My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 130

“Lara, you are too much!” Charlotte was angry and actually said Chuck was cuckold?
Lara was helpless and curled her lips. “Cousin, what are you doing to protect him like this? He just hangs the silk. He is Yolanda’s spare tire. He is still narcissistic and self-satisfied. …”
“It’s endless, right?” Charlotte turned and left. Lara didn’t want to make her cousin angry. She hurried to comfort and said that she would never say that again, but she could stare at Chuck who was upstairs.
Spare tire, hanging wire…
The two of them went to the store to help. Lara was pleasantly surprised. The business was very good. She was busy until more than nine o’clock in the evening. After Lara calculated the bills, she was happy, and today’s turnover is 47!
And the evaluations of the students are very good, they all say that the taste is good, which is a good momentum.
Charlotte also breathed a sigh of relief. When she opened the business today, she was still uneasy. She didn’t expect it to be full until the evening. Although most of them are Lara’s classmates, this is not bad.
“Cousin, let’s go sing. It’s in the ktv in the square. I have a gold card inside. The price is the lowest for consumption, and it may be free!” Lara has to give back to classmates. Many classmates are waiting outside. .
She has to make her classmates feel comfortable, so she won’t worry about business. Besides, why not use this card? But the “Baller” card!
Free of charge!
“Well, you bring all the money for the turnover, bring more money, and settle the bill later,” Charlotte also felt that Lara should be reported back. Today, if Lara is not doing this, business will not be so good.
“No need to pull it!” Lara proudly took out the gold card she got in KTV last time. The front desk said at the time that it would be free of charge, so what money should I take!
“Take it, just in case.” Charlotte worried, this card is probably a discount card, can’t it be waived?
“Okay,” Lara had no choice but to put the cash in her pocket.
“Don’t drop it.” Charlotte urged solemnly.
“I know, cousin, clean up, I’ll take my classmates first!” Lara said.
“Well, by the way, Lara, don’t order too expensive wine.” Charlotte said.
“Well, you come soon,” Lara ran out, but after thinking of something, she ran back again, “Cousin, you are not allowed to be called Chuck!”
Charlotte was just going to pack her things, so she went to see if Chuck was still there.
“Isn’t he your classmate?” Charlotte helplessly.
“Yes, but I don’t want him to go!” Lara said, “Cousin, don’t call it, today is a good day for us to open business, don’t you want me to be unhappy?”
Charlotte sighed, he should be leaving at this point, right? After all, many shops in the square are closed.
“En.” Charlotte nodded.
“Love your cousin!” Lara kissed Charlotte, and then ran outside. Charlotte glared at her, helplessly, “This girl!”
“Boss Lara, did you make a profit today?” A classmate envied.
“Yeah, I made a profit today, why do you want to invite us to the red bar?” Another classmate also said.
Lara floated because of such a favor, yes, today’s voice is really good!
What about drinking red wine?
Anyway, a gold card is free.
“Okay, everyone go up with me, drink whatever you want!” Lara said.
“Okay, big boss Lara is generous!!”
“Yes, mighty, awesome!”
The classmates flattered, Lara was even more useful. She took her classmates to KTV to open a room and walked directly to the front desk, “Open me a big private room!”
The front desk remembered Lara, she hesitated, “Are you sure?”
“What nonsense? Come on!” Lara directly photographed the gold card, and the front desk subconsciously looked at it. Why didn’t he see that one?
Without that one present, this gold card cannot be used.
“Hurry up!” Lara urged impatiently!
The front desk is helpless, will the person wait?
She could only use the intercom to ask the minister. The minister said to make arrangements first, and the front desk could only follow the arrangements made. Someone took Lara and the others to the big private room.
However, the front desk did not see the person, that is, Chuck, among the crowd. Is he coming? Without him, this card won’t work.
After entering the large private room, I ordered a lot of drinks, too many classmates, and many people drinking. Anyway, it was Lara who was inviting guests. How could they be polite?
