My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 113

Snapped! !
Chuck slapped Huang Keyue’s face heavily!
The wide palm hit her half of her cheek, and immediately turned red, and the sound of the crisp skin and flesh beating echoed in the hall of Nuo Da!
Such a moment!
The scene is silent! Everyone seems to be wrong, what happened?
Is this an illusion?
Huang Keyue was stunned, this person actually beat herself?
how can that be?
“You, you fucking hit me?” Huang Keyue couldn’t believe it!
What greeted her was another big slap, snap!
Huang Keyue screamed and sat on the ground, grabbing a table, and all the drinks on it fell on her, embarrassed!
“My God, who is this man?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know at all!”
“This is Huang Dalong’s daughter. This is going against the sky.”
“I don’t think it is against the sky, but rather miserable.”
“Young people are very angry. These few slaps are cool, but the consequences are serious!”
There was a lot of discussion among onlookers.
Because of this scene, everyone at the scene did not expect it. They thought that Huang Keyue would slap Yvette and it would be finished. Then this Chamber of Commerce could continue, but they never expected to rush out halfway through. The young man, and he didn’t know how to beat Huang Keyue.
This is not a hero saving beauty, this is a fool to save beauty.
Yvette closed her eyes just now and waited for Huang Keyue to strike down, but she waited for a few seconds without feeling her numb face. She opened her eyes and saw a person whose back was familiar, and the voice… Also familiar, especially familiar.
He called his wife…
Yvette thought he had heard it wrong, but no. The back of the man in front of him was in a suit. She hadn’t seen him wearing a suit, but the back was familiar, was it him?
Did he sleep together since he was a child?
At this moment Yvette seemed to be dreaming, very suddenly.
No, it won’t be him.
He is still in Haishi, studying, and part-time. How could he be here? ?
Yvette shook his head blankly, but…
He turned his head, it was a gentle and distressed god, he came over and held himself, his hands are warm, is this true?
“Yvette…” Chuck really felt distressed.
Ever since he was young, Chuck has never seen Yvette like this, blushing, with a lot of slap marks, how many times have he been hit?
Chuck clenched his fists.
This voice entered Yvette’s ears. At such a moment, Yvette’s accumulated grievances broke out, and her tears flowed out of her eyes, and she couldn’t stop it.
Originally, she thought she would be very miserable today because she was lonely and no one helped her. Everyone at the scene watched her jokes. She was mentally prepared to lie down and go out today.
However, someone came over. This person is the one who has been sleeping together since his nap.
“Don’t cry,” Chuck stretched out her hand to wipe Yvette’s tears, but she blushed and it hurt. When Chuck touched her, she subconsciously backed away.
At this moment, Chuck just wanted to put Yvette in his arms and hug him tightly.
“Chuck, hurry up, this woman is amazing, I…” Yvette came back to her senses, and she wiped away the tears herself, anxious.
She didn’t know how Chuck came here, but Huang Keyue was very good here. She just found out, she didn’t want Chuck to be implicated by herself.
Chuck’s friend is Zelda. Zelda has a way in Haishi, but here is the capital!
“Don’t worry, it’s okay.” Chuck was gentle.
This gentle voice moved Yvette’s heart, and the tears that had just stopped came out again.
She shook her head crying and said in a choked voice, “Chuckzhen, you go first, leave me alone, you…”
“Her mother beat me and want to go? Fuck! The three of you can’t go anymore today! Can’t go!!!” At this time, Huang Keyue got up from the ground, her face was angry and insidious!
She recovered and touched her red cheek. She knew that she was really beaten!
And it was beaten by this bastard in front of me!
This person is really looking for death! !
“It’s over, this young man is over, Huang Keyue is angry. It’s angry!”
“It must be over, Huang Keyue has a very strange temperament. Whoever provokes her will definitely make this person unlucky! I think this young man has to lie down today!”
“Then there is a good show today.”
The people at the scene were talking babbledly. Huang Keyue stared at Chuck. She stepped over and passed a table. She took a wine bottle.
“Do you know who I am? Hehe, you don’t know, but it’s okay, I will let you know now!! Huang Dalong! I am Huang Dalong’s daughter, who is he? I tell you, half a Chinese medicine, my dad Ten percent! You may not know what this concept is, it doesn’t matter, I can continue to tell you, that is, I can die for you now!” Huang Keyue walked over with the wine bottle.
She raised the wine bottle and smashed it at Chuck’s head!
“Ah, no!”
Yvette was stunned and panicked. It would break if he smashed his head like this, and something serious would happen.
Everyone in the audience is intently!
Does this young man dare to hide? ?
Absolutely not, Huang Keyue has already said so clearly, he still dare to hide?
Under the attention of the audience, Chuck glanced at Huang Keyue, raised his hand and grabbed her wrist. Chuck runs a lot and has good physical fitness, not to mention being a man. How could he not be able to subdue a woman? ?
“Dare you stop me?” Huang Keyue was angry, she stared at Chuck, she suddenly smiled because she saw something in her eyes, haha! !
Huang Keyue reached out and uncovered the collar of Chuck’s clothes, which had the hotel logo, waiter. This guy is a waiter!
“Haha! Your clothes are pretty, what brand?” Huang Keyue laughed. Who did she think Chuck was? It turned out to be the hotel attendant here!
This is when she saw the beauty being beaten, came out and took a set of clothes, came out and pretended to be forced?
“This is. The hotel waiter’s clothes, I know.”
“Hey, really, it turns out this young man is a waiter!”
“This is really a big pretense. A waiter dared to call Huang Keyue. This is really fatal!”
Everyone at the scene stared at Chuck’s white shirt collar, and the hotel sign on it seemed to be branded, so clear that it was dazzling.
“Will you pretend to be forced? Is it too time for you to change? Oh, I see, you are used to being a waiter, so you forgot to change…” Huang Keyue really smiled and sneered.
Mom, he was hit by a waiter? ?
Chuck lowered his head to see that this was really marked. He didn’t pay attention when he changed his clothes just now.
Huang Keyue struggling to draw her hand back while Chuck was distracted, she shook the wine bottle in her hand and smiled suddenly, “Come on, don’t you want to hit me? This wine bottle is for you, I’ll call you… …”
Huang Keyue joked and beat you, do you dare? She brought the wine bottle to Chuck.
“Haha, definitely not, a waiter would dare to smash Huang Keyue with a wine bottle?”
“He doesn’t move. Is this frightening? Just like the woman just now, he never dared to do it.”
“I think so.”
The audience laughed, how could it be possible? This guy is a waiter! Dare to take the bottle in Huang Keyue’s hand? ?
“Don’t you dare? Just such a courage to come out to save the United States? Save Nima’s rescue!” Huang Keyue was proud, very cool, she liked this feeling!
Chuck glanced at her, shook his head and pushed the wine bottle in her hand.
Huang Keyue laughed, laughed!
“I dare not!”
The others are surprised! This young man is so courageous!
It’s so useless to be so stunned by a woman and dare not fight back.
“Since I have given you a chance, you dare not fight…” Huang Keyue sneered sarcastically, she was about to grab Chuck with the bottle, but!
“Your wine bottle is empty, I like to use this bottle!”
Chuck grabbed an unopened red wine bottle on the table and threw it at Huang Keyue’s head!
Red wine was everywhere, and the audience was silent for such a moment!
Everyone was stunned, he was actually smashed? ? Is this an illusion? At this moment, everyone was shocked!

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