My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 117

“Quick! Come here!”
Chuck hugged Yvette in a panic, because she fainted when she came out, her hands kept covering her belly, and her body was covered with cold sweat. She was slapped several times by Huang Keyue just now, and she was exhausted, and she couldn’t hold it anymore.
Rolls Royce stopped at the door, and the driver waiting for Chuck inside immediately came out and opened the door, respectfully!
Chuck took Yvette in!
Susan Sun was stunned. She had been in the capital for so long, so how could she not know who owned this Rolls Royce.
She had stayed in a five-star hotel before, and the Rolls-Royce who saw this license plate was specially picked up. She asked specifically, this is the treatment only for the hotel’s VIPs!
She looked at Chuck blankly!
Could it be that he is a rich second generation? How else is it possible to have such strength?
Thinking about this, she envy Yvette even more.
“Can I go up?” Susan Sun asked in a low voice. She felt guilty that she actually despised Chuck before, would he know?
Susan Sun was a little nervous.
“Come up,” Chuck was anxious, and must immediately send Yvette to the best hospital.
Sun Shangxiang sat in. This was the first time she had taken this luxury car. It felt so good. She was a little restrained.
“Quick, drive to the best hospital in Beijing!” Chuck was anxious.
The driver immediately drove to the best hospital and looked at Yvette who was unconscious in his arms. Chuck felt distressed. He stretched out his hand to clean Yvette’s sweat-drenched forehead and hair. Her face was red and she was beaten like this. Up.
Looking at her so close, Yvette is so beautiful, with so long eyelashes and so perfect facial features…
Chuck hugged her. This is the first time he has hugged her like this since he has known Yvette for so long, and he can feel her heartbeat and breathing. This feeling is… really good.
“My wife, I won’t let anyone bully you again…” Chuck said softly in Yvette’s ear.
Yvette was in a coma and did not respond, but his eyes were moving, and tears came out from the corners of his eyes…
Susan Sun, who was sitting next to him, was moved. Where can I find such a gentle boyfriend?
Yvette, you are so happy…

“Boss, you just said, didn’t you let us take Young Master Chuck to wait here?” At the entrance of the hotel, Centipede stood with more than a dozen of his men.
One of the men asked in a low voice.
“How to wait? This Young Master Chuck called me personally and said that she was worried that she would not be able to come over in time, so she let me over just in case, such a person, in the situation just now, would you let me force me to stay? Is he down?” Centipede said grimly.
This man suddenly did not dare to speak.
But another subordinate couldn’t help but curiously asked, “Boss, who is this Young Master Chuck? Why haven’t I heard of it before?”
“Yeah, I have never heard of it either. This Master Chuck must have never appeared in the capital before, so strange…”
“Well, this Young Master Chuck has a very good temperament. He is absolutely super rich and only feels like the second generation!”
Other subordinates are also full of curiosity.
When they came in just now, when their boss told Xu Zhongqing to fight, they thought they had heard it wrong.
After all, my boss and Xu Zhongqing are good friends, so they beat their friends for one person?
“I don’t even have the right to know, do you have?” Centipede gave him a glance.
These men immediately shook their heads, “It’s not the boss…”
Your boss rarely has such a solemn time!
Soon, a Rolls-Royce drove over from a distance and stopped in front of the centipede.
The centipede immediately lowered his voice and told them not to speak before he walked over respectfully.
He lowered his head and didn’t dare to look up at the car, even though he wanted to see very much in his heart…
But he dare not.
“President Logan, I’m sorry, I just came out with Young Master Chuck, but Young Master Chuck’s friend suddenly fainted. Young Master Chuck sent his friend to the hospital,” said Centipede nervously. This President Logan, but he will never be able to The existence of positive contact!
“Hospital? I see, I have worked hard…”
A gap was exposed in the car window, and a nice voice came from inside. Although there were only a few words, it was faint, like a clear spring.
“It should be.” The centipede was flattered, and even had a surprise in his heart. This one actually said that it was hard work. Is this thank you?
The centipede wanted to laugh, for this sentence, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it!
“En, drive.” The voice inside continued to ring.
The car was moving slowly, and the centipede hesitated and said, “Mr Logan…”
“Something else?”
“Does Huang Dalong need me to deal with it?” The centipede actually wanted to beat Huang Keyue a while ago, but the man surnamed Logan didn’t order to do so.
“No, Huang Dalong, I have already let people deal with it,”
“What about her daughter Huang Keyue?”
“This…I will let someone handle it.”
“Yes… you go slowly!”
As the car drove away slowly, Centipede dared to raise his head. He reluctantly looked at Rousslaus, who was going away. Some people said that they were the number one beauty in Beijing…
But he had never seen it before, but the voice was so nice.
His men leaned forward.
“Boss, it smells so good…”
“Just now this car window was opened, and the scent inside smelled so good. It shouldn’t be perfume, it should be a woman’s body scent. What kind of woman would have a body scent, really…”
“I really want to see the look of the woman in the car, is she in good shape? Absolutely, the voice is so nice and smelling…”
Snapped! Snapped! !
The centipede raised his hand in anger and slapped it out several times. Several of his men were immediately dumbfounded, and they pressed their cheeks in grievance, “Boss…”
“You fools want to die, right?” Centipede scolded, how dare they miss her? ?
“I tell you, if you want to die, don’t drag me down! Starting from today, who dares to talk about her? I will interrupt someone’s leg!” Centipede said coldly.
“Yes Yes……”
“Boss, we know we were wrong, we don’t dare anymore…”
These people immediately shook their heads in horror, because they saw that their boss’s face was pale just now… scared to pale…

