My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 111

Huang Keyue was shocked. Yvette was facing her head. Is this going to kill herself? ?
She screamed, her face turned pale in such a moment. How could she imagine that Yvette, who had been slapped several times by herself just now, would suddenly resist?
She thought of this at all!
Seeing that this wine bottle was about to hit her head, she was about to be disfigured, Huang Keyue was so frightened that she showed fear, she instinctively held her head in horror.
Yvette has never felt so angry today, never!
This was originally Huang Keyue’s fault, but she actually beat Susan Sun and beat herself…
An indifferent voice sounded in the crowd!
“I urge you to stop, you smashed it down, you, her, you two will definitely not get out of here today! And your family and friends will suffer too! This is the consequence!!!”
Xu Zhongqing is talking!
Among the crowd, he looked over here with indifferent eyes!
With amazing pressure and indifference!
Yvette stopped!
She looked at Xu Zhongqing!
In such a moment, the scene of the Chamber of Commerce of Nuovo was silent!
The onlookers look at me, I look at you, many people are waiting for a good show, but Yvette suddenly stopped, this is scared and dare not continue, it really disappointed them!
They also want to see how angry Huang Keyue’s father looks!
“I thought it would go down, but I didn’t dare!”
“Of course not, you think she didn’t know that Huang Keyue’s father is Huang Dalong? She is probably scared to pee now.”
“Haha, a beautiful woman was scared to pee…interesting!”
There was a lot of discussion at the scene, Yvette’s red eyes stared at Xu Zhongqing, “What if I insist on smashing it?”
“It’s up to you! Anyway, I have already told you the consequences! You have a background and are more powerful than Huang Dalong, so you can smash it, but you don’t, then you kneel and kowtow to admit your mistakes, maybe it’s too late.”
Xu Zhongqing’s voice revealed calmness.
Susan Sun knew only a few million people, and he was the bottom person here.
Yvette has never seen him. Yvette has a good temperament, but the cheap dress betrayed her. This woman has no money, and she was slapped a few times by Huang Keyue and did not fight back. It only shows that she dare not fight back. She has no background and no money.
Yvette was silent.
Dare you?
She was not afraid at this time, from the beginning to the end, the big deal was beaten, Yvette felt it didn’t matter, but many things prevented her from letting go.
She looked at Susan Sun.
Susan Sun cried bitterly. She didn’t know Huang Keyue originally, but Xu Zhongqing just said that she was Huang Dalong’s daughter. She knew it and felt it over all at once.
“Yvette, don’t, don’t fight,… she, we can’t afford it,” Susan Sun smiled bitterly.
How could she think that this stupid woman was Huang Dalong’s daughter? I knew it, how could she do it?
Yvette is still silent, forget it? Forget it…
“Yvette, forget it.” Susan Sun gave in. She really can’t afford such a person!
Huang Keyue saw Yvette’s hand stopped in the air, so she didn’t dare to hit it!
The horror on her face disappeared, and the anger and sneer appeared again, “Crazy, don’t you dare to hit me? I know you dare not hit me! Let you fuck me!”
Huang Keyue raised her hand and slapped Yvette on the cheek!
Make you fucking scare me? !

