My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 13

Chuck Cannon didn’t respond after reading Yvette Jordan’s WeChat. In fact, he also didn’t know what he was doing here, he wouldn’t be able to meet Yvette anyways. If she saw that Baller was actually Chuck who had been sleeping with her since childhood, she would probably be furious!
After a moment of silence, Chuck decided against replying to her WeChat nor going in. However, her WeChat message arrived once more.
“Whether you come today or not, I will wait for you. I just want to see you.”
“I can’t do anything. The point is that you will be pissed off if you saw me.” Chuck thought.
Chuck did not reply. Conflicted, he decided to go in and have a look. After all, he was already there. Yvette couldn’t just be sitting near the door, right? But….
Chuck was just about to enter when he saw a beautiful woman driving a luxury car passing by him. It seemed that she was ready to park the car, and there was only one space left. It happened to be next to his car.
However, Chuck’s parking skill was really not very good. With the width of the car, the parking space was narrow, so the beautiful woman’s car could not get in at all. If they hit each other, Chuck would feel distressed.
Chuck hurried over and was about to ask the beauty to stop first. He would park the car again, but when he got closer, he was amazed.
The woman had already left for the security booth of the parking lot, her long legs etching themselves into Chuck’s mind. He came to his senses and was puzzled. Why did the woman leave before she parked her car?
While Chuck was confused, he saw the woman coming with the security guard. She pointed at his car with her slender fingers and said coldly, “What’s the matter? I’ve told you many times that everyone has different upbringings. Each time they come in, they have to park the car properly. The parking space is already so small and yet he double parks. Whose car is this? Not even leaving a number. Is the person used to acting so rudely? Go in and call this person to come out!”
“Yes!” After being reprimanded, the security guard immediately nodded and was about to go in.
“Hello, I…” Chuck was stunned by the woman’s strong demeanor. She looked like the perfect example of strong, independent women. Could she be the boss of this restaurant?
“What’s wrong with you?” The woman looked at Chuck, and was very angry. “If you came to apply for a part-time job, sorry, you are unqualified!”
Chuck was stunned. He looked down at his own clothes and realized his mistake. In such a high-end place, his clothes and shoes cost less than a hundred. No wonder she thought he was looking for a part-time job. It seemed he had to change his clothes.
“Go, go away. Director Maine ask you to leave, do you hear her?” The security guard came over again and scolded him!
Chuck said helplessly, “I am not applying for a part-time job.”
“Why did you come in if you’re not applying for a part-time job? Get out!” The security guard glared at Chuck. Now that the boss was angry, he had to quickly act according to the circumstances.
“Aren’t you looking for the owner of this car?” Chuck asked.
The woman frowned and glanced at him, her tone even more frostier. “Do you know?”
She knew that this car was a brand new version of the BMW’s seven series and it should cost more than two million dollars. This was the standard for successful people. Would this young man in front of her know? She observed this person sharply, gaze like a hawk circling its prey. This person looked timid, would he know such a successful person who owned a BMW seven series?
She didn’t think so, because Chuck’s gaze just now made her hate him.
“Director Maine, don’t mind this nonsense. How could he know who the owner of this car is? Wait a minute, I’ll go in and ask the owner of the car to come out. Leave, do you hear me?” The security guard said politely and glared at Chuck with the last sentence.
Chuck ignored the security guard and said seriously to the woman. “Sorry, I just started driving not long ago…”
The woman looked at him differently now. What was this person saying?
“What does your driving experience have to do with Director Maine?” The security guard came over impatiently to shoo Chuck away. But the security guard was shocked as he walked over. “You…”
The woman was also surprised. She stared at Chuck from top to bottom again, the surprise clearly visible in her voice. “This car is yours?”
This was because Chuck took out the car keys from his pocket that matched exactly the car keys to the BMW car.
“Sorry, I’ll park again”. Chuck opened the door and went in, trying to park the car as carefully as possible.