Chuck was sitting by the hospital bed. Yvette had already fallen asleep. The result just now came out. Yvette’s stomach was bleeding from a kick, and Yvette’s mood was a little farther away, causing her to pass out.
The doctor had dealt with the injuries on her face and body, but her face was still red, and the slap marks hadn’t subsided. At this moment, Chuck wanted to go to death for a while!
Actually beat Yvette like this? !
Chuck touched Yvette’s hand distressedly. Chuck also didn’t know how long it was. He looked at the time very late, and he thought that Wan Yvette woke up, so at the very least, he wanted to eat something?
Thinking of this, Chuck stood up and went to buy Yvette a piece of porridge.
But he was stunned when he opened the door.
Because there are two people standing at each end of the corridor of the hospital. They are all women in suits, blocking other people. This is a private hospital. This is understandable.
But there was a woman on the corridor seat.
Chuck was even more stunned after seeing her, this woman…really beautiful.
how to say? The indescribable feeling, like the beauty that can be seen from a distance and not close to play, she wore a dress with exquisite high-heeled shoes, her hands were very beautiful, her nails without any decoration, white and her fingernails were all healthy gloss.
With a faint smile on her face, she was actually facing herself…
Chuck was surprised. He hesitated and walked over, “Hello.”
She stood up smiling, “Hello.”
This voice was so gentle, Chuck was in a daze. It was such a nice voice, he hesitated, “You are…”
When he saw this woman just now, he saw that she was definitely not an ordinary person, that kind of temperament was really perfect, noble, and indescribable.
In fact, Chuck has been thinking, who did the things today? He could only say that it was Betty or his mother arranged it.
So this woman should know her own mother.
“Call me Aunt Logan.” She smiled and said with a very gentle voice.
Chuck is shocked, aunt? Is she mother’s sister? But why don’t you look like your mother at all?
Chuck was suspicious, “You are… my mother…”
“I call your mother Karen Li sister.” She said.
Chuck was suddenly stunned. He probably recognized his mother as the sister. After all, the two were not alike at all.
“Auntie Logan…” Chuck whispered, and she suddenly nodded with a chuckle, “En.”

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