My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 122

With a scream, the audience fell into dead silence!
Everyone was stunned, including An Zaijie and Wu Qianqian, they were stunned.
The air seemed to be freezing.
“Producer? Is he a producer?”
“How is this possible? So he invested in the movie now casting?”
“Isn’t he trying to fight for the male number one?”
“He is really qualified to let us go, because he is the boss!”
“Oh my God, why the boss is so low-key? Fortunately, I didn’t taunt him just now. He shouldn’t let me go, pray.”
“Me too, neither do I.”
A few seconds later, these people were already talking subconsciously. In an instant, there was no underestimation or ridicule on their faces anymore, some were just mere promises, and even some beautiful women had already glared at Chuck.
“Are you a producer?” An Zaijie returned to his senses, and he stared at Chuck.
“So you can leave.” Chuck said.
“Don’t…” Wu Qianqian was anxious. She was going to be the number one female. If An Zaijie is not the number one male, how could she still have the opportunity to do it?
The other people whom Chuck pointed out just now turned pale, especially the handsome boy who stopped Chuck, with regret written on his face, and even begged in his eyes.
“I’m afraid you are not qualified to let me go!” An Zaijie sneered.
He is currently a very popular little fresh meat, and it is set by the film and television company. How can he let a little producer that he has never seen before?
Do you dare to drive?
An Zaijie is proud, but he is very popular! Do you dare to offend me with a small film? You don’t want to mix up, do you?
“Yes, I have never heard of you. You must be just a famous producer. What are you dragging here? Do you dare to fire Brother Jie? You forget that the entertainment industry speaks for fame. Brother Jie is the most popular recently. , If you dare to fire Brother Jie, then the biggest producer of this movie will fire you!” A man named by Chuck just broke the jar and sneered at Chuck again.
An Zaijie sneered more obviously!
Wu Qianqian was also proud, “Who are you? What a great production? I dare to fire my dear. If this movie is not performed by my dear, then this movie will be so bad that you don’t even have any panties. Give it to my dear. I apologize! Otherwise, my dear words, your production is not proper, you must remember that this movie depends on my dear, not your little producer.”
“Who is the little producer?” At this time, a strange woman’s voice sounded.
Everyone immediately calmed down, because this was the voice of director Erica Yannic!
Wu Qianqian hurriedly shut up. Erica Yannic’s reputation is very big. She didn’t dare to talk any more, but her eyes were still proud of Chuck. The director is here, let’s see what you can do with this little producer!
You have to step aside!
“Yue Dao, what’s going on?” An Zaijie sneered and became polite.
Erica Yannic has many contacts in the film industry, and he is not an actor who can offend him.
“What’s going on?” Erica Yannic asked.
“This person just said he wants to fire me! I’m the default male number one for this drama! I have discussed the plot with Yue Dao several times, and I am about to start filming immediately. What qualifications does he have to change me?” I was very angry.
Cursing in his heart
Shabi, your movie is not as famous as mine, her mother will lose you! Dare to change me? Now it’s more and more guided, see you still pretending to be forced!
Damn it, I want you to kneel and beg me!
“Then you can go.” Erica Yannic said simply.
With a smug sneer on his face, An Zaijie was stunned. He seemed to have heard it wrong, what?
Let yourself go?
“The director said to let Brother Jie go? I heard it right?”
“Yes, the number one man in this drama is tailored for An Jae-jie!”
The others were also shocked!
Let a popular star go so simply? This producer is so awesome! ?
They looked at Chuck, showing incredible!
Wu Qianqian was already dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Director Erica Yannic to say that. She thought that Director Yue would scold this small producer in public! But director Erica Yannic was biased towards this producer without asking.
“Yue Dao, are you right? I’m the one in this drama…” An Zaijie looked ugly.
“Stop talking, you have nothing to do with this drama now.” Erica Yannic shook his head.
An Zaijie was annoyed, “Yue Dao, you have to think clearly, he is just a small producer, I have never heard of it before!”
“Small producer? I think you have misunderstood. Now he has no problem changing a word.” Erica Yannic shook his head.
Ahn Jae-jie was finally surprised, can he change the director? Who is this person in front of me?
Others were even more horrified!
In other words, the director, what concept is this? Did he invest all in this movie?
The audience was silent!
“The person named by the producer just now leaves immediately!” Erica Yannic said.
An Zaijie’s face was ugly, he stared at Chuck, then turned and left with a cold snort! Wu Qianqian looked at Chuck pleadingly.
Chuck’s face was calm.
Wu Qianqian could only stomped away, and the few named by Chuck just now turned and walked outside with regret.
The others were scared after a while and really left!
“Wait!” Chuck said suddenly.
An Zaijie stopped, with a sneer on his face, huh, aren’t you stupid, knowing that I will lose you if I don’t have this movie, so come here to beg me now?
An Zaijie turned his head and sneered, “Is there anything else?”
The people present looked at each other, it turned out that this was just a distraction.
“Yes.” Chuck glanced at him, and then said to Erica Yannic, “Yue Dao, it should be okay to let him play the villain?”
Erica Yannic glanced at An Zaijie again, “The villain who was hit and killed by a car in the end?”
“Not bad.”
“No problem.” Erica Yannic nodded.
“Well, don’t go, you will be the number one villain,” Chuck said.
“What? My dignified actor, you let me play the villain?” An Zaijie was instantly angry!
The others were surprised. They looked at the script. The villain died terribly. He was still a rapist. He was chopped down and killed by a car. In the end he was stripped of his clothes by a beggar. Death…
Let a popular star play such a villain, the producer really dare to think, isn’t this an insult to An Jae-jie?
“You are very suitable for this role.” Chuck said.
“Haha, do you say I am suitable? I don’t act!” An Zaijie laughed, but the decision is up to him! Not acting!
“You can’t help me! I said you act, you have to act! And you have to act well for me!” Chuck said.
“Really?” An Zaijie dismissed, “Do you have this strength?”
“I’ve already said that, Yue Dao, let’s start!” Chuck said.
Erica Yannic nodded, and the two sat down.
“Just say it? I’ll tell you, I’m not a bird of you, I will never act! You continue to pretend to be you! I won’t play with you!” An Zaijie sneered and walked outside, Wu Qianqian They followed.
But in less than a minute, An Zaijie walked back again, the sneer on his face disappeared, and some were afraid, and the audience was stunned!
What did An Jae-jie, who was still vowing just now, come back for? Is this expression scared?
The audience was silent!
“I, I play this role, please give me this opportunity!” An Zaijie whispered.
At this moment, the eyes of the people present widened, what? Popular stars actually agree to play the villain? Did you hear me wrong?
“Yes, take off your clothes.” Chuck said.
“Huh?” An Zaijie was stunned. He received a call from his agent just now when he came out and told him to act, otherwise his acting career would be cut off. How dare he? Can only come back beggingly.
“When your character finally died, you were bare-body, so you got off.” Chuck said.
An Zaijie stayed in place, undressing in front of so many people?
“An Jae-jie shouldn’t take it off, right?”
“Sure, he is so popular. The producer has made it clear that he is going to humiliate him. I don’t believe An Jaejie is so mean.”
“I don’t think so.”
They talked a lot, and they all felt that such a red An Jae-jie could get off?
But what quickly shocked them was that the dignified popularity of small fresh meat really began to take off in front of so many people…

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Sometimes this is getting more more stupid the character is too weak and heavily rellies on his mother like a toddler nowender he forgot his wife is hospitalized true loser MC

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