My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 116

At the Chamber of Commerce venue, the atmosphere is freezing!
No one spoke, and the huge scene was silent! The needle drop can be heard!
Yvette was really stunned. This short period of more than ten seconds gave her indescribable shock. The person Xu Zhongqing called to beat him, and Huang Keyue, who was just now arrogant and domineering, actually kneeled to Chuck. Now, with fear on his face.
How is this going?
Yvette was lost for a moment.
I have watched Chuck grow up since he was a child. Until recently, Chuck has been so ordinary for more than ten years, but recently, Chuck has suddenly changed, moved out, and has a whole new look. I know the restaurant owner Zelda and even the school flower. Yolanda knew each other, and now…in this capital city.
Can actually make people kneel down!
What happened to Chuck recently?
Yvette couldn’t understand it anymore. You should know that this is the capital city, not the sea market. Can Zelda still work here?
It should not work, so what is going on?
All these questions made Yvette completely stunned. What happened to her husband recently?
This change is said to have turned upside down!
Susan Sun, who had been desperate just now, came over with his mouth in a daze. She couldn’t believe it. She thought it was an illusion in despair, but isn’t it, the solidified atmosphere at the scene is so real, how could it be an illusion?
“Jordan… Yvette… Is this really your boyfriend?”
Susan Sun’s voice was trembling.
Yvette returned to his senses and gave a gentle benevolence.
“But, doesn’t your boyfriend eat soft rice? Isn’t it impossible? How could…” Susan Sun couldn’t say it anymore.
Chuck’s face was so calm at this time. She had never seen this feeling on anyone’s face. Such a person is really useless and a soft-boiled man?
Susan Sun questioned herself.
“I said, he didn’t eat soft rice, he just…” Yvette shook his head.
Yvette felt that Chuck definitely encountered something recently.
Susan Sun couldn’t say a word when she came to her mouth, she actually underestimated Chuck?
Are you qualified?
If it weren’t for Chuck, then he might be beaten badly today.
She looked at this indifferent man from a distance. For a moment, she was a little envious of Yvette. She found a boyfriend so good.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Huang Keyue kowtows to Chuck!
She was terrified, but her father’s screams were in her cellphone. Who was it?
Huang Keyue was shocked. Her father didn’t say that he was very powerful in the capital, but few people dared to beat her father. Could it be that this person is a super rich second-generation?
This idea came up, Huang Keyue couldn’t believe it, isn’t he a waiter? how come……
Apart from Huang Keyue’s pleading voice, no one spoke at the huge chamber of commerce!
They had been beaten completely with Xu Zhongqing, and Huang Keyue was stunned for the moment she knelt!
“Does anyone know this young man?”
“I don’t know either!”
“But how could this happen? Huang Keyue actually knelt down and begged for mercy, what about her dad? Huang Dalong won’t show up anymore?”
“I guess, Huang Dalong may have caused Huang Keyue to kneel. I think this young man’s parents must have known Huang Dalong. Huang Dalong has no choice but to let his daughter admit his mistake.”
“Huang Dalong is also worth hundreds of millions, so this young man is also a rich second-generation, it really can’t be seen!”
“That’s it, it’s very low-key. In the capital circle, he has never appeared.”
The people at the scene talked a lot, and the tone has completely changed…
“Tell me sorry?” Chuck looked down at her.
He was actually curious what happened? I haven’t called my mother yet.
“I…” Huang Keyue looked at Yvette, ready to stand up and run over to kneel to Yvette, but…
Chuck slapped it!
Huang Keyue fell to the ground with a sound of horror.
“Who made you stand up?” Chuck said.
Huang Keyue crawled over on her knees in fear, kowtow to Yvette, crying bitterly, “Please, help me intercede with your boyfriend, I know I was wrong, I really know I was wrong…”
Yvette’s heart is boiling!
Last time in the city square, the manager knelt to herself, she felt nothing, but now this person with a wealth of hundreds of millions kneels to herself, she feels dazed.
“Please!” Huang Keyue saw Yvette not speaking, she cried and crawled to Susan Sun, kowtow to Susan Sun.
Susan Sun is dumbfounded!
She feels so cool!
Susan Sun raised her hand and slapped it out. Huang Keyue didn’t dare to resist, she continued to cry for mercy!
“Didn’t your mother be very hanging? She kicked me? I told you to kick me!” Susan Sun kicked out, she was also in high heels, kicked Huang Keyue, she screamed.
“Don’t hit me, don’t…” Huang Keyue begged.
“Grass and mud horse!” Susan Sun punched and kicked Huang Keyue!
She felt that she was too prestigious, she could actually beat Huang Dalong’s daughter today!
Cool! !
Under Huang Keyue’s scream, she simply closed her eyes and pretended to die. Susan Sun was tired and stopped panting. Huang Keyue was embarrassed, and even her clothes were in tatters.
Chuck walked to Yvette, “You can also hit her.”
Yvette’s face was red on both sides. To be honest, Chuck wanted to kill Huang Keyue. It would be light to beat her.
“Forget it, she has already been punished,” Yvette shook her head. She felt that today’s affairs were too much trouble, and something might happen, what should I do if a plan is unsure?
She thinks it’s better to leave here quickly.
Otherwise, things are not that simple.
Chuck was helpless, and Yvette’s character was not so cruel. After he was silent, Yvette’s face was not good, so Chuck decided to send Yvette to the hospital. She kept her hands on her belly and might be injured.
“My wife, I’ll take you to the hospital,” Chuck was gentle.
It’s been a long time since I heard Chuck call herself that. Yvette regretted and was moved. What regretted was that she hadn’t let Chuck call him before. What was moved is… He has changed so much now, and he hasn’t forgotten… I am his wife.
Yvette suddenly wanted to cry. If Chuck didn’t come over today, what would happen to him?
“En.” Yvette held back the tears, she nodded, she also felt bleeding in her stomach, which was painful.
Also, she has too many questions now, Chuck, why did you come here.
Chuck, why do you have your current strength?
Chuck, what happened to you?
Yvette especially wants to know all this.
She went to help Susan Sun, and Chuck took the two of them away, but what Yvette didn’t notice was that there was a broken necklace on the ground, which was broken when she was fighting with Huang Keyue just now…
The scene is silent!
The centipede and people also followed out…
Huang Keyue suddenly got up and chased after him, pulling Chuck to beg, “Please. Don’t let people beat my dad!”
Chuck frowned and glanced at her. The indifferent eyes fell into Huang Keyue’s eyes, causing her to sit on the ground in horror. The fear on her face was shaped…
Who did you provoke today?
“Dad, dad…” Huang Keyue was crying into the phone, but there was no sound in the phone. She was terrified. Was her father beaten to death?
She ran to the parking lot and drove, embarrassed, her dress was torn and her skin was exposed…
“Fat, what happened?”
Zabrina came out from the backstage in shock. She was going to sing the finale, but the time was almost up. She waited in the backstage. She didn’t see Xu Zhongqing who had invited herself come over to find herself. She walked out suspiciously.
I found that the scene was a bit messy, and the chamber of commerce had almost left, and on the ground, Xu Zhongqing was lying on the ground, covered in blood…
what happened?
She walked over in shock, “What happened? What happened?”
“Hey, Zabrina? You asked Xu Zhongqing to come over to sing, right? You don’t know yet, a young man appeared just now and someone beat Xu Zhongqing…” someone said.
“Young man?” Zabrina instantly thought of who, “What does it look like?”
“About twenty years old, very tall, and wearing a waiter’s shirt…”
“What? Mr. Chuck hit Xu Zhongqing?” Zabrina was dumbfounded…

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