Rousslaus slowly stopped at the door of the hotel. The driver got out of the car and wanted to open the door for Chuck, but he saw that Chuck had opened the door and walked out.
The driver felt helpless, this Mr. Chuck really didn’t have any air, and his personality was really good.
You know, he is the person who the hotel owner personally ordered to receive the highest standards.
Chuck looked at the interior of the hotel, there was the arrangement of the Chamber of Commerce, Chuck had some expectations in his heart, wondering what Yvette would look like when he saw him here?
He stepped on his legs and walked inside, but at this time, a Mercedes-Benz S series also slowly stopped at the door. Zabrina couldn’t help but walked out by herself. She saw the man in a high-end boutique suit at the door. The back of this man.
This Rolls-Royce came out of the same hotel as her. This Mr. Chuck, who enjoys the highest standards of the hotel, actually appeared in the same hotel as himself!
Did he come to the party too?
Zabrina was invited by Xu Zhongqing to come over. She was going to sing a song at the last time, so she didn’t refuse to come over. Anyway, if there is money to get it, why didn’t she come?
This person has a good background and a very good figure, especially this tailor-made suit, which shows his temperament, even if it is just a back, I don’t know if I have seen it before?
Zabrina went over, smiled and wanted to meet, and how to say it was the same hotel.
“Hello, I am Zabrina…”
She is very confident in these words.
I have been very popular recently. Movies, TV shows, and songs have all come out. This Mr. Chuck must know him.
“Hello.” Zabrina said, because this Mr. Chuck actually stopped.
Zabrina smiled and walked to this Mr. Chuck, “Mr. Chuck, we are in the same hotel…Ah!!! Why are you?”
Zabrina was stunned!
Because this Mr. Chuck wearing a high-end suit is actually the pervert! !
how can that be?
Zabrina is unbelievable, isn’t this person a fan of her? I deliberately attracted my attention on the plane, and then made a very annoying move, grabbing the car…
This person thinks it is a pervert, but he is in such a brand-name suit, which makes Zabrina stupefied. Is he Mr. Chuck? Is it Mr. Chuck who asked the hotel to dispatch the Rolls Royce? ?
But all this person’s actions are abnormal behaviors!
Chuck touched his nose, Zabrina actually came here to join the Chamber of Commerce? No wonder she is going to wear a dress.
“Are you Mr. Chuck?” Zabrina still couldn’t believe it, how could it be possible!
“Uh, what do you call me so?” Chuck shook his head. He wanted to hurry in and see Yvette. Yvette today is absolutely beautiful!
He couldn’t wait, and didn’t want to leave this so-called star Zabrina.
“Stop!” Zabrina walked to Chuck and asked suspiciously, “I don’t believe it, did you appear in front of me on purpose?”
“Intentionally?” Chuck was taken aback, why is she so confident?
“Yes, isn’t it? You first attracted my attention on the plane, then you got off the plane and then grabbed the car and hit up with me. Yesterday, I stayed in a hotel with me and lived next door to me. Today we appeared again Going to the same hotel and participating in the same chamber of commerce, do you still say you didn’t mean it? You…” Zabrina said a lot. Is this the way of the rich?
“Stop, I think you have misunderstood. When did I catch your attention on the plane?” Chuck was confused.
“You haven’t said yet? You drink so much Coke in front of me, drink Coke in the first class, are you not attracting my attention?” Zabrina said.
Chuck is speechless, this woman is so self-confident!
“You think too much, it’s the first time I’m taking a plane to drink Coke, so I don’t know what to drink. As for grabbing a car with you, this is a misunderstanding, not what you said…” Chuck can only explain.
Zabrina frowned, “Then you still live in a hotel with me? You still appeared here on purpose today, and you are with me…”
“You really misunderstood.” Chuck shook his head, “I lived in the same hotel because my friend booked this hotel for me. I appeared here, and my girlfriend is here.”
“You…” Zabrina was stunned, didn’t she? Is not it? But so many coincidences, but Zabrina thought about it carefully, she felt blushed and embarrassed.
It seems that when he was flying on the plane, he really didn’t even look at himself. He robbed the car because he had booked the same hotel… and he had been misunderstanding him, misunderstanding that he was a pervert…
“Also, if you don’t show up in front of me, I really don’t know who you are, and… my girlfriend is more beautiful than you…” Chuck is honest, he doesn’t chase stars, and Zabrina is really inferior Yvette is beautiful and incomparable in figure, although she is also in good shape.
After Chuck walked inside, Zabrina was stunned. She felt distressed and embarrassed. She was just thinking about it all the time?
Chuck walked into the hotel and smiled, Yvette, I have come to Beijing to find you!

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