The woman’s eyes glistened with surprise. The owner of a BMW car that cost more than two million dollars, but dressed in such low-key clothes? She knew too many young rich people. They were usually arrogant and domineering, but none of them was as modest as the one in front of her. This was really rare.
“Director Maine? This car seriously belongs to this person?” The security guard could not react on time. He was too overwhelmed. Such a luxurious car wasn’t driven by a famous boss or someone of high caliber?
“Watch your words, this is a guest!” The woman said coldly.
“Yes, yes”, the security guard agreed repeatedly.
After Chuck parked the car again, he came out and said, “Sorry, you can park now.”
“Alright.” The woman nodded.
When Chuck was in the car, he received Yvette’s message again. She sounded very disappointed. He couldn’t bear to see it, so he wanted to go in and have a look.
“Check the booking for this person!” The woman ordered calmly as she stared at Chuck, who was already walking into the restaurant.
“Yes, Director Maine!”
The security guard immediately took out the walkie-talkie and asked, “Manager Cannon, where is the reservation seat of the man that just entered….. What… No reservations?”
This time, it was the security guard’s turn to be surprised, because the Modern Restaurant’s business was very good. In the evening, if there was no reservation in advance, there would be no empty table. That was to say, only those who reserved could have seats. Wouldn’t a person who drove the BMW seven series know?
“No reservation?”
The woman’s eyes flashed with amusement. Today, this person managed to actually surprise her twice, interesting. “Give him a VIP room!” She commanded.
“Yes, Director Maine”. The security guard was envious and hurriedly told Manager Cannon….
Chuck had no choice. He didn’t know that Modern Restaurant needed a reservation. There was no vacant seat at the moment, and the receptionist gave him a nasty look. It was probably because he looked like he was dressed simply and they thought that he was just coming in to ask around. Chuck could only ask, “Can I go in and have a look?”
“Let me ask, you are here for the toilet, aren’t you?” The receptionist frowned. Coming into a high-end place dressed like a beggar, he definitely wouldn’t be able to pay if he broke a cup.
“No”. Chuck shook his head. At this time, his cell phone rang. He took it and looked at it, it was Lara Jean. Chuck ignored it, but she called again. He had no choice but to answer it. “Where are you, Chuck?”
When Chuck was about to respond, a few customers walked into the restaurant. The receptionist immediately said politely, “Welcome to Modern Restaurant. Do you have a reservation?”
“Yes”, the man said.
The receptionist immediately came out and made arrangements, not forgetting to shoot Chuck a distasteful glance before leaving.
Lara who was on the phone, heard this. “Chuck, are you in Modern Restaurant?”
Lara was very surprised. The Modern Restaurant was a very high-end restaurant. A piece of steak cost more than three thousand dollars, while the red wine cost at least three or four thousand dollars. She had never been there before. Why was Chuck there?
“Modern Restaurant?” Lara’s boyfriend also heard it and sneered. “This guy is probably doing a part-time work there”
Lara nodded. Of course!
Lara chuckled arrogantly. “Chuck, are you working as a part-time waiter waiter in Modern Restaurant?”
“Uh, no.”
“No? Don’t worry, I won’t discriminate against you. I just wanted to know why you weren’t in class today.” Lara smirked coldly in her heart.
You have to do part-time work. Otherwise, how can you pay me back the 6,000 dollars from last time?
Lara was prepared to invite Chuck out. However, before she could ask, she heard another voice. It was an unknown woman’s voice that sounded very polite. “Ah, hello. The VIP room you booked has been prepared for you. Please follow me!”
On the other side, Chuck was stunned.
On the other end of the phone, Lara was stunned as well, and Conrad Lee had heard it. The two of them stared at each other and Lara sneered. “He is really good at acting. Even though he is a waiter, he still doesn’t admit it, even asking his colleagues to put on an act with him! Does he think I’m a fool?”
Conrad winked at Lara, who said in a delicate voice, “Chuck, you actually booked a VIP room in Modern Restaurant. I’ll come over to see you, okay?”
Continue pretending!
“Whatever.” Chuck was also confused. What was going on? He just replied without thinking.

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