Eat and drink! Lara didn’t mind either. Anyway, she had a gold card, so she was free, just eat whatever she wanted.
How nice to be a good friend!
She’s pretty happy.
After a while, Charlotte came over. Lara saw that Chuck was not there. She smiled, “Cousin, come over and drink.”
Charlotte nodded and sat down. She thought she should be called Chuck, but Lara! She was helpless.
“How is it? That one didn’t come?” Minister KTV asked the front desk.
The front desk shook his head, “No, that person didn’t come over,”
Minister frowned. This card is not a membership card, but a gold card. It can only be waived if the cardholder comes here. It is not a card that can be waived by anyone who takes the card.
“Then how much did they spend in total?” the minister asked.
“I ordered seven bottles of red wine, 12 beer, and food, plus the room fee, it’s over 15 thousand, almost 20,000,” the front desk said.
“So much?” Minister frowned.
“Add five more beers in the 01 private room,” the waiter’s voice rang through the intercom, which was exactly in Lara’s private room.
“Then 20,000, Minister, do you want to go?” the front desk said.
“Come on, when I passed by down there today, I saw them. They are the owner of a shop. They are newly opened. It is estimated that the business is good to celebrate. They can afford tens of thousands of dollars. But she took a gold card and gave them It’s 5% off,” the minister ordered.
“It’s the minister.” The front desk nodded and immediately said to the waiter on the walkie-talkie, “They can do whatever they want.”
“Haha, I am really happy today, everyone took up the wine glasses to celebrate the prosperous business of boss Lara!!” said a classmate.
Everyone picked up the wine glasses, touched them, and drank all the wine.
“Boss Lara, it’s late, let’s go back!” said a female classmate.
“Yes, it’s late, it’s almost time.”
“Okay.” Lara took out the gold card, took the classmates out, and arrived at the front desk, Lara put the gold card on the table.
She laughed, Charlotte was nervous, can she really avoid the bill?
“This card is really amazing. It was so free last time. How good would I be if I had such a card?”
“Don’t think about it. Lara’s boyfriend gave this to her, and most people can’t get it!”
The students are envious.
Lara was even more proud of it, and came back in a few days, anyway, no money.
The front desk glanced at the gold card and said, “Hello, you spent a total of 23,500, and give you a 5% discount, which is 22,330. Are you cash or credit card?”
“What kind of cash or credit card? Didn’t you see that I have a gold card?” Lara was annoyed. Who is it, right? ?
“Sorry, the gold card can only be waived by the holder,” the front desk said.
“Your mother is sick? Didn’t I hold this gold card? I am not the holder, who the hell is?” Lara became angry.
Charlotte feels bad, more than 20,000, and today’s turnover is only more than 4,000.
“Sorry, you are not a cardholder, I can only give you a 5% discount!” said the front desk.
“Fuck. Are you crazy?” Lara yelled. You only sent out this card because of her mother’s own “Baller” boyfriend, now you don’t recognize it? Are you shameless?
The students were surprised, what’s the matter? does not work?
“Please be respectful!” The front desk was serious.
“Call you guys in charge!” Lara scolded!
Charlotte worried that the front desk could do the same, “Lara, are you okay?”
“It’s okay, they are pretending to be coercive with me, just ask them,” Lara said.
Charlotte nodded helplessly.
Soon Minister came over, Lara was annoyed, “Free order!”
“Sorry, you are not a gold card holder, and you can’t give you a free bill!” The minister shook his head.
“You are sick! I’m not you, am I?” Lara was furious.
“I am not, nor you, but the one you came together last time,” the minister said.
As soon as these words came out, all the students present looked at each other, who? Which one? ?
“What did you say?” Lara was annoyed, “We are all here, you don’t even admit it, are you kidding me? I want to complain to you!”
“It’s useless for you to complain to us. If that person is not there, this one is inevitable!” The minister was determined.
“Fuck! Who is that mother? You say!!” Lara stared at him! She is really too hot, these people are shameless, well, let’s see who you are talking about!

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