, but the woman took the opportunity to slap and slap Susan Sun’s face with a heavy slap. It hit Susan Sun on the face and made her fall to the ground with an oops.
Yvette endured the severe pain and helped Susan Sun up, but the woman lifted up her pointed high heels and kicked it out and kicked Yvette’s belly. Yvette’s eyes were red, and the pain seemed to be stabbed and tears. It came out instantly.

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